Fans of the Batman universe are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Joker, the film based on the origins of one of the most famous and fascinating comic book villains . An exciting first trailer has shown that this time director Todd Phillips wants to present a very different Joker.

Details of the first Joker trailer (2019)
One of the most anticipated movies of this 2019, Joker, is marked by two novelties. One, the biographical dimension of the film, focused entirely on the origins and development of a character as psychologically complex as the Joker. The other, the premiere of Joaquin Phoenix as the new incarnation of the supervillain.
More than thirty years after Jack Nicholson gave life to Batman’s archenemy, and after the rise of the character in the skin of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, it was revealed that the actor Joaquin Phoenix will be the new Joker in the movie that tries to explore his most intimate side, the life of his alter ego Arthur Fleck.
The trailer hints at a more intimate and personal approach to the character, far from the maelstrom of action and adventure to which the Batman universe has accustomed us. In fact, Warner Bross and DC decided to promote a new section, DC Dark, which will be released with the Joker movie, while Jared Leto will continue to play this character in DC Comics .
A new and surprising vision of the Joker. | Warner Bros. Pictures.
The trailer opens with Arthur Fleck on the couch, talking to his psychologist, and living a marginal and harrowing life as a clown. The key is in the transformation of a sentient being with a cruel existence into an evil being consumed in his own character. Some scenes, like Joaquin Phoenix dancing in the dark in front of the mirror, show that change.
The moment of climax comes with the voiceover of the Joker: “I thought my life was a tragedy, but it turned out to be a comedy . ” During several scenes we become aware of the interpretive demands of this histrionic and ambiguous character, a prisoner of his own traumas and a prisoner of his own existence. YJ oaquin Phoenix , seems to be up to the task.

A low budget and a lot of expectation
In the last scene we already see the real Joker, with his usual appearance and with a much more evil version. But throughout the film we hardly see any action , except in some misdeed that he carries out and the persecution of the police: “Gotham is no longer what it was. What kind of coward can be so cold-blooded
Someone who hides behind a mask?
Joaquin Phoenix will be the new Joker. | Warner Bros. Pictures.
In fact, the film has a budget of 55 million dollars, a relatively low figure compared to other Hollywood blockbusters. The dark knight, without going any further, cost 180 million dollars. Despite that, since the poster with Joaquin Phoenix as the new Joker came out in early April, the expectation has only increased.

Cast of Joker (2019)
This new movie from the Batman universe has Todd Phillips (R3sacon and Salidos de Cuentas) in the direction, and as a screenwriter together with Scott Silver (The decisive hour). In the cast we also find Robert De Niro , and other actors such as Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2), Brett Cullen (Narcos), Shea Whigham (The First Man), Douglas Hodge (Red Sparrow), Glenn Fleshler (Barry) and Frances Conroy. (Castle Rock).

Release date
The date indicated is October 4 , as confirmed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Meanwhile, we will have to make do with the trailer for this amazing movie that offers a very different (and daring) vision of the Joker from Batman.
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