Christmas gifts for her: our fashion tips in this Christmas post

Christmas gifts for her: men listening, take notes and don’t lose focus!

The Nativity is closer than it seems and you cannot make a bad impression on your women. And by “women” we do not mean only the partner, but the sisters, the mothers-in-law and the mothers. The Christmas gift for her you have to think carefully, in time, and look for it carefully. Because she (whoever she is) takes great care of you.

You know well that women love to be fashionable , they love to have style and to be admired. So make sure that your gift is fashionable . But what does it mean, nowadays, to give a woman a fashion gift ?

In this post you will find some useful ideas that can help you in choosing Christmas gifts for her, so as to make her happy on the day in question.

The original bag

If you want to make a lady happy, a bag is always the best gift. You need a bag every day, and sometimes changing more than one a week is necessary to always be fashionable. If you want to impress her, look for a bag for her that is original , so that she is the one who dictates the fashion to her friends.

An idea?

The Cult Gaia made entirely of bamboo fibers. Or the Vanity Box mini bag , with super pompoms, by Dolce & Gabbana or an Eden Nano by Givenchy.

A nice idea are also backpacks , which especially for the youngest and most youthful are an excellent substitute for the bag. There are truly original ones, in this winter 2019, such as Fjallaraven in different colors, a silver Realer, a Lovevook that can turn into a bag in a few steps. All can also be purchased conveniently on Amazon, so that it can be sent directly to your home: more convenient than that!

Fashionable jewelry for her

Marilyn Monroe sang that “diamonds are a woman’s best friend” but you don’t have to go that far to make your girl smile. Certainly a jewel and a Christmas gift (and not only) always very welcome.

For the youngest, you will be on the safe side with any Pandora charm, the black and white SoRaRe pearls or the original Anuskas jewels : Talaier silver rings, Nespola rings, you can also take the nice Talaier fan earrings with pendants or ethnic necklaces .

Also very popular are the “eighties” necklaces such as the Epicene Quarter Choker .

Ideas for her wardrobe

Ecology, practicality and alternative beauty are the characteristics of the 2020 fashion that opens with the winter collections. As for Christmas gifts for her, a look at the world of fashion is desirable, especially if she is a fashion addict. In this case, she will certainly like the down jacket that returns to impose itself in modern clothing, but also a nice colored sweater (Mango) , or a Bottega Veneta leather dress or jacket , or even the metallic ones by Paco Rabanne or the timeless sheath dress that for 2020 it is expected as the most fashionable garment ever.

Special gifts

A special and always fashionable gift is the personalized mobile phone cover . You can do it with any photographer, with the images they prefer… herself, the two of you together, her photo of her little dog or the place she loves. Also a hair straightener and always a fashion gift. As well as a relaxing stay in a wellness center or even better a romantic trip for the next vacation together.

Our post dedicated to Christmas gifts for her ends with these useful tips. See you next time with the posts dedicated to fashion and lifestyle!