The cancellation of ‘The OA’ by Netflix has been one of the most recent news on the current audiovisual scene that has caught us all off guard. Especially since the giant of the red N had already negotiated a season 3 in the beginning.
The outrage of the fans soon echoed on social networks, although later others put on the table the possibility that it was a marketing campaign. In any case, many viewers of the fiction did the impossible for the series to be broadcast again; now Brit Marling , actress and screenwriter of the fiction has sent them an emotional response.

The fight that does not stop

This was the main message that defended the Netflix fiction, not stopping the fight for that universe that one wants, no matter how bleak the terrain on which it is fought is.
Praire (Marling) taking a walk with his sight restored | Netflix

That’s why #SaveTheOA has spread so massively both on Twitter and on the online platform. This clearly implied that fans wanted to catch the attention of the red N streaming giant, but instead what they found was very, very different.

Chronicle of a protest

Marling learned of the reactions and decided to show her solidarity with the fans of‘The OA’ with the following post on their Instagram account: “We are being modest, if honestly settled by the outpouring of support for ‘The OA’… Your words and images have deeply moved us.”
Creepy sequence in ‘The OA’ | Netflix
“Not only because the series must continue, but because its unexpected cancellation leaves a lot of people asking long questions about the crux of the plot, as well as its fate within capitalism’s latest oppression of consolidation and economies of scale . ” Marling continued in the message.
The actress added that she had a personal interaction with at least one person that for ‘The OA’ was more than a seriestelevision: “The other day Zal and we stopped on a sidewalk to offer a bottle of water and food to a young woman who was protesting the cancellation of the series on a corner of Hollywood Boulevard. “
Sequence of season 2 of ‘The OA’ | Netflix
“As we were leaving she said ‘You know I
‘m actually protesting against late capitalism.’ And she later said something that I haven’t been able to forget ever since: ‘Algorithms are not smarter than us. They can’t count love.’ Her words. Not mine. And the plot continues within them.” the actress concluded. There are still viewers who hope that with a little luck Netflix will give in and renew ‘The OA’ again.Or maybe it was a marketing strategy: who knows.

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