Lady D: princess, activist, style icon. Her unforgettable looks have distinguished her since her first appearances and, even today, her style is copied and celebrated by first ladies, princesses, stylists and creatives. Her outfits made history and contributed to making her image of her immortal. She was able to wear jumpsuits, evening dresses, jeans and androgynous suits without ever losing femininity and elegance. 

Netflix has launched the 4th season of The Crown . The historical period that affects these episodes goes from 1977 to 1990 and, although the historical events that revolve around the Crown are many and important, the spotlight is all on the character of Diana Spencer. 

Emma Louise Corrin is the actress chosen to play the role of the Princess of Wales. The very young English actress, whose resemblance to Lady D is evident, has managed to immerse herself in the part in a masterly way so that this, by critics, is considered the best season of the series. To make her interpretation even more real, the choice of her clothes. In The Crown 4 it is possible to review the most iconic dresses worn by Diana in the course of her life. From the more casual ones to the wedding dress, from the more formal suits to the evening dresses.

Here then are the most beautiful looks of Lady D in The Crown 4 :

1) The yellow dungaree

Among the Lady D dresses chosen for The Crown 4 there is the yellow dungaree. It takes courage to dare a look like this but Princess Diana did it with ease. Blonde and with a fair complexion, she appreciated the pastel shades both on the most elegant dresses and on the more casual ones. The dungarees might seem like a childish and impractical garment, but on her, combined with a romantic floral shirt, it is perfect. 

Emma Corrin in The Crown 4

In the Netflix series, Emma Corrin wears it with equal ease. We are in the very early stages of their acquaintance but between the 2 young people something immediately clicks. The prince at the time had a flirtation with Sarah Spencer, Diana’s older sister. An interest that lasted a few months and that was interrupted in ’77 after Sarah, in an interview, said that she “She would never have married Charles if he were not the future king of England” . The relationship is retraced in great detail throughout The Crown 4 series. In reality it was Sarah herself who introduced her younger sister to the prince.

2) The iconic sweaters

Here we are in 1981, Diana is just 20 years old. In her wardrobe there was no shortage of sweaters. Oversized or screwed, high-necked or V-necked, monochromatic or multi-colored, sweaters were part of her looks. Now that the Diana-mania has broken out again thanks to The Crown 4 it seems that even the colorful sweaters will once again be the object of desire of many women. Some well-known brands have already announced that they will re-market some of the pieces worn by Lady D.

A look to copy

Among the most beautiful looks of Lady D in The Crown 4 can not miss many patterned sweaters. This is certainly one of the most famous but let’s not forget the red one with the black sheep or the one with the words “I’m a Luxury” . If your desire has always been to wear them, know that soon you could make your dream come true.

3) Bright colors

Lady D loved to wear casual and sporty clothes. Pants, sweatshirts and flat shoes were part of her wardrobe despite her formal and worldly commitments . From this type of look emerged the most rebellious side of her, young and fresh, the one that people still love about her today. The bright colors, sometimes fluorescent, were a real cult of the 80s that Diana was able to wear and interpret in a masterly way.

Roller skating at Buckingham Palace

This is another of Lady D’s coolest looks in The Crown 4 . A light and sporty checked trousers combined with a perfectly matching sweatshirt. If Diana really skated the corridors of Buckingham Palace listening to Duran Duran and dreaming of Simon Le Bon, well, we will never know. Of course, this scene from The Crown 4 perfectly captures the spirit of a young, free and dreamy Lady D.

4) The day of the engagement

On February 24, 1981 the engagement becomes official. Charles of England and Diana Spencer are now a couple. That date seems to be the beginning of a fairytale destined to become the symbol of love and dreams of happiness for an entire generation. In reality, however, the spasmodic media attention on the couple, jealousy and betrayals soon damaged the relationship. Only a few days before the wedding, on July 25, 1981, during a polo match Diana went away in tears. The news went around the world.

He tailor blu

This very important passage in the life of Charles and Diana is also told in the series. The look of the very young Lady D and the Prince of Wales are faithfully reproduced. For this reason, among the dresses of Lady D that we find in The Crown 4 there is also the blue suit from which the white shirt with the swallows and the bow on her neck peeps out, a detail very popular at the time.

5) The marriage of Diana and Carlo

Diana Spencer and Prince Charles got married on July 29, 1981. It was called the ‘wedding of the century’, with 3500 guests and 750 million people who followed it live on TV. But more than anything else, the wedding is remembered for Diana’s dress , a huge wedding dress, with a train exactly 7 meters and 72 centimeters long. The designers who made it were personally chosen by Lady D. David and Elizabeth Emanuel created a unique dress, the most sumptuous ever seen in a royal wedding, enriched with pearls, sequins and precious and ancient laces.

The wedding dress in The Crown 4

Costume designer Amy Roberts has done an exceptional job of recovering the style of the 80s , studying Diana’s outfits and all the characters in the series. It was a long and demanding job but it helped to make the fiction even more real. Among the most beautiful looks of Lady D in The Crown 4 could not but be Diana’s wedding dress. A meticulous and faithful reproduction in every little detail of the fairytale dress that was the protagonist of the ‘wedding of the century’.

6) The clothes worn during the trip to Australia

In 1983, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and little William traveled to Australia. The tour of the country lasted 6 weeks, a tough test for the heir to the throne, but even more so for Diana, then just 21 years old. The tension and stress erupted into tears during an appearance before the Sydney Opera House . This moment of extreme fragility was captured by the camera of Ken Lennox, a reporter who will also tell the story in the documentary Inside The Crown: Secrets of the Royals.

The elegance of Lady D even during walks

Among the Lady D dresses that we find in The Crown 4 there is also the beautiful white dress with a strap at the waist. Candied and ethereal, the extremely elegant garment was worn by Diana on the occasion of the walk around Ayers Rock , the huge sandstone monolith in the heart of the arid Red Center. The princess she loved to wear and knew how to wear all kinds of colors. White is certainly one of the most difficult but also the most elegant ones.

7) Happy moments with Carlo

Following her marriage to Charles, Prince of Wales, Diana was absorbed into a series of official duties, palace etiquette and institutional travel. For her it was very stressful but it is undeniable that there were also small moments of extreme happiness. During the tour in Australia and New Zealand the couple and little William were able to visit the country far and wide. They met the Maori people, received gifts and participated in many worldly receptions.

Even in the series we find these fluctuating feelings well represented. Diana and Carlo often find themselves discussing the difficulties of their marriage and Carlo’s ill-concealed interest in Camilla. At the same time, however, the institutional trip to Australia is a success and the couple seems to temporarily improve their relationship. Before returning to England, however, a quarrel interrupts the truce and the two will return to separate homes.

The turquoise ball gown

The turquoise ball gown is one of Lady D’s most beautiful looks in The Crown 4 . The tour of Australia was to be a success. The task of Charles and Diana was to give a fairytale imagery to the nation to persuade the Australian government to remain in the Commonwealth. The Cinderella dress, designed and commissioned to designer Catherine Walker before leaving, successfully contributed to the cause. Diana was gorgeous and The Crown 4 costume designers managed to recreate that magic.

8) The white dress for the charity gala

In 1989, Princess Diana visited New York. During her time in the Big Apple, the Brooklyn Academy of Music decided to organize a charity gala in her honor. It was February 3rd and Lady D amazed everyone by showing up in a champagne-colored dress , embellished with embroidery and golden beads by Victor Edelstein.

The Crown 4 and Diana’s trip to New York

This trip and the gala at the Brooklyn Academy of Music are also part of the events proposed in the series. Among the most beautiful looks of Lady D in The Crown 4 there is therefore also the wonderful evening dress by Victor Edelstein. For the occasion, the streets of Manchester, England were ‘dressed up’ to look like Brooklyn.