Long skirts are also part of the  fashion trends for the winter season : ideal for those who want to show off a  feminine look  without sacrificing comfort even if the mercury column of the thermometer is very close to zero, these garments are synonymous with sensuality and  beauty . One solution could be to wear a long skirt with a pair of tights: the feeling of comfort is that of a pair of pants, but the style is much more attractive.

The long floral skirts and those with the slit

As much for a casual -style long skirt   as for a more elegant model, the floral pattern is an option of great impact. The advice of the experts in the sector is to opt for a garment made of fabric: ruffles and flounces are a guarantee of fluidity and versatility. The  long skirts with the slit , on the other hand, not only offer a precious contribution in terms of sensuality, but have the advantage of being able to be worn on many occasions: in combination with a sweater and a pair of boots to go to work or for the others. daily errands, while decollete and blouses are fine for more formal situations. In any case, there is never the danger of falling into vulgarity, even if you wear  high boots .

Long skirts with a high waist or pleated

The  high waist is  one of the most important trends for the winter season we are approaching, and this trend affects not only trousers but also long skirts: for lovers of the genre it will not be difficult to come across a large variety of models, to combine with a turtleneck or a fitted sweater. Then, if the sweater is inserted directly inside the skirt, you have the possibility to highlight the waist in a simple and effective way. The  pleated models , on the other hand, have already made their appearance during the summer season, but have achieved so much success that they are re-proposed, naturally in a heavier version and with  fabrics suitable for the cold .. It will be common to see models with metallic chromatic shades in the shop windows.

Denim or animal?

Another of the alternatives with which we will have to do is that between  denim  and animalier . The first is an evergreen fabric, which never seems to undergo the passing of the years and the passing of fashions: this is why you can opt for a long denim skirt, also in this case with a high waist, with a slit on the front to play with seduction without excessive risk. Animal  patterns  are useful, in turn, to emphasize the more sensual aspect of those who choose them: in the case of a skirt that reaches below the knee, however, you don’t have to worry about appearing too bold. The style advice is to play with combinations to focus on  soft lines  and color contrasts.

The skin and the tartan

Finally, there are two other trends that deserve to be highlighted among  OVS long skirts : the first calls into question  the leather garments  – perfect are the skirts that reach mid-calf, but the sheath models are also interesting – , while the second refers to  tartan , which passes from autumn to winter, projecting itself onto numerous garments, both for men and women. And long skirts cannot remain exempt from this trend.