Harry of Windsor and Meghan Markle get married. By now they have announced it and the second son of the English royal house has also found his partner. As for the rest of the world, however, there are many beautiful princes , from a noble family and exemplary education, who still have to get married.

We pass from the son of Rania and King Abdullah of Jordan, to Azim of Brunei, to then fly to Greece with Philip, one of the sons of King Constantine I and then again Sebastien of Luxembourg and Joachim of Belgium, but also a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte .

In short, the royals of Windsor are not the only principles that depopulate the pages of worldly gossip, the boys still have some things in common: an excellent education (many of them studied at Harvard or Georgetown), similar interests and hobbies, from horse riding, to polo, to diving.

Their lifestyle is envied by everyone , but they also carry with them the weight of responsibility, especially in countries where the new generations will count a lot to determine political and social balance.

Sebastien of Luxembourg

Fifth child of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Maria Theresa of Luxembourg, Sebastien was born in 1982. After studying in Le Rosey, he completed his studies with a master’s degree from the University of Ohio where he was also able to practice rugby. After completing his studies in 2015, he began training in the Royal Military Academy of Luxembourg , where, to date, he has been appointed as an officer.

Prince Azim of Brunei

Of this royal young man, the lifestyle is certainly striking. Known for his “high-ranking” acquaintances in the world of entertainment, Prince Abdul Azim of Brunei is the second son of his majesty the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and is the fourth in succession to the throne. Azim is known for attending parties and giving as many spectacular ones, on his 25th birthday there was also Michael Jackson! However, it is not difficult to find it at events related to fashion and entertainment held for charity . He attended his studies between Singapore and Oxford.

Philip of Greece and Denmark

Son of the former king of Greece Constantine II, Philip and one of Nicholas’ brothers, like Theodora who accompanies him in this photo. His international studies led him to London, where he was able to get to know the English royal family well and then to the United States. Today he works in New York in the financial field.

Jean-Christophe Bonaparte

Born in 1986, and son of Carlo Napoleone Bonaparte and Beatrice di Borbone – Due Sicilie. In fact and a male descendant of Girolamo Bonaparte, younger brother of the well-known Napoleon Bonaparte . The dynastic lineage is not in question, while there has been a bit of a wave about his desire to recognize himself as an imperial pretender to the throne of France . In any case, today France is a Republic and we certainly don’t mind the nickname of Jean Christophe who, after studying in Paris, flew to Harvard to complete his studies with a Masters in Business Administration.

Hussein of Jordan

Son of King Hussein and Queen Rania of Jordan, Al Hussein bin Abdullah II is the greatest of princes and also the one who is most involved in the political life of the country. After completing his studies in Georgetown, this year he completed his career at the Royal Academy Sandhurst in Great Britain. At the age of 23, he has already met politicians from many countries and attended a UN meeting.

Joachim of Belgium

Joachim of Belgium is 26 years old and the youngest of the children of Lorenz Archduke of Austria-Este and Princess Astrid of Belgium. All his grandparents and great-grandparents are of royal lineage and lineages from different countries; his legacy in fact includes Austria, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, England, Portugal, France and Spain. The only one of eight siblings not yet married, Joachim also studied in Italy , having in fact earned a master’s degree from Bocconi.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed of Dubai

He has a very long name, but he prefers to be called “Fazza” nickname which he also uses to publish his poems. Born in 1982, Hamdan is the second of 12 children and began his studies in Dubai, continuing and finishing them in London where he attended the Royal Academy Sandhurst and the London School of Economics. He was awarded the title of Crown Prince of Dubai and thus heir to the throne.