A nice goodbye letter is a good way to ease the terrible pain of separation. When writing we pour into the letter all the feelings that we are not always able to express in such delicate moments.
To inspire you, we give you some farewell letters to say goodbye to a love or a friend, and turn the separation into a beautiful moment of intimacy.

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1. Farewell love letters.
2. Farewell letters for a friend or friend. Farewell love
letters The letters are a good excuse to remember the happy moments next to such a special person and, above all, express what that person means to you . When you write a farewell letter, you have to take the opportunity to honestly expose everything that you will not be able to say in the future. 1. Farewell love letter (cheerful)
My soulmate, my love,
I still find it hard to believe that after these words I am going to say goodbye. After so much time of complicity, adventures and challenges, bitterness overwhelms me when I think how terrible it can be to be separated from you for so long. Surely I won’t be able to tell you everything I feel, you know how hard it is sometimes for me to express my emotions, darling. That is why I wanted to write you these lines.
And although it is sadness that guides my hand, my heart asks me to write you this letter without tears or drama. After so many years of laughter and joy by your side, what’s the point of saying a bitter goodbye?
I’ve come to the conclusion that if our relationship has been such a happy experience, this letter cannot be a bitter goodbye.
That is why, when writing these lines I look back, I only see your huge smile in each of the crazy things we have dared to do, the overflowing joy in your eyes and the optimism that we have put into each of our challenges.
Do you remember that adventure at the mall
? Or that odyssey on our first trip? There are so many experiences together that accumulate and don’t let me think clearly, but they make me smile when I remember how happy we’ve been.
That’s why I think our love is so strong that it can also overcome this separation. I know you’re going to a better place, and this comforts me. I can’t be glad to lose you, but the thought that you’re going to be bettertransform pain into joy and turn goodbye into a see you later .
Don’t forget to take the scarf that I gave you for our first birthday.
A kiss, I love you. 2. Love letter to say goodbye (sadly)
My life,
I’ve been trying to avoid this moment for so long that I still can’t believe I’m writing these lines. I would like to be as brave as expressing all this to you out loud and looking you in the eye, but I don’t think I would be able to finish a sentence without my voice breaking. Perhaps the loneliness and coldness of the paper will help me better express what I feel, and say goodbye to you sincerely.
I think that for some time now we have destroyed all the happiness that filled our love story, and it is sad to admit that this is over, but we both know in the depths of our hearts that we have to start a new life, each one by his side. Today I say goodbye, because I love you more than ever .
And I do it with the conviction that I will be a radically different person than I was before I met you. You have been the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my life, because you are the person who has understood how I am, who has supported me in everything, and who has made me grow to become what I am. That’s why I can’t watch our relationship slowly die. Saying goodbye in time is the most honest way to save our love .
I want to wish you the best, darling. Today I separate from you, but I will always be with you. Because I will continue to live in the depths of your heart every time you see those movies that we liked to see, when you walk through the places where we love each other, when that music that united us forever plays.
I will always be with you, and although now I say goodbye, I will come to your call whenever you need it to help you. Although I know you will be fine, because you are strong and you can handle everything.
Until always, my love
I love you 3. Love letter to say goodbye (funny)
Hello love,
I imagine you reading this letter and thinking: “Well, this guy is staying with me
”, and smiling with those dimples that are marked on you. But it is that I could not say goodbye to you with pain and bitterness, because you have taught me to face everything with that smile .
And while I was writing I was remembering that time your parents saw me naked when I got out of the shower, do you remember?
They said they wouldn’t show up for the whole weekend and at the first change… And what a shock I got! my mother I still remember my chills while you freaked out beautifully. And in the end I ended up laughing too.
It’s like that time it snowed so much, so much, so much… What year was it?
I don’t remember anymore… Anyway, the ground was frozen and walking down the main avenue full of people I slipped and hit my hip so badly that I think it still hurts. I remember that people rushed to help me, and between their worried faces I saw yours laughing like never before. Instantly I was laughing more than you, and everyone around us. Anyway, how many experiences, my mother! I could fill sheets and sheets . Now that you are leaving I will miss your smile, your optimism and your energy, but I will always be able to turn to those wonderful memories of our craziness. And that’s why I love you, because you’re so funny that you make me see life without bitterness, and that’s why I can’t write this letter crying, but laughing.
Do not forget to take your glasses, it will not happen to you like that time we went on vacation and you spent the whole week without seeing three on a donkey. The funniest seven days of my life hahahaha But above all, don’t forget to wear a smile.
See you soon, my love,
I love you Farewell letters for a friend
In the goodbye letters for a friend you should reflect with the least bitterness possible all the complicity that unites you with that person. It can also be an opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of friendship despite the distance. 1. Farewell letter to a friend (funny)
What’s up, man!
Do you have everything ready?
Look, with how clueless you are, you will surely end up leaving something behind. Well, if that’s what I bring you on a getaway. You won’t be that far either! What happens is that the distance is fucked, brother , and I will miss you a lot, you know. Who will I go to the games with now
? Hey, wherever you go, share it, as you know, beast. I will continue to party in our bars, faithful to the traditions hehe. It won’t be the same without you, of course. Damn, do you remember that time we had to take Alex to his house drunk as a cuba, we left him in the entrance, we rang the bell and we left, how
I would have liked to see the face of his parents! Or that time you were so drunk that we put make-up on you and you entered the club like a true cabaret diva.Damn man, if we have messed it up in a big way . Let those Dutch tremble, because you are going to make her fat there. You prepare the ground for me when I go, because not even the “H” will remain from Holland. Let’s see if we repeat the one when we traveled without a ticket and when the conductor came we pretended to be asleep before running.
Finally, I hug you brother. Don’t forget all the crazy things we’ve done together, and get ready for when I go, because it’s going to be memorable .
Take good care of yourself for them! 2. Farewell letter to a (sad)
friend My soulmate,
I never believed that friendship could bring so much happiness and sadness at the same time. It is as if a part of my heart was ripped out, as if a part of my life was stolen from me. I know that the memories I have with you, no one can take them away from me, but I can’t help but cry when I think that you won’t be here, by my side, to continue sharing those unique moments in which we can be you and me. Because no one understands me like you with a single look, with a single gesture . You are more than a friend. You are a brother, flesh of my flesh. And no matter how far away you are, and no matter how many letters I write, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for me, nor can anyone ever make me forget how much I love you as a friend and as a person.
After so many years together, no one has shown me so many times what loyalty and sincere and pure friendship mean. For this reason, although I am crying now because I will miss you and I will suffer with your absence, I am happy to have had you by my side for so many years, to have known you and to have discovered the wonderful side of being human.
You have taught me so many things. To laugh, to cry, to be optimistic, not to give up, not to be so grumpy, to enjoy life. And you have always gotten me out of trouble when it was necessary . That is why I want to return all that loyalty to you, and write you these lines to tell you that although I am sure that you will be successful wherever you go, if things do not go well here you have a friend for whatever it takes, whenever it takes.
Until forever, friend.3. Farewell letter to a friend (cheerful)
What’s up brother!
I mean, I’m going to write that letter to my soul mate in case when we say goodbye I don’t get what I want to say. You already know how I am. After so long it’s hard for me to separate from one of my best friends, but I don’t want that to be the maximum drama either. Especially because you’re not going to get rid of me so easily, and I’m going to see you whenever I can.
Nothing uncle, I wanted to take advantage of this letter to thank you for all these years you have taken care of me like an older brother. The truth is that you have gotten me out of more than one hurry. What would I have done without you that day when I was left lying in the middle of the forest in the middle of the night ? Now I am a little orphaned , and I will miss you.
But when I feel your absence I will remember the good times, because we have them to give and sell. Our trips and our madness, our party nights and our glorious afternoons. I think it will be difficult for you to match it wherever you go. But try it, monster.
Uncle, I am really proud of you, for that step you have taken, and I know that this experience will make you bigger than you already are. And whatever you need, you know that you have a brother here , that you can count on me for anything. That I plant myself in Germany in a moment! Anything for my brother.
Know that you are the greatest, that all these years you have shown me that you are a loyal friend and one of those you can count on for everything, and that no matter what happens, here you have a friend and a brother forever.
Enjoy it, and see you soon!

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