Is it really possible to make a list with the signs to recognize in case he cheats on you ? The betrayal must be analyzed case by case but, according to a lot of scientific research and statistical data, it seems there are some triggering causes that would almost certainly lead to adultery .

Did his father betray his mother or does he have a brother who is a traitor? Do you live in the countryside? Or worse still, do you earn more than your he? Here are some of the reasons for betrayals.

We also  blame genetics , injured male pride,  school education , or even the zodiac sign but the fact remains that to discover the betrayal it will be enough to carefully observe all its behaviors .

The lipstick stain found on the shirt will no longer be the only obvious sign of a betrayal, because reading the article you will see that the signs are very different and some must be sought in his life experiences prior to your romantic relationship. Let’s find out together the 11 signs to understand if he cheats on you:

1) The fault of genetics

From a recent research by the University of Stockholm it has been ascertained that there is a correlation between genes and the possibility of a betrayal. In the event that his father or brother has had an extramarital affair, the chance of an unfaithful partner goes up (up to 200% in the case of a cheating twin brother !). In fact, scientists have discovered that the cause is due to the variation of the hormone called vasopressin , released by the hypothalamus. Vasopressin together with oxytocin are also called “love hormones”, because they are directly involved with attachment.

2) Obsessed with sex

Contrary to popular belief, men who engage in a lot, indeed, too much sex , are not very faithful partners. In fact, sex- obsessed mates are always looking for new experiences and loyalty is usually not contemplated in the vision of the relationship. Those who use the web to find pornographic material are more predisposed to betrayal , as this habit can cause too stimulating an effect on new sexual experiences. On the contrary, in the couple relationship it could cushion the emotions affecting the relationship.

3) Coexistence

A myth to dispel is that of coexistence  that strengthens couple relationships. Research has actually shown that this is a misconception. In fact, couples who live together, without getting married , even have a 40% higher risk of cheating on their partner. On the other hand, couples legally united (whether in community or in church) in marriage enjoy greater sexual fidelity.

4) He has already been married

Has your partner been married before and you haven’t? Bad to say, but here’s one more chance that could betray you. From a research conducted in 2009, on 1000 couples who have been married or cohabiting for more than 5 years, it has been shown that a previous marriage that has ended significantly increases the possibility of being betrayed by one’s partner.

5) School education

According to a research conducted by a clandestine dating site  ( ) even having received a religious or private education can be one of the possible causes that leads to the betrayal of the partner. In fact, from the data analyzed, the major users of this type of site attended one of the two schools listed above.

6) Living in the countryside

While it is true that living in the city you always have the opportunity to meet new people, the greatest number of betrayals is not concentrated among people living in metropolises, but in rural areas with a low population density. Also according to the research conducted by the site , the largest number of adulterers is concentrated in the countryside.

7) Love social networks

How much time does your partner spend on their PC or mobile phone? Too much, compared to what he dedicates to you! Here is another cause of breakup between spouses or boyfriends. In fact, according to the data collected by the Divorce Online site , one in 5 separation requests is based on the time spent by the partner on social networks .

8) You earn more

Envy exists even in couples who are most in love. In fact, if she is the one to earn more , he would find himself displaced and unsuitable. She may be out of masculine pride, or perhaps dull, but if a woman is to wear trousers in the family, the couple immediately goes into crisis and he feels entitled to seek comfort in another woman.

9) Work hard

A completely different case from the previous one and the one in which he claims to work more in the last period. Does your partner stay very late at night and he says he is busy late? He probably he is having an affair. Unless he prefers the paperwork more than his partner.

10) IQ

Scientific research from the London School of Economics and Political Science has shown that the IQ is also responsible for possible betrayals. In fact, the more the IQ . and high the less you have the chance to be betrayed. Therefore, it is always good to prefer intelligence to beauty for a lasting and faithful relationship.

11) Family relationships

Does your partner dislike your friends and family ? This reason is also one of the main causes of adultery. A couple cannot live on love alone and if the relationships that revolve around are not supportive, on the contrary, they create nervousness and tension then it will be easier for your him to seek serenity elsewhere.