21. Perfection is a polished collection of mistakes.
If we were all perfect, it would be too boring .

22. You can’t get out of any of your own labyrinths with someone else’s key.
While it is true that we need the help of others to get out of our own labyrinths, only we can take the step.

23. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option left to you.
The best lessons are learned from the worst experiences.

24. You can’t turn the clock back, but you can wind it up again.
As deep as the abyss may seem, this phrase invites us to believe that there is always a way out .

25. The world is round and any place that may seem like the end can be the beginning.
One of the most beautiful reflections we have found on the net.

26. It is as good to know where to go as it is to know where not to return.
Man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone .

27. Normality is an illusion; what is normal for a spider is chaos for a fly.
Everything is relative.

28. Ideas are stolen, never talent.
Therefore, talent cannot be bought with money.

29. There are two ways to live life: one as if it were a miracle, the other as if everything was a miracle.
A famous quote from Albert Einsteinwhich shows us that the simple fact of being alive supposes a miracle.

30. Do what you love and love everything you do.
For many, success is related to passion .

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31. Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.
We live in a world full of unnecessary prejudice.

32. I’m not crazy, my reality differs from yours.
Let everyone go their own way as long as they don’t get in the way of others.

33. I refuse to live seriously and serially.
An interesting reflection that fits perfectly in today’s society, in which everyone seems to be cut from the same pattern .

34. Asking for forgiveness is intelligent, forgiving is noble and forgiving is wise.
A great anonymous reflection on wisdom, forgiveness and nobility.

35. Be the kind of person you want to meet.

As long as you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not.

36. In the end everything works out, and if it doesn’t work out it’s because it’s not the end yet.
Once again, this phrase shows that there is always a way out.

37. Life always offers you an opportunity. It’s called today.
My grandmother also said: don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today .

38. Silence also has answers.
Get away from the daily noise whenever possible; Only then can you listen to your heart.

39. No one can get anyone out, where no one wants to get out.

It seems a tongue twister , but it is a most interesting reflection.

40. By action or omission, everything has an impact.

If we are witnesses to injustice, then we are accomplices.
Sitting down and reflecting is a very necessary act in order not to lose the north. | Image from: Pixabay.

41. Dignity has a very high price, and the worthy do not accept discounts.
There are always those who should swallow dignity.

42. If the wind stops blowing, row.
Look for other ways to move forward, even if they are not the conventional ones.

43. We spend too much time making a living and too little living it.

Phrase pronounced by Teresa of Calcutta . Think of the time we spend on things we don’t like in order to live.

44. The world belongs to the optimists; pessimists are mere spectators.
On this arduous path, a smile can be your best weapon.

45. Do not bother with the well that is dry because it does not give you water, better ask yourself why you keep insisting on drawing water where it has already become clear that you cannot find it.
Reflect on this question and then think about what your well is .

46. ​​The favor does not consist in the action, but in the spirit with which it is done.
A favor ceases to be a favor when something is expected in return.

47. Strive not to need anyone’s approval, and you will be free to be who you really are.
It is not easy to become the owner of your own actions , but only then do we show ourselves as we really are.

48. Of all the things you wear, your attitude is the most important.
After all, it is what others perceive.

49. Even a kick in the ass pushes you forward.
It is always a good occasion to take things with humor .

50. Everyone wants love for life and I want life to reach me to love.

He who has not loved, has not lived.

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51. Creativity requires having the courage to let go of certainties.
Huge reflection on creativity.

52. A real man will make you fall in love with you, and then with him.
To love others, we must first learn to love ourselves.

53. Love is contagious.
Unfortunately, hate is too .

54. Mockery is the fear used by the ignorant self-conscious.
Don’t let that fear sink in and go your own way.

55. The message sent is not always the message received.
That is why we must measure our words and choose wisely to whom we address them .

56. People react predictively, especially when they don’t have time to think.
That is why a selection of reflections like this is so necessary.

57. Sometimes you have to be your own hero.
Especially when no one is willing to lend you a hand.

58. Nobody is free if he is not the owner of himself.
Freedom comes at a very high price and, as you may have guessed, it is not an easy road.

59. Don’t trade your authenticity for an approving look.
Sometimes, we settle for pretending and lying so as not to generate conflicts . True courage is being yourself.

60. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
We close with aMahatma Gandhi quote on forgiveness.

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