Among the women’s fashion trends , animalier fashion is back on the scene, after its first appearance in the Nineties and the various revivals that have been seen on the catwalk in recent years.

Women’s fashion, however, uses the  animalier style in a completely different way than in the past. This style has become more refined and sophisticated, far removed from the wild features of the past.

Animalier fashion: cos’e?

Animal print fashion is a style based on a particular fabric print. It is defined animalier because it is characterized by black leopard spots. At the beginning of this style, fur was also used (first animal, then synthetic), using as a base the color white (Cruella De Mon to be clear) or similar to the color of the cheetah.

Over time, animalier fashion has joined the idea of ​​a provocative and sexy woman. Hence, the wide slits, the openings to enhance the shapes and the use, even in accessories, to increase their whimsy. The style falls a little out of use, but picks up again in the 2010s, in a slightly different way.

The stains are in tune with the geometric patterns and that wild trait is lost in the materials. Fur coats are no longer used (fortunately!), But are used on lighter fabrics, also here both in total and for most of the outfit.

What changes in 2021 for the animalier style? Let’s see it in the following lines!

Animalier fashion: in 2021 it is an “extra”

The animalier fashion in 2021 is a part of the outfit that serves to give a sophisticated and daring look at the same time. The animalier garment also becomes the perfect frame of the outfit , able to bring out the elegance of a single-color sweater. For this reason, in the 2021 outfits it can be found combined with colors such as red or purple . In addition, it can be found tone on tone, in slight contrast with a burgundy leather jacket.

The animalier can also be a complete outfit (like a whole dress), as long as something else stands out. For example, a yellow python animal print outfit with black spots can enhance a black top or a monochrome accessory.

The outfit in the photo is an animal print one-piece dress available at

Source: Pinterest


Animalier fashion: sophisticated outfit

With the animalier style, everything is possible, even to shine at night. In fact, in outfits, it’s a great way to bring out your personality! The pearl gray garments are enhanced by the animalier texture, especially in the python trousers combined with black shoes or elegant slippers.

Another sophisticated outfit concerns the classic long animalier skirt , which can be worn with a hazelnut blazer and a pair of shoes with a little heel. Flawless style in just a few steps!

Animalier fashion: sophisticated outfit with an outerwear

To obtain a sophisticated outfit with animalier fashion, the models used python as outerwear. In the winter season 2021, the outerwear becomes an important garment, oversized, but which manages to give the right emphasis to the shapes. There is a nice game, which allows you to hide or make the interior outfit stand out based on where you are and the occasion you are going to.

The outerwear can also be used to increase the seductive effect of her outfit , thus creating a play of colors. For those who love the classic leopard-print animalier style , the ideal is to show it off in the evening , or with a mirror effect, or as an item of clothing with a strip of the color you are wearing inside.

For example, a black V-neck animal print coat goes perfectly with an outfit with a black sweater or shirt that stands out from underneath.

Fashion animalier outfit in sweaters

The real novelty of 2021 women’s animalier fashion is the sweater with the python print, completely in contrast. The match is perfect and can be worn with anything.

The prints are very varied and make a beautiful figure. For a complete animalier outfit , on the other hand, you can aim for 1940s dresses, which are back in vogue, with wide skirts, or dresses that end with a miniskirt.