For men, summer is always a time for great conquests and elegant or casual outfits. Beach, disco – or in the absence of this, due to restrictions – the promenade of the clubs, every opportunity is good to always be the best . The style is not lacking for gentlemen, who love to dress well and who are informed, in time, on the trends of the “beautiful” season. The conquering man, however, is also tired, after months and months of nerve-wracking smartworking and certainly wants to appear .. but with comfort and without sacrifices . So elegance and, at the same time, a touch of comfort that never hurts, especially when the great summer heat is raging.

Men’s summer outfit, what are the trends?

For men’s trends, in the summer, the word “pastel” seems to be the passport of every trend for men’s fashion. Almost all the designers had predicted it last fall and today and the trend of the moment, actually realized. Pale sky blue, very light green, lots of gray, lots of beige but also a touch of washed out cyclamen pink .. very unmanly until a few years ago but today very trendy, as far as summer men’s fashion is concerned. These colors will accompany, in fact, combinations with jeans, possibly ripped , jackets and pants in natural fabric very wide, comfortable shoes.

Alternatively, for the more lively personalities, you can choose the patchwork, the floral and the never faded military style . Strange baggy hats, fisherman hats but also bags – that’s right! – similar to those of the ladies, to complete the summer season.

But what are the most popular outfits and men’s clothes for the summer? If you want to find out, you just have to read the next paragraph too!

Men’s summer outfits not to be missed

Men’s summer 2021 outfit: what are the most popular combinations and garments? Let’s see it below:

  • Jeans and t-shirt – single-color t-shirts, preferably pastel (but total black or total white are fine too), accompany simple blue jeans. These, if long, always make a good impression (Jack & Jones, Denim), but this summer denim Bermuda shorts are also allowed. If desired, the associated shoes also complete the combination. Therefore comfortable, practical, virile and perfect outfit for summer conquests, on the masculine side.
  • Practical and comfortable jackets – the jackets to be associated with the summer outfit are large, comfortable but also practical. In fact, they have many pockets and “secret” compartments for storing everything and traveling without worries. Light enough to be worn even in the summer heat, these will have soft but still intriguing colors.
  • Patterns on shirts and trousers – green light for fantasy, especially floral and patchwork. They will be found on shirts, T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and long trousers, according to the very varied proposals (examples are Dior, McQueen, Boramy Viguier), which can also include vintage lines, especially as regards t-shirts. The baroque is then reinterpreted by a brand like Dolce & Gabbana in the “Sicilian ceramics” version, while instead Valentino launches himself with abstract and hyper-colored geometries!
  • Tattoo prints – the novelty of this year will be the fantasy of tattoo prints, that is designs that recall the motifs of the most famous tattoos, such as tribal, esoteric and the like. The colors prefer black and white, but will also be available with different colors.
  • Sandals and handbag – If Dior proposes an outfit with sandal and short sock, it means that summer 2021 for men will really be without rules! Mostly comfortable shoes will dominate , such as tennis shoes, colored sneakers and the like. To complete it all, here are the strange bags that are all too reminiscent of women’s ones and which are however approved by fashion houses, such as Kenzo, Amiri, Vuitton and of course Fendi. Never let it be said that this is not the season of the parity, at least in fashion!


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Summer outfits for him: useful tips

If you believe that summer is a kind of “free all” in which you can dress without rules, you are wrong. The heat and the sea do not mean little care in dressing. And even the beautiful season of 2021 requires a certain style, an outfit that adapts well to every environment and every situation. How will you dress this summer? If you haven’t thought about this yet, here are some helpful tips.

Relaxation summer outfit

Whether it’s the beach or the mountains or the countryside, to relax and feel good about yourself , here’s what we suggest this summer: t -shirts must be strictly loose, comfortable, as well as shirts that don’t button almost to the bottom of the chest. Underneath, jeans – preferably ripped and trendy – with associated sneakers or stylish flip-flops. If you are at the beach, even the boxers of the swimsuit or some nice Bermuda shorts with sandals are fine.

Summer outfit for work

There are those who also have to work in July and August, because the holidays do not last forever. So how to deal with the serious office environment with light summer clothing?

In this case we recommend a white shirt, or in any case a light one, this year it can also go without a tie. Nobody will tell you anything, not even in the office. The suit must respect the dictates of summer fashion for him, that is pastel colors – perhaps not too extravagant – in blue, gray, beige. At the foot the summer moccasin that matches the pastel you have chosen for the dress. Or neutral tennis shoes. If casual is forbidden, better shoes with laces and matching socks.

elegant summer outfit

For special occasions to be celebrated in the height of the summer heat: elegance demands a little suffering for him, and therefore the jacket is a must even if the tie is not always. Shirts with short sleeves or rolled-up sleeves made of lightweight natural fabric will provide some relief. The jackets – preferably dark in color – can also be combined with a nice pair of jeans or light trousers. Not ripped jeans! For the feet, moccasins or neutral lace-up shoes.

Summer outfit for the evening

Sometimes the clothes that are worn on summer evenings have a style of their own, which does not recall the other outfits of the season: to go out at night, not necessarily to go dancing, you can combine wide shirts, short or long sleeves (maybe rolling up the sleeves to stay fresher), with “foulard” or light-colored patterns, with dark trousers – specifically dark blue or black. All over a jacket that is also dark, but not a must. For the feet, elegant flip-flops or leather sabots.

Our post dedicated to the latest men’s fashions for the Italian summer ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to the world of men’s summer fashion, by our portal!