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Probably, we are talking about the best known star in the world . Of all times. And which, even today, is talked about: Marilyn Monroe . It would take a book to tell the whole story of her, but we will try to illustrate at least the salient points of a protagonist of the scenes, who is still immortal today.

Her real name is Norma Jeane Mortenson Baker Monroe .

Born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926 and died on August 5, 1962, also in Los Angeles, due to circumstances still to be clarified.

More than an actress, more than a singer, more than a model. Marilyn Monroe and more. Let’s see her story of one of the most beautiful actresses ever, in the post by Cinemagazine!

Marilyn Monroe, the beginnings

Norma Jeane Mortenson Baker Monroe  was born on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles, to Gladys Pearl Monroe, while her father is still unknown, even if there are many rumors and opinions about it.

The most famous American actress in the world began her career in the show as a model. Let’s leave out all the personal path that led to her birth (her divorced mother, not very poor) and let’s focus on her professional path.

At 16 she got married and worked first as a factory worker and then as a sales clerk. But it is precisely in the factory where she worked that we have the turning point.

David Conover, an important American photographer and writer, was looking for girls to keep soldiers’ morale up (we are in the middle of the war). 

Marilyn Monroe was elected “Miss Flamethrower” and divorced in 1946 from her husband. She begins, therefore, to be photographed and Snively, ‘boss’ of the most important advertising agency in Hollywood, the note and ‘works’ on her. At 19 she was immortalized on the cover of Family Circle magazine and then signed a contract with the same magazine.

She is photographed on several occasions and her face travels all over the world, including Europe. At this point the leap into cinema takes place: an audition at Fox goes as it should go and in 1946, at the age of 20, she signs a film contract. From here, her name was born which then became a myth: Marilyn. She kept her mother’s maiden name, Monroe.

In 1947 he starred in his first film – The Shocking Miss Pilgrim – with the role of switchboard operator.

Small detail: despite the breathtaking beauty, you cannot see but hear only his voice. In the next film, Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! , there is a scene in which he appears.

After some appearances in several films (for example in The Green Pastures of Wyoming and You Were Meant for Me) , Marilyn Monroe finally begins to make a serious career : fourteenth mention in the film Dangerous Years in  1948 . Beautiful as she is, she also wins the  Miss California Artichoke Queen beauty pageant that same year.

Fox does not renew her contract and, according to some rumors, she would also be a prostitute. Columbia Pictures , however, gives her confidence and is the leading actress of the film Blonde Orchid  but she does not get the success hoped for.

Beyond the gossip, after various vicissitudes he manages to have small parts in various films such as The Sheriff’s Daughter  and, subsequently, also turns to plastic surgery. 

Two events, however, change her life: the meeting with Johnny Hyde, who falls in love with her and focuses on Marilyn and the nude poses she had done.

To avoid scandals she says it publicly and, therefore, appears naked on PlayBoy in the first issue of the magazine. 

Marilyn Monroe, success

Thanks to Hyde he achieves success because he is a man who is very well integrated in the world of cinema. The talent scout falls madly in love but she rejects her advances.

Hyde has a heart attack and Marilyn takes all the responsibility. 

The man in his will states that Monroe must be one of the family but, in fact, his family hunts her. She, the day after her funeral, attempts suicide.

In any case, his career goes on and he continues to act in various films, including The Wandering Swagger , The MexicanHome Town StoryThe Memoirs of a Don Juan  and  The Charming Liar . Minor roles. And she suffers a lot from it.

In 1951 she first starred in “ My wife is getting married and then became one of the hosts of the Academy Awards ceremony.

For the first time, the name of Monroe, in 1952, appears in the poster in the film The Confession of Mrs. Doyle , also obtaining some success.

He continues to act in other films and, among others, appears in Charles Coburn with the famous platinum blonde hair and in Your Mouth Burns, which was the first real film in which he is the protagonist. In Miss America, she is invited and photographed in poses that were considered daring at the time.  

In 1953 he participates in the cast of Niagara and the film has a resounding success. It is here, in fact, that Marilyn Monroe is known by the general public. Success then continued with the very famous film Men prefer blondes . Even her dress is remembered over the years. 

One after the other, his films are all hits. How to marry a millionaire and another very famous film, to the point that at just 27, Monroe is the actress who has the greatest commercial success. She also starts appearing on TV, as in the case of The Jack Benny Show. 

Monroe begins to demand more and refuses even to star in the musical The girl in Pink Tights with Frank Sinatra . She married baseball player Joe Di Maggio in 1954 and, during a trip to Japan, she sang for American soldiers. 

On January 22 she won the Henrietta Award  at the  1954 Golden Globes  as the best actress in the world. In 1954 she participated in the musical Follie of the year . According to many, the worst movie she ever participated in.  

In When the wife is on vacation, the scene that is remembered forever takes place: the skirt of the white dress is lifted as the subway passes by. An image that, even today, is the subject of memes and videos. 

She continues to act in several films but Marilyn begins to have health problems but, despite this, she continues to work until she even founds a production company, with a single film produced, The Prince and the Dancer .

We could go practically indefinitely, but we just tell you about the movie Some Like It Hot , a film that is still remembered today, receiving six nominations for  the 1960 Academy Awards . Wins the  Golden Globe  as, collecting the award while intoxicated. 

The last film that should definitely be mentioned is The Misfits, which became a classic of 20th century cinema.

Marilyn Monroe, how did she die?

Let’s now go into one of the deepest mysteries in the history of Marilyn Monroe: how did she die?

Yes, because its end is still a mystery today. Died between 4 and 5 August 1962 on the bed of her home at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, there are conflicting versions about the causes of her demise.

The official version speaks of a suicide with 47 tablets of pentobarbital, combined with chloral hydrate. A version, however, that has not convinced many.

There are those, like Chuck Giancana, the younger brother of Sam Giancana (boss of the Cosa Nostra in Chicago in the 1960s), talking about murder. A revenge of the mafia to kill John Kennedy’s lover, as the brother of the former president of the United States was fighting without compromise on the mafia.

Then there is the version of Thomas Noguchi, deputy coroner of Los Angeles County, who said he found no traces of ingested pills and, in 1985, found traces of bruises. 

James Hall, an ambulance driver, said a doctor took control of the situation and, during an injection, killed her. John Miner, prosecutor, also expressed doubts about the probable suicide. Again: Housekeeper Eunice R. Murray changed versions more than once.

The version that seems to have more credit is that of the book ‘Marilyn Monroe. Case Closed ‘by Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin. They worked on the text for years. Who are the instigators of the murder? Robert Kennedy, some of his guards from brother-in-law Peter Lawford and Marilyn’s psychiatrist Ralph Greenson.

The reason?

Marilyn Monroe was the mistress of the two Kennedy brothers but, as she wanted to be married and they both refused, she had written their secrets in a notebook. And she had threatened to spread them.

True or false, Marilyn Monroe’s death still remains a mystery.

Movie Marylin Monroe

Here are all the films starring Marylin Monroe, in chronological order.

  1. The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, directed by George Seaton – uncredited (1947)
  2. The Green Pastures of Wyoming, by Louis King – uncredited (1948)
  3. You Were Meant for Me, by Lloyd Bacon – uncredited (1948)
  4. Dangerous Years, regia Arthur Pierson (1948)
  5. Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay !, directed by F. Hugh Herbert – uncredited (1948)
  6. Blonde Orchid (Ladies of the Chorus), directed by Phil Karlson (1948)
  7. Love Happy, directed by David Miller and, uncredited, Leo McCarey (1950)
  8. A Ticket to Tomahawk, by Richard Sale – uncredited (1950)
  9. The Asphalt Jungle, by John Huston (1950)
  10. Eva contro Eva (All About Eve), directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1950)
  11. The Fireball, directed by Tay Garnett (1950)
  12. The Mexican (Right Cross), by John Sturges – uncredited (1950)
  13. Home Town Story, regia di Arthur Pierson (1951)
  14. As Young as You Feel, by Harmon Jones (1951)
  15. The Memoirs of a Love Nest, directed by Joseph M. Newman (1951)
  16. My wife is getting married (Let’s Make It Legal), by Richard Sale (1951)
  17. The Confession of Mrs. Doyle (Clash by Night), by Fritz Lang (1952)
  18. Matrimoni a sorpresa (We’re Not Married!), regia di Edmund Goulding (1952)
  19. Your Mouth Burns (Don’t Bother to Knock), by Roy Ward Baker (1952)
  20. Monkey Business, by Howard Hawks (1952)
  21. The Cop and the Anthem, episode of O. Henry’s Full House, directed by Henry Koster (1952)
  22. Niagara, regia at Henry Hathaway (1953)
  23. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, by Howard Hawks (1953)
  24. How to Marry a Millionaire, by Jean Negulesco (1953)
  25. River of No Return, directed by Otto Preminger and, uncredited, Jean Negulesco (1954)
  26. There’s No Business Like Show Business, by Walter Lang (1954)
  27. The Seven Year Itch, by Billy Wilder (1955)
  28. Bus Stop, directed by Joshua Logan (1956)
  29. The Prince and the Showgirl, by Laurence Olivier (1957)
  30. Some Like It Hot, by Billy Wilder (1959)
  31. Let’s Make Love, directed by George Cukor (1960)
  32. The Misfits, by John Huston (1961)
  33. Something’s Got to Give – incompleto, regia di George Cukor (1962)