If we remember and go back to our time at school, we will surely unearth memories that remained dormant in some drawer of the most recondite part of our brain. And it is that at school we have spent almost more time than at home, which has offered us some of our most beautiful and fun memories; while others are somewhat more bitter.
In an effort to try to remember our school days, we have decided to select what we believe are the most typical phrases that it seems that every teacher who is dedicated to teaching has to have in his repertoire. Surely more than one would have had to listen to them frequently.

12 Typical phrases of teachers that you have surely heard
There are a few phrases said by our dear school teachers. Some still provide us with good laughs when we remember anecdotes lived at school with our classmates.

12. Out of class!
“Go out to the corridor to think” or “go to the end of class” were the variants of this expression. Has no one ever had a particularly messy day in the classroom and had to be sent out for a while until the teacher let them back in
? Some have spent almost more time outside than inside class.

11. You will stay grounded for an hour
At the end of the day, seeing how the rest of the classmates went home and the school was emptying out, with the exception of the four black sheep of each herd (or class) that stayed in the classroom of the punished, was a quite bleak. In addition, that extra hour took forever, so to make it more interminable, it was very typical to impose homework or tasks to deliver before being released.

10. You are punished without recess
Again, a penalty imposed on the most guerrilla. Punishing without enjoying recess time was a common trick with which to threaten pupils. The short recess period was used to have breakfast, play with friends, disconnect after the first two hours of classand charge energy for the rest of the day; so it was always highly valued and a privilege that no one wanted to give up.
Nothing was more frustrating for the poor punished than seeing the rest of the boys and girls running around, playing ball or with their toys while he remained in a corner of the patio (guarded by the teacher who had forbidden him to go out to play) or sitting in his desk contemplating the scene from his classroom.

9. Go to the director’s office
The path to the director’s office was well known by the most undisciplined. When the mischief had gotten out of hand, he had to visit the director’s office,where the scolding that was going to fall to the poor reckless who had carried out the prank would make him rethink it the next time he thought of putting together a good one.

8. You will not get up until you have finished everything
Probably, the most bitter memories that our school and high school days bring us are related to lunchtime (for the lucky ones who never set foot in their school dining room: you do not know about the that you have been spared). Those students who have had the immense fortune of being able to enjoy the delicatessen of the school menu, were forced to develop their ingenuity to get rid of having to eat the delicacies that were impossible for them to swallow.
Although the phrase “you will not get up until you have finished everything” seems more typical of a mother, it was certainly widely used by teachers who acted as dining room guards and who were dedicated to preventing anyone from disposing of food clandestinely. Like the students, they had to have all five senses alert to prevent anyone from leaving without leaving the plate or tray really empty.

7. Copy 300 times “I will not speak in class”
A classic. This punishment was intended to discipline the students who showed the worst behavior in class, those who did not shut up, were distracted or distracted the rest.
For those who were used to these reprimands, reaching a hundred times was no longer a challenge, since they had had to do it on many occasions; so many teachers came up forcing to write it 300 or more times.