The trench coat: combination and history, for a fashion item that never sets

What if they told you your coat is from a battlefield ? It would certainly be impressive, but that’s the reality. At least as far as the trench coat is concerned .

The same word says it, abbreviated from Trench Coat – trench coat – was originally created for the purpose of repairing soldiers forced to remain stationary for days and nights in the ditches. 

Today it is a classy garment, an element to play with and invent new fashions and it lends itself to everything : from men’s to women’s clothing, to sporty and more elegant clothing.

In addition, it is waterproof, resistant, beautiful and practical. And the good news is that it is constantly coming back into fashion but even when it is not trendy, it is useful and wearing it is never a mistake.

How the Trench Coat was born

We have news of its existence as early as 1824 . The first company to devise the famous waterproof coat was the British Mackintosh, who found a way to spread a thin layer of rubber on the canvas, creating a shield against atmospheric agents . But the rubber layer soon wore off and the idea certainly needed to be improved.

Thirty years later, it was the London tailor John Emary who conceived an already waterproof fabric with which to build war coats. The idea of ​​him was perfected at the end of the 19th century and in 1914 the first “trench coats” became a chief of service for the trench soldiers of the English army.

The first to free the trench from this brand of “war coat” was the actor Humphrey Bogart who often wore it in his films.

With “The Pink Panther”, the hit starring Peter Sellers, the trench coat became the symbol of private investigators around the world.

In the fifties of the last century, the trench coat was adopted by stylists all over the world, who began to invent a fashion around it that has never waned again.

The characteristics of the trench coat

The trench coat is not just any coat but it has some unique features . For example, the sleeves sewn directly under the collar, the “flying” shoulder straps like those on which military ranks are attached, the chin strap to close the collar. 

And again, double-breasted buttoning, buckles on the wrists and belt, openings on the sides designed specifically for those who carry weapons. The inner lining is checked because once the English regiments were distinguished from the shape and color of the paintings!

The trench coat: matching

What goes with the trench coat? What are the male and female garments that best suit this garment?

Basically, the trench coat goes with trousers and closed or sports shoes . It looks good with jeans and a shirt, but also with trousers and a sweater. It is not uncommon to see it also paired with jacket-tie suits .

In women’s fashion , the trench coat is shortened a little above the knees and is also worn here with closed trousers and shoes.

But the new clothing ideas have also adapted it very well to high heels and dresses such as sheath dresses.

It is important to keep in mind that clothes and accessories under the trench coat must have colors that contrast with it. The tone on tone, or the associated tone is forbidden if you want to make a good impression.