The Spanish language is enriched with expressions, sayings and short sayings that help to emphasize the message we want to convey. From all the popular proverbs, we have selected some of the most used, to explain what each of them means. In this way, we can incorporate them into our vocabulary and learn when we can use them correctly.

62 short sayings and what they mean
You have heard them many times in various conversations, but you may not know the meaning of all of them. We detail it below:

1. Don’t look at the teeth of a gift horse

We have to value the gifts, without taking into account their price or if it was what we wanted.

2. Nobody is bitter about a sweet
The signs of courtesy that they give us are always welcome.

3. Foolish words, deaf ears
One of the sayings that has been perpetuated over generations. It means that opinions that are unfounded or that seek to offend should not be ignored.

4. God helps those who get up early
It is better to get up at a prudent hour in the morning to make the most of the day, instead of sleeping late.

5. To bad weather, a good face
Although the circumstances are adverse, it is important to have a positive attitude to face them better.

6. To bread, bread and wine, wine

It is better to call things by their name .

7. Strong friendship reaches beyond death
Real friendship is immortal.

8. Although the mona dresses in silk, mona stays
The essence of things does not change no matter how much you decorate or make up.

9. Full belly, happy heart
Those who have their needs met, hardly have any worries.

10. Raise ravens and they will gouge out your eyes About the
ingratitude of those whom we have helped and who, when the time comes, turn their back on us or betray us.

11. Good and cheap don’t fit in a shoe
You can’t order everything at once. Sometimes cheap is expensive and vice versa.

12. Each teacher has his booklet
Each one does things his way.

13. Each sheep with its partner

People with more affinity prefer to get together with each other than with those who have nothing in common.

14. The thief believes that everyone is of his condition
Biased tendency to attribute hostile or negative intentions to the actions of others.

15. Ass I see, ass I want
To be infatuated with everything that we want. It is not the most elegant, but it is perfectly understood.

16. From words to deed, there is a long way
Promising is one thing. Fulfilling the promise is something quite different.

17. Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are
You can tell a lot about a person by looking at who his friends are.

18. God squeezes, but does not drown
Despite the complications that arise on a daily basis, we can overcome them.

19. Two don’t argue if one doesn’t want to.
You have to be smarter than the other person and avoid fights that lead nowhere .

20. The one who wants something costs him something
To be rewarded you have to work hard.
21. Time is money
One of the phrases with an excellent recommendation: the time we have must be used to the maximum because we will never get it back.

22. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
. The simple sometimes appears to be good, especially if it is surrounded by vulgarity.

23. In danger you know the friend
Only true friends are there when we really need them.

24. Favor with favor is paid

Nobody does anything for nothing . Sooner or later it will be up to us to return the favor.

25. Genius and figure until the grave
Do not lose good manners or in the moments that it seems that it is not necessary to show them off.

26. Drop by drop, the sea runs out
Many proverbs express the same idea, like this one, which also tells us about the importance of every little effort to get closer to our goal.

27. Made the law, made the trap
Whoever makes the laws always seeks to come out on top.

28. Forewarned man is worth two
It highlights the value of acting cautiously in any situation, thinking well beforehand.

29. Today for you, tomorrow for me
When someone helps us, we have a moral obligation to do the same when the time comes.

30. Go for wool and get shorn

Planning a misdeed or a deception and end up being harmed by the consequences.
Use these expressions to expand your lexicon. | Image by: Gundula Vogel/Pixabay.

31. Hope is the last thing that is lost
Although everything seems to play against us, we must keep hope so as not to faint.

32. The intention is what counts
Even if the result is not the desired one, we have to think that we have given everything we could and more to try to achieve it.

33. What is promised is debt
In memory of a promise made and that has been fulfilled.

34. What does not kill, makes you fat
There are sayings that are a great moral support. For example, this means that bad times have to be seen as opportunities to strengthen ourselves.

35. Evil of many, consolation of fools
It is not sensible to try to feel better by thinking that there are others having a bad time.

36. Weed never dies
The unpleasant sometimes resists more than we would like.

37. The devil knows more because he is old than because he is a devil
. This saying means that the devil is wise because of the years that he has been accumulating experience, not because of his condition as a devil. It is another way of saying that veteran is a degree.

38. Better late than never
Acting late is better than never.

39. No one is a prophet in his land
Of him It is advisable to leave the comfort zone and travel to increase our cultural baggage.

40. All that glitters is not gold
Or as another short saying goes: “appearances are deceiving”.
41. There is no rose without thorns

Everything beautiful has a dark side .

42. Not getting up early, wakes up earlier
Everything in due time It is naive to expect that, simply by wishing it, they will go faster.

43. You will not go to bed without knowing one more thing
A new lesson is learned with each passing day.

44. Missed occasion does not come back in life
Like others, this proverb insists again on the importance of not letting the moments that arise to act slip away .

45. Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel
Not seeing certain scenes assures us that we will not be upset.

46. ​​For a sample, a button
A small example serves to illustrate an entire idea, without the need to expose it in its entirety.

47. Barking dog, little biter
What sometimes seems more dangerous, turns out to be actually harmless.

48. Think badly and you will

be right It is better not to generate expectations with respect to others and then not be disappointed.

49. Let each stick hold its candle
Each person has to take responsibility for their actions.

50. Wanting is power
A short saying that emphasizes the importance of the will to achieve any goal we set for ourselves.

51. Whoever kills iron dies
We must be consistent with our actions, because they can also respond to us with the same coin.

52. Who laughs last, laughs best

We must not consider ourselves the winner until we have crossed the finish line , because we may be in for a surprise.

53. Scabies does not itch with pleasure
The negative consequences of what is done do not matter, if it is done with passion.

54. If you want an omelette, you have to break some eggs
To achieve any goal, it is necessary to make sacrifices.

55. If I’ve seen you, I don’t remember
One of the most typical proverbs of the proverb, which refers to the way of avoiding the responsibility that one had with someone.

56. About tastes, there is nothing written

The variety of tastes is as wide as there are people in the world .

57. You have so much, you are worth so much
The value of people is measured by their material possessions.

58. Throw the stone and hide your hand
Pretend to be innocent of your own actions.

59. A timely withdrawal is a victory
We may lose an assault, but if we withdraw, we can eventually win the war .

60. A nail drives out another nail
This saying means that to forget a person, it is best to meet a new one.

61. See the speck in someone else’s eye and not the beam in one’s own
. Tendency to see the defects of others and to have a selective blindness towards one’s own.

62. Zapatero to his shoes

A softer way of saying “mind your own business” , dedicated to those who talk about an issue that doesn’t tie them down or they don’t have much of an idea about.