He was one of the most admired personalities of the late nineteenth century. So much so, that although they are the result of a bygone era, the phrases of Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) continue to resonate today, since they speak of problems and vices of modern society that have not yet been corrected.

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50 phrases of Karl Marx against capitalism and in favor of communism
A compilation of the best famous quotes from the intellectual father of communism:

1. A nation that enslaves another forges its own chains
Eventually, the enslaved will rebel against their oppressor .

2. Political power is simply the organized power of one class to oppress another
. Words that seem to have ceased to be valid at any time in history.

3. The way things are presented is not the way they are; and if things were as they are, the entire science would have plenty
of an effective way of synthesizing the contribution of science to our world.

4. The class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat
The most representative phrases of Karl Marx revolve around his revolutionary ideals about the struggle of the working class against capitalism .

5. The more of himself man attributes to God, the less he leaves for himself
The philosopher was also especially critical of the Christian religion.

6. The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism
For Marx, the form of government that best guaranteed the rights of workers was socialism.

7. The devaluation of the human world grows in direct proportion to the valuation of the world of things.
The more value is given to the material,the spiritual remains distorted in the background .

8. The worst fight is the one that is not made
In his writings, Marx instigated to take action to turn the tables with respect to the workers.

9. Man is the supreme being for man
The thinker says that there is no entity up there waiting to judge you for your actions in life .

10. The workers have nothing to lose except their chains. They have a world to win
One of Karl Marx’s phrases most loaded with symbolism: breaking the chains, the world opens up to those who have been subjugated.

11. The last capitalist we hang will be the one who sold us the rope

A sample of the pacifism that distills the Marxist ideology.

12. Talking and doing are different things, rather antagonistic
“From saying to doing, there is a stretch”, as they say.

13. I am a machine condemned to devour books
Despite so many reproaches against chain production carried out by machines that would leave man without work in industry, Marx acknowledges having become one .

14. The worker needs respect more than bread
Workers need their work to be appreciated as differentiated individuals.

15. My barn has burned down. Now I can see the moon
Again, a metaphor about the slave character that for Marx has work in capitalist society.

16. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a ruthless world, and the soul of heartless conditions. It is the opium of the people.
Here is another of Karl Marx’s great phrases about religion , where he classifies it as a mere drug that prevents people from perceiving what is really important in life.

17. The first requirement for the happiness of people is the abolition of religion
. Is the belief in a divine entity the cause that makes a society unhappy?

18. Philosophers have limited themselves to interpreting the world in different ways; what it is about is to transform it
As we see, Marx was not a simple theoretician : he was a man of action.

19. May the devil take these popular movements, especially when they are ‘peaceful’.
Disguised as pacifism and good intentions, some of the most horrendous crimes against humanity have been committed.

20. The engine of history is the class
struggle The class struggle was one of the great mantras of Karl Marx that supported his ideology.

21. The bourgeoisie not only wrought its own destruction, but also its own gravedigger: the proletariat
With a united proletarian class, Marxism hoped to overthrow capitalism .

22. A specter is haunting the rest of Europe… The specter of communism
. Are you referring to the specter of the 24 million dead during Stalin’s rule?
Or rather those of the 45 million who perished in Mao’s China?

23. Communism begins where atheism begins
Reading Karl Marx’s phrases against religion, we understand why faith has no place in communism .

24. It is easy to be heroic and generous at a certain moment, what is difficult is to be faithful and constant
The political scientist with the bushy beard knew that staying true to one’s principles is a downward trend.

25. The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people
The material is what ends up adulterating human value.
Phrases and quotes from Karl Marx that will remain for the memory. | Image from: Galileu Magazine.

26. History is not and does not do anything. Who he is and what he does is man
. Through his actions, the human being sets the course of history.

27. Freedom has always existed, but sometimes as a privilege for some, other times as a right for all.
We belong to the social class we belong to, if there is something that cannot be taken away from us, it is freedom.

28. Communism does not deprive anyone of the power to appropriate social products; the only thing it does not admit is the power to usurp the work of others through this appropriation.
Understanding what real communism consists of can only be achieved through some of Karl Marx’s explanations and phrases about this doctrine.

29. The workers are organized as soldiers, as soldiers of the industrial army, under the power of a hierarchy of officers and sergeants
. Did Marx also advocate destroying the hierarchies in the armed forces of any country?

30. Christianity imparts to men a double life and offers the imaginary joys of heaven as a solace for the real miseries of this life in its own history

. The last consolation of one who has lived to work is found at the end of his life , when he can no longer enjoy it.

31. Human beings make their own history, although under circumstances influenced by the past
It is impossible to escape our past when it comes to shaping our history.

32. The dispossessed have a world to gain
As Tyler Durden said in Fight Club (1999): “Only when everything is lost are we free to act” .

33. The only antidote for mental suffering is physical pain
Through physical pain, the one that afflicts our being can be counteracted.

34. Owners, like all men, love to reap where they never sowed
Communism opposes the rich benefiting from the worker’s effort.

35. Luxury is the opposite of what is naturally necessary
Feeling need towards material things is another example of how rotten the human being is .

36. The entire history of human society, up to the present, is a history of class struggle
One of the many examples of Karl Marx’s phrases of the class struggle and its importance when it comes to motivating great social changes.

37. An idea can become a force when it takes hold of the masses
Like a seed, ideas can take root in thought .

38. The practical objective of the communists is the formation of the proletariat in a class, the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the conquest of political power by the proletariat
Marx also defended what he called ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, his ideal form of government.

39. It is not the conscience of man that determines his being, but, on the contrary, the social being is what determines his conscience
Until he realizes that he lives in society, it is not possible to develop a class consciousness.

40. We need another education for another society and another society for another education
With this famous quote from Karl Marx we understand that the philosopher believed that contemporary society suffered from many immovable vices due to years of capitalism and that these could not be corrected if not there was a change in the collective mentality.

41. The rich will do nothing for the poor, but lower their backs
. In the most characteristic phrases of Karl Marx, his distrust of the powerful is noted.

42. Social reforms are never carried out because of the weakness of the strong; but by the strength of the weak

It is because of the efforts of those below that great revolutions take place.

43. The dominant ideas of an era have always been only the ideas of a dominant class.
Those who control power are those who determine the direction that citizens’ thinking should take.

44. Gold circulates because it has value, but paper money has value because it circulates
It is the value given to bills and coins, not what they really have as objects in themselves, which makes them something transcendental for the capitalism.

45. The working class is revolutionary or it is nothing
If they do not rise up against the tyranny, the workers will never be able to change their situation.

46. ​​Capitalist production is not simply the production of goods: it is essentially the production of surplus value

Another of the key concepts in Marxist terminology is that of surplus value , according to which those who control production goods enrich themselves at the cost of inflating the actual value of things.

47. Just as in religion man is dominated by the product of his own head, in capitalist production he is dominated by the product of his own hand
. Marx would fight all his life against any form of control over people.

48. Undoubtedly, the will of the capitalist consists in pocketing as much as he can
. For this reason, communism defends the distribution of wealth among those who have the least, something to which Karl Marx’s phrases about the wealth of a few.

49. The objective is not only to understand the world, but to change it
It is necessary to understand how it works in order to then try to carry out the necessary transformations towards a better world.

50. Wages are determined by the bitter struggle between the capitalist and the worker
Until the tireless workers did not reveal themselves, their working conditions did not improve.

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