The 5 fitness courses to lose weight quickly

Summer is coming and you need to get back on track and improve your fitness. In this post we will discover 5 useful fitness courses to get back in shape. Obviously these do not promise miracles, but combined with proper nutrition they can really help us.

So, let’s find out together the five fitness courses to lose weight quickly!

Fit boxing

This course is present in almost all gyms and a discipline that combines martial arts, aerobics and boxing.

In fact, the fit box has opened the world of aerobics to men and that of martial arts to women.

Up to 500 calories can be burned with a fit boxing workout , while classes usually last around 45 minutes. During the same you hit a punching bag with kicks, punches and elbows, jumping and running to the rhythm of the music.

With this discipline many muscle areas are trained including: buttocks, pectorals, shoulders, biceps, abdominals, and also favors the firming of the waist.


This course is carried out in the form of a circuit consisting of several stations: in each of these a different exercise will be carried out. For each station the duration of each exercise will be 30 seconds / 1 minute. The calories burned in one hour of crossfit can be as many as 700.

Also during this course listening to music is expected and the passage from one station to another is indicated by the instructor, usually with a whistle.

Today this training is practiced in over 13,000 sports centers.


The step is an aerobic gymnastics created in 1989 and now widespread in any gym. The step lesson takes place by going up and down from the “step” in fact, a pedestal that simulates the height of a step (25 centimeters).

During a step lesson, it’s like climbing stairs for an hour. The amount of calories burned during a step lesson depends on several factors, for example: the speed of the movements, the height of the tool and the time dedicated to exercise, but on average about 500 kcal are burned.


Gag stands for legs, abs and buttocks, the weak points of every woman. In fact, this training aims at defining these zones. The Gag is based on the principles of aerobics and step: in about 45 minutes of training you will be able to burn between 400 and 600 calories. This basic workout does not involve the use of tools, in fact it is carried out free body, although today it is also held using weights for squats and abdominals.

Gag lessons are also held collectively and to the rhythm of music.


This discipline, which has become very popular in recent years, combines dance and fitness movements.

In fact, the lesson takes place in time with Afro-Caribbean music and consists of dancing in a group following the steps of the instructor. This is a workout that burns around 1000 calories in an hour.

The benefits are definitely weight loss, increased stamina, increased muscle tone.

A Zumba workout is suitable for any age group.