If you like manga above all, animes, we show you a selection of the best anime phrases of all time.
In this compilation you will find love anime phrases, in addition to sad anime phrases and in general, all kinds of quotes and reflections. Some of these you may already know, others belong to animes not so well known and popular.

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The 30 best anime phrases
Below we show you the anime phrases that we have chosen for you. I’m sure you love them. Many are anime love phrases, but a large number are inspiring reflections that will motivate you in your day to day life.
You can find phrases from Naruto, phrases from One Piece and ultimately, phrases from animes that you know for sure , but that perhaps you no longer remember because of their dialogues. Here we refresh your memory. 1. Those who break the rules are scum but those who abandon a friend are worse than scum (Naruto)
doesn’t know any of the anime phrases from this incredible series ? intense chapters.2. Nothing that happens is ever forgotten even if you can’t remember it (Spirited Away)
One of the best anime movies to date. A movie with unmissable quotes that, among others, leaves us with this anime quote. 3. The trees scream in pain when they die, but you can’t hear them (Princess Mononoke)
Without a doubt one of the sad anime phrases that most permeate our hearts. Pure sadness. Not because of the trees, but because they remind us of all those people who suffer in silence. 4. You can not change the world only with beautiful words (Code Geass)
You have to take action. In fact, if you look closely, there are not only good words in this list of anime phrases .5. You can’t eliminate all the shadows in the world with light alone, since where there is light there will always be shadows (Bleach)
Light and shadows always go hand in hand. It is something we must accept to combat adversity. 6. No matter how many times you knock me down, I will get up again and again until I see you fall (Suzumiya Haruhi no YA«utsu)
One of the best anime phrases to increase our motivation . 7. If you really love someone, the only thing you want for him is his happiness, even if you can’t give it to him (Candy Candy)
Despite being an anime from the 70s, Candy Candy leaves us with good memories that we will never forget . 8. God, I’m not asking you to help me… but I’m not asking you to get in the way either (Cowboy Bebop)
For many, the best anime of all time. Loaded with sad and philosophical phrases , this anime will make you reflect like no other. 9. The fact that you are able to give all your effort is a unique talent (Fullmetal Alchemist)
We often talk about talent as something innate, but tenacity, perseverance and the ability to sacrifice for others are the best talents . 10. A dream is just a fantasy, if it comes true it was never a dream (Fullmetal Alchemist)
This series leaves us great relics in our list of the best anime quotes. It is not for less, his images are as good as his quotes.

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All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.
All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.