The most beautiful thing that can happen to parents is to have a child. If you want to congratulate them on the great event, I invite you to use one of the following phrases.

  • After 9 months of waiting we can finally have a new life between us.
  • Congratulations to the parents. Now all that remains is to enjoy the best stage of life, being parents.
  • We thank the Lord for this great blessing that has come to us from heaven.
  • Your best dream, being able to be a father, has finally been complicated.
  • I’m glad you had such a handsome baby. Now to take care of him and spend unforgettable moments with him.
  • Being a father, the title of father is first given and then the courses are taken.
  • Congratulations on the new member of the family. Congratulations to the parents.
  • I can only give you my congratulations for having brought into this world a little person as beautiful as this one.
  • When a baby squeezes his parents’ finger for the first time, this is the most important moment. Congratulations on the birth!
  • Now that everything has gone well, I can only wish you the best possible success in this new stage of your life.
  • I know you are afraid of this new stage, but I assure you that having a child will make your life meaningful.
  • Now that you can enjoy this little miracle from heaven, don’t stop enjoying the baby, who grows very fast.
  • A son makes love stronger. He allows the nights to be shorter and the days longer.
  • I can only give you my congratulations for this new little angel.
  • Congratulations to mom and dad. I wish you lots of health, peace and love in your new family life.
  • This new little princess has come to this world to make it much happier. You just have to see her smile.
  • Do you know what the greatest joy in the world is? The birth of your baby.
  • A home is filled with joy with the arrival of a baby. You can enjoy a happy home. Enjoy it.
  • Babies are born with eyes willing to see everything precious, embrace everything happy and love unconditionally with all their hearts.
  • Remember, a small baby can make the biggest dreams come true.
  • Congratulations on having such a tiny little thing with such a pretty face. She has an angel in her smile.
  • There is nothing better than a beautiful girl like the one you had to brighten your hearts.
  • You are really lucky. An angel has just come into your lives.
  • I wish you the greatest possible happiness with your new son.
  • When a child is born, the parents are too. My best wishes to the whole family.

Gift ideas to facilitate a birth

A good phrase will show the parents that you are also very happy that they have had a new baby. But to show that you really are by their side and want to help them take care of it easier, the best thing would be to give them a useful gift. A baby is accompanied by many expenses, hence a good gift is a great option to look good with the parents.

Personally, I recommend you give them a diaper cake as recommended by the experts in diaper cakes and gifts for baby births These types of gifts are very well presented. They also have diapers for the baby and a doll. Hence it is a very interesting gift.

Baby clothes can be another very interesting gift for parents to save a little money. Remember, the vast majority of clothes are usually for the first weeks of the baby’s life. If you don’t want to saturate them, it can be a good option to buy baby clothes for a little later so you can take advantage of it.

If you have a little more budget you can buy the baby a chair, a crib, a cutlery for babies… the important thing is that the parents do not already have it to be sure that they will really be able to use the gift that we are going to give them .