Albert Einstein is one of the most influential people in the history of mankind, since thanks to him we have knowledge that would not have crossed our minds, such as his famous Theory of Relativity. But in addition to helping us understand the concept of gravity and how to study it, he has always been a great thinker, and Albert Einstein’s famous phrases make us reflect on life , on religion, the relationship between people, and of course, on physics. In this section we have chosen some of the most important phrases that he said throughout his life, each one having an enormous meaning and worth reading, understanding everything that this genius wanted to convey with them.

Phrases of Albert Einstein to reflect

  • When you have really failed is when you have stopped trying.
  • You must never become a successful man, but one of value.
  • The world is a very dangerous place to live, not because there are bad people, but because of those who dare not do anything.
  • I don’t really have any special talent. I’m just a passionately curious person.
  • You will never try something new if you have never failed.
  • There are many who think that intelligence is what makes a great scientist. Everyone is wrong, what really makes it is his character.
  • It is when we find ourselves in difficulties, when opportunities are born.
  • If you are not able to explain something to a 5 year old, you are not able to understand it yourself.
  • Knowledge is not the sign of intelligence, but our imagination.
  • There are two different ways of living, the first as if nothing is a miracle, the second as if everything is.
  • I’m not a smart person, I just run into problems longer.
  • Everyone is capable of being a genius. But if you’re going to judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll think it’s a fool all its life.
  • I have to let go of who I am now, to get to who I want to become.
  • Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you have to keep pedaling.
  • If you want to solve your problems, you have to think differently than how you created them.
  • For peace to exist, force is not necessary, but understanding.
  • To be the best in the game, you have to know the rules and then fight to be the best.
  • The difference between genius and stupid? The genius has limitations, the stupid does not.
  • We create our world according to our own thinking. And this cannot change if we do not change our way of thinking.
  • Learn from what happened to you in the past, but live in the present with the hope of a better future, but above all, do not stop questioning yourself.
  • When you’re trying to win a woman, a minute seems like a second. When you sit on a stove for a second, it will seem like an hour. This is relativity.
  • Few people see and feel with their own hearts.
  • What is madness? It is doing the same thing constantly thinking that it will have a different result.
  • In nature we have everything to better understand our world.
  • Intuition is the only thing that has real value.
  • Technology has surpassed humanity.
  • Experience is the only source of knowledge.
  • Logic is capable of taking you from one point to another, however imagination will take you anywhere.
  • If you are weak in attitude, you will be weak in character.
  • Those who have a great spirit often meet people with mediocre minds on their way.
  • There are only two infinite things, the universe, and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the first one.
  • Education is what will remain after what you have forgotten what they taught you in school.
  • If you are able to lie about insignificant things, you will not be believed in those of greater importance.
  • If the facts are not able to fit the theory, you should change the facts.
  • Anyone stupid can know, but not everyone will understand.

Famous phrases of Albert Einstein

As you have seen in these Einstein phrases, this person was not only a physicist, but he was a great thinker and dedicated to life. With these phrases you will be able to think  about everything that worries you, taking away iron from any matter that worries you, since you will see life with very different eyes. In the same way, if you see that someone is in a time of discouragement and that they need a push to achieve what they are fighting for, I advise you to share these reflective phrases and they will surely thank you, since they have inside them , saved a lot of knowledge that one day, can be very useful to you.