The myth is born when you least expect it. The myth is a little girl who tiptoes into her uncle’s company and transforms it into an international luxury brand. The story of Miuccia Prada and therefore of the life of one of the most famous Italian designers in the world , would never have begun without that shop in Via Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, Fratelli Prada , opened by uncle Mario. But that same shop would never have become “Prada” without Miuccia.

Life of Miuccia Prada

Maria Bianchi Prada was born in Milan on May 10, 1948 , to Gino Bianchi and Luigia, Mario Prada’s sister.

While her uncle runs a famous clothing store in the center, Maria – Miuccia for everyone – studies at the classical high school and then begins acting, convinced that she is pursuing a career as an actress. After graduating in Political Science , however, she goes to work with her relatives and runs the shop with them.

In 1977 he meets Patrizio Bertelli , a smart manager with whom he will marry and with whom he will take over the reins of the Prada Brothers . In addition to directing the company, she engages in design and produces the first ideas for garments and accessories that will become the springboard for what will soon be her international signature: Miuccia Prada.

From her husband Patrizio, Miuccia subsequently had a son, Lorenzo – born on the same day, May 10 – who is an international Rally driver.

The Prada company and the global successes of the brand and Miuccia

In the following lines we see together how the Prada brand has become one of the most famous and well-known fashion brands in the world, so much so that we make a film (The Devil wears Prada) starring the fantastic actress Meryl Streep.

While working as a manager at the Fratelli Prada company , Miuccia designs and exhibits a line of black nylon bags that quickly becomes an absolute sales success.

We are at the beginning of the eighties of the last century and that personal and professional gratification pushes the young Italian designer, just over thirty, to try again, focusing this time on clothes and shoes.

A star is born in the world of international fashion!

Cory M. Grenier, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The line of clothes and the birth of the Miu Miu brand

In 1988 he released his first collection of clothes , with classy black-white combinations, which leave Milan speechless.

The success of the “Prada line” goes beyond national borders. A fashion myth at the door of the 90s has just been born.

In 1993 the Prada style asserted itself with the fashion house Miu Miu , one of the first Italian brands to break ground in China. But the global success that has now turned Fratelli Prada into Miuccia Prada does not stop at clothing.

Miuccia also collaborates with designers and architects on the aesthetics of buildings , especially fashion stores, extending the possibilities of her company to many other fields.

Her original vision of the world, and therefore not only of fashion, has won her numerous prestigious awards . You have received many honorary degrees over the years and since 2015 you have been a Knight of the Italian Republic

One of the richest women in Italy

Miuccia Prada is not only good at her job, but she managed with parsimony and entrepreneurial skills to become one of the richest Italian women in the world . In fact , the assets of the designer Prada today are around 2.4 billion dollars, which combined with the substantial assets of her partner Patrizio Bertelli, make her one of the richest couples in the beautiful country.

A down-to-earth lady

Miuccia Prada earned a cover of the New York Times Magazine, and a film – “The Devil Wears Prada” starring the immense Meryl Streep – was indirectly dedicated to her, but in the face of so much success Miuccia always remains practical and down to earth

“I don’t go to fashion circles, worldly life is not for me” she declared, and when asked what is so successful she replies calmly:

“I just tried to be the best.”

Miuccia Prada quotes

As usual, we want to conclude our post, with the most famous quotes by Miuccia Prada:

  • “I’ve always loved dresses and still love them today and I think there’s nothing wrong with that”
  • “I don’t approve of anything that people normally think can make a woman beautiful.”
  • “I always choose to do the opposite!”
  • “When I’m alone in bed, at five in the morning, I think, ‘ What is it that really matters to you?