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Who has never heard of “half beauty”? To mean that beauty also comes from a woman’s height. Yet this is not the case at all! As much as height can be considered an important parameter for some, there are so many examples of short but beautiful actresses!

We also think of the world of high fashion, in which models must necessarily be tall to walk the catwalk . Fortunately, even in this field the standards are increasingly widening to include models far from the dominant standards until recently.

Some would say that “in the small barrel there is good wine”, and this list of short actresses proves it perfectly! Indeed, for many people, the charm of these stars also derives from their “reduced” stature , which makes them appear sweeter. Think, for example, of Cristin Milioti, who plays the mother in How I met your mother and who surely got numerous “ Ooohh ” when she first appeared.

Let’s discover together 10 actresses who are not tall, but beautiful!

1) Helena Bonham Carter

Very famous, beautiful and obviously short, Helena Bonham Carter could not fail to appear in this list of short and beautiful actresses ! She and she barely 1.57m tall , and she has had a thriving career. Many of her will remember her as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter saga , many others instead for films such as The Monkey Plant, The Chocolate Factory, The Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd. In short, to name all the films in which Carter appeared would take too long!

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2) Natalie Portman

Born in 1981, 1.6 m tall, Natalie Portman is certainly one of the “small” and beautiful actresses ! She began her career at a very young age, at just 13 years of age with the film Leon , in the lead role with Jean Reno . She then starred in the second Star Wars trilogy and in the very famous V for Vendetta. She has won numerous awards , including an Oscar for The Black Swan , 2 Golden Globes and a Bafta.  

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3) Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is a model but above all one of the most popular actresses, known mainly for having interpreted the role of Gabrielle Solis in the very successful and award-winning TV series Desperate Housewife, which has become a cult series . For that role, she received a Golden Globe nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Series. And she is barely 1.57m tall, rightfully included in this list of miniature and beautiful actresses!


4) Scarlett Johansson

A career that began at the age of 10 with Parents Wanted , Scarlett Johansson has become very famous. With a height of 1.6m she could not fail to appear in this list of miniature but beautiful actresses ! And she appeared in the Christmas classic Mom, I Got Measles , but also in Lost in translation and Match point . In addition to this, she also played Black Widow in the Marvel universe and embarked on a musical career with 2 albums under her belt. Scarlett Johansson has numerous nominations for the most important awards and won a Bafta for Lost in translation.

5) Rebel Wilson

With a height of 1.59m, Rebel Wilson is definitely one of the short but beautiful actresses! Her name may not say much, but anyone who has seen the Pitch Perfect saga will remember her as Fat Amy . In addition to that trilogy, she also took part in What to Expect When She Expects and the third film in the Night at the Museum saga . She recently appeared in the film musical Cats and in Jojo Rabbit . She is also particularly important for her contribution to battles against aesthetic standards, making her weight a strength of her comedy.

6) Cristin Milioti

The name of Cristin Milioti may not remember much , but anyone who has seen the TV series How I met your mother will be able to remember the moment when his mother, Tracy McConnell, first appeared. She could not fail to figure among the short and beautiful actresses with a height of 1.58 m . She and she also appeared in The wolf of Wall Street , the Sopranos, A to Z, Fargo and Black mirror series.

7) Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin, the sweet single mother Claire Littleton from Lost , who loses her boyfriend on the island in the TV series, stands just 1.57m tall . She has starred in numerous other films and TV series, including Once Upon a Time as Sleeping Beauty and Roswell . She in the cinema she appeared in The Hills Have Eyes , Public Enemy and Operation: Endgame , among other films. In short, she could not miss among the short and beautiful actresses !

8) Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has every right to appear on this list of “reduced” and beautiful actresses . She became famous thanks above all to the part of her in the American horror story , and considered one of her most beautiful actresses , just like her aunt, the very famous Julia Roberts. Roberts is 1.57m tall, making her very short compared to most of her colleagues!

9) Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams’ stature is an integral part of her beauty , as well as one of the reasons that made her so famous. She played Arya Stark in Game of Thrones , they become particularly well known. Although she is just 1.55 tall, she has been hired as a testimonial by numerous brands , including Dior. In the cast of the famous TV series Maisie is not the only short actress, as we will see in the next point!

10) Emilia Clarke

How could it be possible not to mention the beautiful Emilia Clarke ?! The mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones , wowed most audiences. For her, too, part of her beauty derives from being short , looking very sweet despite the fact that she plays a strong and tenacious character in her series. She outruns her colleague Maisie by just 2 centimeters, for a total of 1.57m.