Each of us has at least one significant event in our life. Congratulations on this day must be non-standard, original and sincere, provoking a lot of positive emotions to the celebrant, especially the “messages for my boyfriend” at a distance or right next to you.

Choosing the most beautiful Happy Birthday message for your boyfriend or husband, it is important to reflect the full range of bright feelings: tenderness, willingness to offer support, care and passionate passion.

In this article you will find the best serious messages and funny Happy Birthday messages for your boyfriend. They contain warm words, much desired and memorable, introducing you to a gentle and very romantic lover. All you have to do is choose a Happy Birthday message for your name or birthday lover and send it to your partner.

Happy Birthday Messages (boyfriend)

In this list I have included short Happy Birthday messages for my boyfriend, bright and sincere, emotional and so different, but always unforgettable. They were created for those who are looking for real masterpieces in a nutshell.

   Happy New Year, my love! You know how to be gentle and strong, brave and good, kind and fair! So stay!

   Thank you destiny for our meeting and for our happiness! Kisses, hugs and love! Happy Birthday!

   Honey! Congratulations on your birthday! You are the dearest person on earth to me, I feel good and pleasant with you!

   I wish you all the best in the world! May our love never disappear! Happy Birthday my dear!

   My boyfriend, my joy, my happiness, I wish you a happy birthday! You are my universe, you are my world and thank you for that.

   I want you to achieve everything you want, to strive to be successful and never give up. Happy Birthday, my dear!

   You are brave and strong, you will surely succeed exactly as you wish, and I will support you in any endeavor. Happy birthday!

   I am the happiest with you and I want our happiness to be higher than heaven. Happy birthday to you!

   You are the only person whose heart beats so hard! You are very close to me and you are dearer to me than everyone around me! Happy Birthday!

   May your heart stay warm and passionate! Know that I love you so much! Happy Birthday my dear!

   My dear, the only, glorious, wonderful, I congratulate you on your birthday! I love you very much and I want to wish you health and a lot of strength!

   Good luck with all your plans and ideas, fulfilling all your cherished and even bizarre wishes! May your mood always be the sunniest! I love you!

   My boyfriend, darling, the most important person in my life, Happy Birthday!

   My dear, my only and dear one, may the most precious wish be fulfilled on this birthday! I love you!

   Happy Birthday! Conquer any peak! I wish you health, strength, vivid emotions, happiness and luck.

Long Happy New Year messages for boyfriend

We have also selected for you beautiful long Happy New Year messages for your boyfriend, emotional to tears. Tell your partner about the love you have for her on this special day!

   My dear, let happiness overwhelm your soul! We are together and this is the main thing! I wish you to always be a successful person, healthy and as positive and kind as you are now! Let all your goals be easy to achieve and every day bring you new victories and reasons to rejoice! Know that I love you very much and I fall in love more and more every day, because you are my ideal!

   Honey! Happy Birthday to you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you to enjoy every day you live, to remain yourself in any situation, not to let anxiety penetrate your soul and to always be surrounded by loyal friends! I also wish you a great mood, much success, boundless happiness and sincere mutual love for your birthday! For me, you are the best and I love you very much!

   Today is your birthday – a very important holiday for me. I want to thank fate for giving it to me. I wish you to be the happiest, without taking into account the past years and days, but simply to live and enjoy every moment. I wish you health, much success, strength to achieve all your goals. Happy Birthday my dear!

   My dear little man! I want your happiness to be light and eternal. May the luck of your life be true and constant, may your health be strong and unshakable, and may your energy be inexhaustible. I wish you the fulfillment of all plans and the realization of even the most unreal dream. Smile and be positively charged on this wonderful day! Happy Birthday!

   Happy Birthday, my dear! I wish you happiness and good luck, to be always fulfilled in everything, and to be strong in your health. I want all your dreams to come true and your life to be more beautiful. Let your eyes shine with joy, let your mood be high and the puzzle of your life be light and beautiful!

   My dear, with you every day becomes a fairy tale. I’m so glad I met you on my way to life. I want to wish you all the best, only moments that you can enjoy every day. Know that I will be with you no matter what happens. You are my treasure, I love you very much. Happy Birthday to you today!

   My dear man! For your birthday, I want to wish you an exciting life, full of amazing discoveries, positive emotions, great friends and a fantastic mood. May all your dreams come true, may each day bring you new discoveries, and may happiness and joy overwhelm you.

Happy Birthday Messages for Your Beloved Husband

These Happy Birthday messages for your beloved husband are the easiest way to talk about your feelings. Once you have prepared the gift, send one of these greetings beautifully and emotionally.

   I wish you, dear husband, to go through all the trials that your life has prepared for you and to accept all its gifts with dignity! Happy Birthday!

   My dear husband! I can’t shelter you from adversity, but I promise to always be that quiet refuge where you are long awaited. Happy Birthday!

   I wish you never lost your sense of humor, to be cheerful and optimistic. Today and every day to have a wonderful mood and all the best! Happy Birthday!

   I wish you a happy birthday! Always be the same brave, kind and affectionate, my hero from the fairy tale! Be happy, my dear, may the music of joy always resonate in your soul and may all dreams come true!

   Today is about you! Happy Birthday! You are the best man, my love for you is getting stronger every day. You make my days more beautiful and warmer. I can trust you completely! You are always a strong, courageous and strong spirit, a worthy person, a caring husband!

   We have been together for so many years and I am always looking forward to your personal holiday! Congratulations, I wish you all the best!

   My dear husband, I wish you Happy Birthday! Only good, prosperity, success, health, loyal friends!

   You are strong, smart, handsome, affectionate – the best husband in the world. I’m so happy to have you in my life. Succeed in everything, and make all your dreams come true. I love you!

   For your birthday, my dear husband, I want you to feel all the power of my love, the support of others, the care of relatives, the respect of colleagues, the loyalty of friends, the adoration of children and the attention of strangers.

  Dear  husband! For your birthday, I want to offer you these warm words: I love you more and more! You’re another year old, but my love has grown! I will always be with you, in any situation and at any time! Happy Birthday my dear!

Happy New Year messages for name day boyfriend

At crucial times and on significant days, eloquence often fails, thoughts get confused, and emotions overwhelm. All this makes it difficult to make an effective wish. The best way is to be inspired by this list of Happy Birthday messages for your name day lover.

   Congratulations, my love! Let the green light burn on the roads along which I walk every day. And all these roads to bring you back home! Good luck, prosperity, health!

   On name day, I want to congratulate you, baby! I want us to live together in love and harmony all our lives, going hand in hand. May there be always only love and harmony in our relationship.

   My only! I’ve been waiting for you all my life! Happy Birthday my dear! I wish you the fulfillment of all desires, the solution of all established tasks, always reaching the goal, less sadness and more positivism.

   On the name day, have only kind, faithful and kind people by your side. I am very glad that we met and you became a very close person, dear to me. Health, luck and lots of love! Be happy!

   My boyfriend, with all my heart I wish you Happy Birthday! I want to wish you everything you want on your own – more precisely, so that everything will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

   Happy Birthday! I wish luck to always be with you, hope that it will not leave you in difficulties, and that problems will never stop you from achieving your goals! I love you!

   On the name day, I wish you the best in the near future – wealth, a luxury car, a huge and bright house, success and, of course, a strong family that we will create together, living in love and harmony. I love you, my happiness! Happy Birthday!

   My dear, I am incredibly happy because I have you and I sincerely hope that you are incredibly happy with me too! I wish you more success and more fulfillment every day!

   Let any of your dreams come true without barriers! The main thing is to be healthy and full of energy! Live as your heart tells you and enjoy every second of your life! Happy Birthday to the Saint who bears his name!

   On the name day, I wish you to shine brightly, never give up on dreams, to always achieve what your good heart dreams of. I love you and I wish you to be truly happy.

Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend (Funny)

But even if you do not have special talents or simply do not have extra time on the eve of the holiday, you can easily write Happy Birthday messages for your loved one, funny and funny, based on the texts below.

    My dear, I want you to be more demanding in life and accept only well-paid jobs, read only bestsellers, watch great movies, wear the best brand clothes and not look around – because you have the most beautiful girl!

    I wish your loyalty would never call into question our feelings, the stability of our nervous system, and our safety. Be adored by all, devoted to your word and your loving heart. Happy Birthday!

    My dear, you must have stronger nerves than steel and angelic patience to endure my character. Thank heavens every day for everything! Keep it for many years! Congratulations!

    I don’t need gold, fur or pearls, because I have you, a man with a heart of gold, a good soul and a winning smile. My dear, I want to be with you forever! Happy Birthday!

    Hey, sexy boy, congratulations on your birthday! I want to wish that what you plan can always be possible, and that everything you ever dreamed of will come true. Be the brave captain of the journey of life and the great king of a prosperous kingdom.

    Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man! I wish you to be incredibly lucky in life, the cheerful soul of the company, an amazing gentleman, object of feminine adoration and masculine envy.

Happy Birthday! Let there be a lot of paper in your wallet and let your soul be filled with spontaneity and the desire for adventure! I love you!

    Happy Birthday, baby. I wish everything in your life was nice, that no trifle would spoil your mood, that you would be happy, that you would catch your luck like a butterfly in a net. Be cool and mega-popular, charming and beautiful!

    Happy birthday, superman! I wish you didn’t turn the mosquito into a stallion and always keep your head up! I also wish you to be a master of love relationships and a champion of success!

    Happy New Year, my wonderful man. I wish you a big jackpot in life that is always at your fingertips. I wish you never to be tired, to have big money in your pockets and delicacies in your stomach.

    Happy Birthday to this gorgeous and wonderful man. I wish you to be a gallant captain on the ship, in any battle or battle of life to achieve victory and conquer the world with your natural charm.

Happy Birthday Messages for Your Boyfriend

And below you can choose the most suitable Happy Birthday messages for your loved one, always at hand in the most crucial moments.

    Honey! You are the strongest, the bravest and the most beautiful, and this is the best day! Happy Birthday my dear! Always be healthy, absolutely happy and, to everyone’s envy, successful in any business!

    Happy Birthday, love! I promise to support you, to help you, to go hand in hand through any problems and difficulties! I love you very very much!

    Congratulations, my dear! I want your ambitions to always aim for the heights of success, your soul to always live an unquenchable hunger for adventure, new discoveries and new goals, and your heart to always burn with love.

    Happy Birthday, love! I want you not to lose your mind, sober and solid thinking and the ability to assess the situation correctly. Always believe in yourself as I believe in you.

        I know full well that I have given my heart to a man who will achieve the best in this life. Happy Birthday my dear!

        My darling, you are my happiness, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you as much patience as possible, because without it you will not be able to cope with my character. I also wish you an endless ocean of love so that you can give that feeling to everyone around you!

        Congratulations on your birthday! The main thing is to always be healthy, and I will give you the rest.

        My dear, congratulations on your birthday and I wish you good health, strength, dedication and success in all your efforts and deeds!

        Love! Stay the same cheerful man, because I really like your smile and the glow of your happy eyes! May our love become stronger and more beautiful every day!

    The most beautiful Happy Birthday messages for your boyfriend

    If your loved one will soon be celebrating their birthday or name day and you want to express their attitude towards him and show your love, you can be inspired by the most beautiful Happy Birthday messages for your boyfriend, gathered in this paragraph.

    • My boyfriend, I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday and I wish you to always be healthy, happy, successful in life and, of course, to love me. For my part, I promise to always be a faithful and devoted friend and to help you in all your endeavors.
    • Love! Happy Birthday! Together we can overcome any difficulties. I love you my dear!
    • My dear boy! I wish you a happy birthday and I kiss you hard on both red cheeks!
    • I wish you much joy, as many bright and positive events in your life as possible, strong friendship, love and the fulfillment of any dream. I love you and hug you tenderly! Congratulations!
    • Thank you for giving me your warmth, time and feelings, which I cherish and respect so much. Happy Holidays, my dear!
    • I wish only the most beloved man happiness and life without clouds! May fate smile at you, dear, as often as possible, and may no obstacle interfere with all your ideas and plans.
    • Love! May all work go well. Be healthy, optimistic, and surrounded by your most loyal and devoted friends. I love you! Happy Birthday!
    • Congratulations to the most wonderful person who has entered my soul firmly and makes my heart sink happily. Happy Birthday to you, my dear!
    • Congratulations! May everything you dream of not make you wait a long time and let everything you aspire to come to meet you!
    • My love! I wish you much success, so that it covers all aspects of your life, and the Guardian Angel protects you from trouble. Happy Birthday!
    • Happy Birthday! I want all your expectations to be fulfilled and to always achieve what you want. I will always be there to help you if you need it!
    • Happy Birthday my dear. I wish you to always be so strong, brave, charismatic, cheerful, sincere and caring. You are a ray of joy in my life!

    Happy Birthday special messages for boyfriend

    There are many ways to express your feelings: bring breakfast in bed, present a welcome gift, a pleasant surprise, but also Happy Birthday to your boyfriend.

     Happy Birthday to you, my dear! Always have the best and most enjoyable!

     Happy Birthday! Happiness and the most sensual moments, endless love, like the horizon, and more sparkles in your eyes.

     May your days not be overshadowed by your shadows, may your health remain strong, may your wealth await you beforehand, and may your luck truly help you in all your ideas and deeds. I am by your side and I will always support you! I tenderly embrace you, my beloved man!

     My boyfriend! Accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday today! May your dreams come true and everything impossible become possible!

     I wish you an easy life, to stay just as fun and charismatic, motivating and fair. I love you! You are the light in my window!

    My dear, I keep repeating that I really appreciate you and everything you do for me. Today, for your birthday, I wish you happiness, kindness and all the good in the world!

     Let all your plans, goals and ambitions come true and nothing will lead you astray! Happy Birthday, my dear!

     On this beautiful day, I want to wish you all the best: goodness, joy, happiness, new success! Know that I love you!

     Always be an example to others and always be just as young, beautiful and brave! I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

     I want to tell the whole universe about my uncontrollable love! I live for you, I breathe with you, you occupy my whole life, because without you the world becomes meaningless. Be happy, because your happiness is my happiness, because we are a whole.

     My dear man, I wish you a happy holiday! I want to tell you that you are a very close person and loved by me. I can always count on you and I trust you and I hope it’s mutual!