It matters little how many funny words have emerged from Spanish, since their use is so widespread that they are already part of the everyday vocabulary of the population . Some of these terms were used frequently in the past, although nowadays they are heard less and less; while others are of recent creation, the result of the modern times in which we live. We have compiled one and the other in two separate lists that we present below.

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25 funny Spanish words accepted by the RAE
We will find these funny and curious words if we open the dictionary. However, not all of them continue to be used. 1. Clapper
It refers to the piece that hangs from the inside of a bell and that is the one that chimes for it to ring.
“The clapper is made to sound against the bells of the hermitage because it is tied to a rope that the priest brandishes to warn the people.”
However,is another of the thousand funny words in Spanish that colloquially refers to the penis .
“No wonder you can’t find underpants in your size with that clapper between your legs.” 2. Barbilampino
It is said of the adult man who does not have a beard or of the male adolescent who is in full development.
“That bearded man is too young to know what life is all about.” 3. Cachivache Tool or object that is useless .
“What do you want this junk for if it doesn’t work
”. 4. Raunchy Promiscuous person who has sex with different people on a frequent basis.
“He is happy being a loosehead without commitment.”5. Nightjar
A brownish-brown insect-eating bird that was once believed to suck the blood of grazing cattle .
“The nightjar usually hunts butterflies and moths in ambushes.” 6. Churumbel
Little Boy.
“Having a churumbel does not make you a good father.” 7. Deflower Elegant form of the expression ‘lose virginity’ .
“At what age were you deflowered
?” 8. Espachurrar Smash
something on the ground, or leave someone speechless with a sharp answer .
“He dropped the bag with the fruit, which was all crushed in the middle of the street.” 9. WarthogMammal related to the boar , with two large tusks protruding from its lower jaw.
“Pumbaa from The Lion King (1994) was a warthog.” 10. Flatulence
It is counted among the funny words of the Castilian to call, in an elegant way, the foul-smelling wind that comes out of the ass.
“He could not contain his flatulence and perfumed us with his sweet aroma.” 11. Floripondio Name given to a bush native to Peru , with a white, bell-shaped flower.
“The floripondio is very beautiful, but its smell is harmful if you smell it for a long time.”
It is also a derogatory word that refers tothose grotesque ornaments and accessories that serve as decoration .
“She was wearing a dress with some horrible floripondios.” 12. Furuncle Lump
that appears due to inflammation of the skin follicles .
“He developed a boil the size of a golf ball on the day of the photo shoot.” 13. Fulano
Expression to mention someone whose name is unknown or omitted.
“I don’t care what that guy says.” 14. Iconoclast
In the eighth century, current that rejected the worship of sacred images and representations. Currently, it is that person who opposes any form of authority or discipline .
“From a young age he was always an iconoclast who rebelled against the teachers.” 15. Meapilas Believer and devotee of a religion that follows its precepts to the letter.
“Flanders is a meapilas.” 16. Mondongo
Guts of cows and pigs with which sausages are prepared.
“From the pig, even the tripe is used”. 17. Pelandusca
Woman who has no qualms about sex and practices it without caring about the opinions of others. She can be found as a synonym for ‘prostitute’ or ‘interested woman’ .
“He married a pelandusca who was only interested in money.” 18. Pinrel Synonym
of foot .
“Don’t take off your shoes because your pinreles smell like cheese.” 19. Recorcholis Old-
fashioned expression to show astonishment, like ‘gosh’.
“Recordolis! I’ve forgotten my keys” 20. Soplagaitas Someone stupid or lacking in understanding.
“Every time I hear that blowjob say nonsense on television, I change the channel.” 21. Soplamocos
Bofeton or punch that is given in the face .
“As long as you don’t shut up, I’m going to drop a snot that you’re going to pick up your teeth from the ground.” 22. Blunderbuss
Firearm with a barrel shorter than the shotgun and with a larger caliber.
“The blunderbuss, fired at short distances, is very powerful and lethal.”
But, if there is something that our beloved language is, it is imaginative. For this reason, ‘ trabuco’ is another of the funny words that we use in Spanish to name the penis .
“Pull up your pants, your blunderbuss is going to be seen.” 23. Tragaldabas
Person who eats a lot .
“Every time we go out to dinner, the very swallowing man eats 4 dishes and wants to split the bill on top of that.” 24. Zamarra
Coat jacket made from sheep’s wool .
“In winter, the peasants used to wear thick sheepskin jackets to withstand the low temperatures.” 25. Scruffy A disheveled person who does not take care of his hygiene or his physical appearance.
“He smells bad, he never changes his shirt and his hair is messed up; often scruffy. 21 funny Spanish words that are not in the dictionary
Although their use is not accepted by the great connoisseurs of the language, these funny words have been incorporated into the street vocabulary due to their frequent use. 1. Old Scares
With this curious name is called those real estate developers who coerce the occupants of a property that pay less rent to push them to leave the home and, in this way, speculate with them.
“The old scarecrow threatened to tear down the building with them inside if they didn’t leave within 24 hours.” 2. Flip Flop
Although it is not included in the dictionary, it is a term to designate that person who talks about everything without having a clue about anything and who is often wrong. Likewise, it can refer to someone who speaks more than is discreetly advisable.
“This bocachancla does not shut up even if they kill him.” 3. Wirearm
Someone who has very thin arms and a puny appearance.
“It’s a wire arm that can’t even lift 5 kilos.” 4. Pantyhose Woman who sexually arouses a man without the intention of having sex with him and often out of interest.
“He met a pantyhose who just wanted to drink for free.” 5. Cardboard Face Allude
toa person with little expression and insipid behavior.
“I don’t know what he’s doing going out with the cardboard caraton that seems to have no blood in his veins.” 6. Caraculo Insults are among the most ingenious funny words in Spanish . This term is used to disrespect someone.
“My neighbor’s asshole came knocking on the door at 2 o’clock at night.” 7. Comedoritos Man or woman who spends the day playing the computer or video game console, an activity that he combines with snacking every so often (hence the “Doritos”), without any motivation to go out into the outside world and socialize.
“One of my friends is a eater who does nothing but play LOL and never wants to go out for a drink with us.” 8. Conchinchina
During the 19th century , the entire area of ​​South Vietnam was called this way , where the Mekong River meets the sea. However, it is also used as a synonym for ‘far’.
“Today it is fashionable to travel to Conchinchina to post photos on social networks.” 9. Corpses rubbish Left person who does not take care of his physical appearance or his diet , sedentary habits and not very given to sports.
“Before signing up for swimming he was a rubble body. Now it’s off the copon”. 10. Culocarpeta
One of the funny words of the newly created Castilian, whichis used to talk about people with small hindquarters . The opposite of ‘bumpy ass’.
“From working so much sitting down you are going to become a culocarpeta”. 11. Cart pusher
It is said of the man that he has been a father and that, with the energy consumed, he pushes his baby’s cart like an automaton .
“It makes me sad when I see the cart pushers at the mall on the weekend. Not even a moment can the poor rest! 12. Mascachapas
This combination of two terms is part of the repertoire of insults. One of the funny words in Spanish of which not everyone knows its meaning, which is none other than that of an ignorant and foolish person .
“He’s a chewer who doesn’t even know where he gets the air from.” 13. Pagafantas
Neologism that designates the man who goes after a woman with the intention of sleeping with her or being her partner and whom she sees only as a friend of hers.
“Juan’s payoff has been after her for years without getting anything.” 14. Pechospatula
Said of a man with a very flat, poorly developed chest . Usually they are also ‘armarms’.
“Before the summer, all the spatula-boobs sign up for the gym”. 15. Chest cold
Person who does not put desire to what he does. It is a term widely used to describe the way many footballers play .
“Number 10 is a cold-chested man who runs without desire and never does anything for the team.” 16. Pechopalomo
This is a man with a very voluminous chest, who walks proudly as does the male of this bird when he tries to capture the attention of the females.
“That pigeon-chested man over there walks down the street looking at his reflection in every shop window.”
It can also be used to describe someone with an excessive dose of ego . 17. Pelobrocha, pelobrush or peloescoba
Male haircut, misnamed ‘modern’, which consists of shaving the sides and back of the head, while letting the hair grow on top. It can be combed in a quiff to the sides or pointed up, creating an image similar to that of said objects depending on the shape that is given to the hair.
“Today most young people all go with the same broom hairdo and with their pants rolled up as if they came from a walk on the beach.” 18. Pelopidgeotto
There is a variant of these male hairstyles, which gets its name from the resemblance to the combed-back mane of the famous winged Pokemon.
“In ‘Women and men and vice versa’ only pelopidgeottos appear”. 19. Perroflute
It is said of the person with a disheveled appearance, not very given to personal hygiene, with supposedly revolutionary and anti-system ideas. The archetypal image is accompanied by dreadlocks, earrings and piercings; although they will never say no to a good iPhone. Synonym of ‘hippie’ .
“Every morning I see a perroflauta in the subway playing the guitar and with his hat turned so that they throw coins at him.” 20. Patacanario, pataflamenco or patajilguero
Among the funny words in Spanish that have been coined in the language of the Internet, you can hear this one, which refers to men with an excessively developed upper body, the result of hours lifting weights, in contrast to legs noticeably thinner and disproportionate .
“In the gym where I go, there are only patacanarios who train chest and arms and forget that they have legs”. 21. Scene Stealer A person who likes to be the center of attention in conversations.
“Natalia is a scene stealer who likes being the protagonist too much.” Actor whose performance in a fiction stands out above that of others.
“Sean Connery is a scene stealer in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He eats Harrison Ford with potatoes”.

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