The myth of Grace Kelly will never die and neither will the gossip and the secrets that accompany her story. She died prematurely, and has always been described as an elegant and refined woman but she too had something peculiar and spicy in her past.

Grace Patricia Kelly known as Grace Kelly or Princess Grace was born in Philadelphia on November 12, 1929 and died, under circumstances still not very clear, in a car accident in Monaco on September 14, 1982.

What is perfectly known is her life after her marriage to Prince Rainier, the secrets of her wedding dress, the fact that she did not fit into her role as Princess but her life before then is still hidden in mystery .

Did you know that becoming an actress was not easy for her and that her career lasts only 5 years ? These and other curiosities will be revealed in this article.

6) A princess destiny

Before becoming the Princess of Monaco, another noble, very, very rich, had fallen in love with Grace Kelly. Indeed, the beautiful actress had stolen the heart of the wake of Persia . To win her over, you fill her with gifts including lots of jewels. But this is not enough. In fact, Grace does not chapter and to the marriage proposal she replied with a polite no. However, the actress never returned the jewels she had given her back in the wake. As we all know, her future as her princess awaited her together with her greatest love: Prince Rainier of Monaco .

5) To make his dream come true he went against his family

Although it is thought that Grace Kelly has always been a very quiet person, from a young age I show her very hard and determined character. In fact, her greatest desire was to be an actress. Despite the family ‘s contrary opinion , Grace managed to make her dream come true. She entered the academy of dramatic art and started working as a model. At the age of 22, she had her first part in the film 14th Hour in 1951, while the following year she co-starred with Gary Cooper in the western High Noon .

4) Scandalous confidences

By 1947, when Grace Kelly was enrolled in the drama academy, she was already well versed in romantic relationships . In fact, to a suitor of the time I confided the way in which she had lost her virginity : “It all happened very quickly. I went to a friend, but she wasn’t home. Outside she was raining and her husband told me that she would not be back until evening. I stayed chatting with him and, I don’t know how, we ended up in bed, not even understanding why “.

3) The married lover

After the family had to accept that their daughter wanted to be an actress, they made another discovery that shocked them. In fact, on a weekend visit from New York, Grace shows up at her parents’ house with a new partner . Too bad he was already married and a Jew. Too much for a well known and respected family to bear.

2) A woman attentive to prevention

But the scandals for Grace’s parents did not end with the inconvenient acquaintance of her daughter’s new boyfriend. In fact, her mother was shocked when she discovered that, in her daughter’s suitcase , there was a box of condoms , immediately ready for her use. It cannot be said that the beautiful actress, already in those years, did not rightly think about prevention!

1) The countless flirts

Joanna Spencer , pseudonym of a friend of the Ranieri family, revealed very spicy details of Princess Grace’s married life. In addition to flirting with the wake of Persia, Clark Gable and Bing Crosby , she tells of love stories with men not really of royal blood. The beautiful actress would also entertain a relationship with: Peter Jacobs , a priest friend, Frank Sinatra and Tony Curtis . Furthermore, she would have had a real love affair with David Niven that ends only with the death of the Princess.