There are international stars who win the favor of the public and who manage to work well with all their colleagues. And then there are big names that are sometimes remembered with less pleasure by their colleagues. These insufferable VIPs have earned a reputation for creating quite a few dramas on set or with their staff.

There are famous cases, such as the numerous troubles caused by an assistant to Naomi Campbell for the issue of launched phones, then there are the workaholics, such as the great diva Beyonce, who demands 110% from her team and sometimes perhaps too much … Among the unbearable VIPs there are also stars who make very specific requests for dressing rooms or their private spaces while shooting a movie.

Of course it is better not to overdo it, especially if you want to continue to have the public’s favor ! These characters will always remain very famous, difficult or not difficult on set, but it is still interesting to find out more about their habits.

Let’s see together which of these VIPs turned out to be really unbearable:

1) Beyonce

How does Queen Bey make it to this list of insufferable VIPs? Because of her rhythms of work of her, tiring for her, but not only. Beyonce’s perfectionism and the fact that she wants to personally control every part of her shows and her work leads all of her colleagues to work a lot more than usual and have to change their minds about things often . She can be forgiven for everything because apparently what is often noticed is the quality of the performance that borders on perfection. Quite right?

2) Naomi Campbell

Lately we have been able to glimpse perhaps the truest part of Naomi Campbell who for years has been the dream of every stylist and beyond. One of the most beautiful and highest paid top models of the nineties and certainly still on the crest of the wave today, Naomi had many problems due to her temper, both with collaborators and during some fashion shows with famous designers . The importance of her image of her was so powerful as to push anyone to want to have her even for just a minute for a show or fashion show, but the model knew very well how to use her power of hers and had very specific tastes!

3) Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is also known to be a diva and even in her case the character she plays for her fans may have taken over her real personality. It is certain, however, that Mariah does not really like talking about her fellow singers (she pretends in many interviews that she does not know who they are, and that in the participation in films she often asks for changes for parts of a few minutes.

4) Madonna

With many years of career behind her and millions of records sold all over the world, Madonna is known as the star par excellence. Many artists today have declared themselves to be fans of her and have chosen her as inspiration for her. So why is the Italian-born singer considered one of the unbearable VIPs? Some dancers, after working with her, called it difficult , while her former personal trainer also told the Daily Mail that she had to stop coaching her because of his requests for her at impossible times .

5) Kanye West

After the famous incomprehensible tweets, which continue however, Kanye West not only gave rise to many imitations on US TV, but also to some complaints from those who decided to collaborate with him. A very famous and beloved rapper, West achieved great social popularity after deciding to marry Kim Kardashian. Some singers like Damon Albarn and his old album partner Jay Z did not take well some of the singer’s attitudes, considered “strange” and “exaggerated”. Although the latter still decided to maintain a good relationship with the rapper .

6) Jennifer Lopez

When it comes to a versatile woman, you can’t help but think of Jennifer Lopez . Actress, singer and dancer, Lopez became famous with her albums, and then conquered cinema and TV in no time. Definitely a strong and determined woman, Lopez deserved her success, but she is a hard worker and she therefore expects the same commitment from collaborators . The fame of “unbearable VIP” has also won it thanks to the requests of the dressing rooms and trailers : white flowers, white sofas, white candles, specific types of fruit and energy bars , water of a certain brand at room temperature. She will certainly not be the only one to ask for all this, but in the meantime… the times of “Jenny from the block” are certainly far away.

7) Edward Norton

Excess of zeal, if we want to call it that. In fact, it seems that the reason why Edward Norton ended up on the list of unbearable celebrities in the workplace is because he doesn’t like taking orders from directors … Especially if he thinks differently. Not even from the writers, it seems that on several movie sets that led to success (such as Red Dragon or The Incredible Hulk) Norton rewrote entire pages of the script , asking the director to film them.

8) Christian Bale

We all expected him to look more like Batman than some enemy of his, but apparently Christian Bale isn’t one of the easiest actors to work with. One of the most famous slips of the actor took place on the set of Terminator Salvation : during one scene the director of photography decided to pass in front of the camera, by mistake, well the actor did not take it well, so much so that he screamed. and insult the man for several minutes . Christian Bale admitted his faults after being recorded and after the audio, broadcast on the web, betrayed him. The positive thing is that the actor admitted that he didn’t show the best part of himself and that yes, he too stresses.