The tennis bracelet was originally known as the Eternity bracelet due to its characteristic continuous shape which, once fastened, concealed the position of the closing hook. This symbolized the eternity of an important affection, historically destined for the love between him and her and, therefore, turned out to be the precious and important gift for a beloved woman. Today this special bracelet takes on new connotations and new meanings starting from an event that has made its mark in popular culture and which has since changed its name from Eternity bracelet to tennis bracelet

What is the tennis bracelet?

We are talking about an ornament of great value that you find in many formats, colors and compositions. Finding the right one for your loved one is not a difficult task because we are sure that when you see the right one, you will fall in love with it from the first moment. After all, a beautiful tennis of diamonds , perhaps like the collection proposed by Crieri , is confirmed as an indispensable accessory to which you will bond madly. This is why we have decided to enhance its value and aesthetic quality by selecting at least three good reasons why it turns out to be a DOC gift, one that will never go unnoticed. 

For him and for her

Beyond what has often been believed in the past , the tennis bracelet is a valuable accessory loved by both men and women. If originally it was considered a pledge of love exclusively for her, today it is no longer the case. In fact, men’s bracelets have become increasingly important in the world of jewelry, making them the ideal gift idea for all loved ones, for all loves and for all relationships. 

Obviously it is a jewel that has an important meaning of affection, for which we want to communicate our loyalty and our deep love. This makes it a perfect gift for special occasions such as Christmas, an anniversary or an important success. It all depends, as we will see, on the type of precious stone you choose. 

A fascinating story of sport and love

The history of the tennis bracelet begins in the late eighties, during a match of the popular US Open . In practice, the champion Chris Evert was forced to stop the game because her Eternity Bracelet broke, scattering all the precious stones on the ground. So it was that in the middle of a tennis match the champion was filmed live in the world while she was about to collect the remains of the bracelet for which, I declare, she could not do otherwise because she was very attached to it. 

This is the triggering fact that made the tennis bracelet famous all over the world and that aroused in people the desire to have one on the wrist, just like the champion. This is why it is a bracelet that you find enriched with precious stones but which retains a minimal, soft and light style, suitable even for more casual or sporty styles

A special message for every occasion

The importance of this fact became worldwide in a short time and the best jewelers in the world offer their lines of tennis bracelets in different carats and colors. Each stone has its own precise meaning so you will always find the best choice for you and for the special occasion for which you intend to give a nice tennis bracelet. If the diamond is the stone of eternal love, pink gold is ideal for a mother or a new mother … for every occasion, therefore, there is a nice tennis bracelet to show off with joy and yes, even a small dose of deserved vanity