After murder, crimes against sexual freedom are the worst crimes that exist . That is why we are going to discover the most famous serial rapists in history; as well as their identities and lives.
Unfortunately, sexual assaults are a scourge that has not been eradicated, and of which new cases continue to be known. Many serial rapists have been characterized by a varied criminal career, which also included crimes such as robbery or murder, so some cases also share this position with another in the list of worst serial killers.

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9 Most Sadly Famous
Serial Rapists These serial rapists have committed some of the most gruesome crimes in the history of criminology, though not all of them ended up killing their victims.

9. Juan Carlos Sanchez, “the fierce wolf”
At the end of January 2018, the news of the arrest in Venezuela of Juan Carlos Sanchez, a terrible serial rapist, famous in the area for his nickname “the Ferocious Wolf” , was known. that he has earned hard: he is accused of at least 274 rapes of minors.

This terrible serial rapist was also dedicated to selling videosin which he was recorded committing the abuses. Apparently, the prolific sexual predator had been developing his criminal career for years (he was arrested in 2008 for having relations with a minor under 14 years of age), so it is feared that the final count of victims could be close to 500.
Image of the face of the Colombian rapist in two different moments of his life. | Image from: Infobae.

8. Julio Cesar Grassi
In recent years, countless cases of abuse and rape of minors by priests have been uncovered. In May 2017, a list with no less than 62 priests denounced for these aberrant practices in Argentina came to light.
One of the most notorious is that of Father Julio Cesar Grassi, director of the Felices los Ninos Foundation,well known in his country for being seen on different television programs to raise funds for his cause.
Accused in 1991 of abusing minors without the case being closed, repeated cases were opened against him accusing him of the same thing in 2000, 2002 and 2006. It was not until 2009 that it was possible to prove that he had continuously abused a minor who lived in his Organization , for which he was sentenced to spend 15 years in prison .
Julio Cesar Grassi was an Argentine priest who, in addition to directing a famous foundation, committed sexual abuse of minors. | Image: Courtesy.

7. Arlindo Carvalho, “the rapist of Piramides”
The following individual used to prefer young girls (the age range of his victims was between 17 and 22 years of age), whom he threatened with a knife or a pen and took them to some secluded nearby area (wastelands or parks). ) to rape them without being discovered . After the act, he stole his valuables and fled from there. On one occasion he spent more than an hour with one of the young women and carried out up to two rapes in one day.

Carvalho was sentenced to 514 years in prison for 35 crimes of illegal retention with aggravated sexual assault and 27 robberies. Like many other sexual predators and criminals, he combined his dark hobbies with an idyllic life as a family man respected by everyone in his neighborhood.
Considering the time he kept the police on edge, the number of victims (up to 140 women said they had been attacked by Arlindo Carvalho) and his time in active service (between 1988 and 1996), “the Piramides rapist” is considered one of the the most famous serial rapists in the history of Spain.
The Piramides Rapist appeared publicly before the cameras asking for forgiveness on a Spanish television channel. | Image: Courtesy.

6. Jimmy Savile Jimmy Savile
‘s case is one of those in which under an appearance of kindness and altruisma true insatiable monster was hiding. This man was a well-known presenter of famous programs on the BBC, including Top of the Pops and Jim’ll fix It, and was both loved and respected by the English public; him to the point of receiving the title of “Sir”. In addition, he was involved in various charities, so it was common to see him visiting the sick in hospitals.
However, it was all mere appearances, because behind the scenes, Savile took the opportunity to abuse up to 200 minors hospitalized in the hospital centers he attended, as well as an unknown number of adults, which could increase the number of victims to 500. It took some time after his death (in 2011) for his dark secret to be known: he had been committing this type of abuse from 1955 to 2009.
We are probably facing the best-known serial rapist in the judicial history of the United Kingdom. United.
This eccentric DJ committed an atrocious amount of crimes. | Image: Courtesy.

5. Henry Lee Lucas
Henry Lee Lucas is the archetype of the misfit antisocial criminal: an alcoholic mother who abused both him and his father (yes, you read that right), subjecting Henry to all kinds of harassment and causing him to grow up with no social skills From a very young age he began to commit crimes, carrying out petty thefts and going from reform school to reform school.
Henry established a fatal link between sex and death at an early age, since as a teenager he was dedicated to raping farm animals to cut their throats during the act. At the age of 23, he returned to his house to rape and cut his mother’s neck. After serving time, he was released from jail and joined Ottis Toole , a former cellmate with whom he would form an evil alliance. Together they dedicated themselves to assaulting minors to rape them, rob them and leave a wave of bodies wherever they went.
Henry Lee Lucas has always been considered one of the most famous and prolific serial killers and rapists in the criminal history of the United States; It is believed that he left more than 300 mortal victims , whom he would have raped pre and post-mortem.
Henry Lee Lucas poses in front of the camera with your characteristic look. | Image from: Crimefeed.

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4. Richard Ramirez, “the night prowler”

Richard Ramirez is one of the most difficult cases of criminology to catalog . “The night prowler” did not follow any pattern when committing crimes: he assaulted, raped and killed; sometimes he planned his actions and other times he acted on impulse, neglecting details that could have given him away. He, too, did not have a predilection for a specific victim profile, nor for methods of murder, a fact that increased the difficulty of the police in catching him.

He committed 14 murders, although he also attempted to kill on 5 other occasions.. They called him “the night prowler” because he sneaked into houses through windows in the middle of the night and there he gave free rein to his perversions. If he was with couples, he murdered the man and then raped the woman, committing up to 9 rapes and sexually forcing minors two more times.
Richard Ramirez is a very particular case within this list. | Image from: Lifeder.

3. Albert Fish, “the vampire of Brooklyn”
It seems that a characteristic feature of the worst vermin that history has given is having lived a traumatic childhood in which lack of affection and abuse were the order of the day. When he was just 12 years old,Albert Fish began to discover extreme pleasure in masochism and had his first homosexual relationships .
The most famous serial rapist in this district of New York raped for the first time when he was 20 years old and could not stop doing it, even after getting married. He spent time behind bars for minor offenses (where he would constantly have sexual encounters with other inmates), for re-raping little boys as young as 6 years old once outside. This spiral of sexual assaults would twist more when, at the age of 58, he began to torture and feed on the flesh of the minors he kidnapped and murdered.

He died in 1936 in the electric chair at the age of 66, accused of 15 crimes in total., although he claimed to be the cause of more than 100. However, almost a century after his death, it is believed that the account could rise to around half a thousand. Due to his insatiability and for being a well-known case for his debauchery and savagery, we place Albert Fish in third place on our list of most famous serial rapists.
Albert Fish died in the electric chair. | Image from: Stay at home Mum.

2. Andrei Chikatilo, “the butcher of Rostov”
The criminal history of Russia also has its names associated with horror. Andrei Chikatilo was the architect of 53 crimes despite the fact that he was initially accused of 36.
From his first foray into crime in 1978, he established an unhealthy association between blood and sex that would determine his criminal record. Self-conscious since he was a teenager because of his physical appearance (he wore glasses due to acute myopia), he compensated for his sexual impotence by raping his victims and wildly recreating himself with their corpses, mutilating them and, on occasion, feeding on some of the body parts. the.
“The Rostov Butcher” is one of the most famous serial killers and rapists for his sadism that the 20th century has given, so he cannot be missing from this unfortunate list.

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1. Peter Kurten, “The Vampire of Dusseldorf” (Germany)
During the 1920s, the German city of Dusseldorf experienced a wave of sexual assaults and murders that plunged its inhabitants into constant fear every time the night came.

The victims did not fit any specific profile , as they included adult men and women, as well as young children. The author was also an accomplished serial rapist who sexually assaulted and then tortured and robbed the unfortunate who fell into his clutches. No one expected that the one they had cataloged as “the vampire of Dusseldorf” was actually a respectable gentleman with good manners named Peter Kurten.
His criminal history began in 1913, after petty thefts, rapes and the robbery of an apparently lonely house that ended with the strangulation of a thirteen-year-old girl. However, the peak of her depravity took place from 1925 and lasted until the capture of Kurten, in 1930 . The case of this sadist still fascinates psychiatrists, since it encompasses all the perversions in a single individual, so we do not hesitate to consider Kurten the worst most famous serial rapist in history.

The final tally stands at, as far as is known, 8 murders and 14 sexual assaults .
Peter Kurten’s last words before being guillotined were:
“Tell me: when my head has been severed, will I be able to hear, even for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump that remains in my neck
, because that would be the pleasure that ends all pleasures”
Peter Kurten climbs to our number 1 position. | Image from: Wikimedia Commons.

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