The adaptation of the novel by Maria Duenas ‘La temperanza’ is being prepared. The series will star Leonor Watling, who will play the role of Soledad Montalvo, and Rafael Novoa, as Mauro Larrea. The fiction, produced by Atresmedia Studios in collaboration with Boomerang TV, will be available on the Amazon Prime Video platform next year 2020.
The series will consist of 10 chapters of 50 minutes each, which will be set at the end of the 19th century.. Georgia Brown, director of European Amazon Originals Series has commented that “This ambitious production, with beautiful locations, will tell the captivating and explosive story of the journey that intertwines the lives of Soledad and Mauro, addressing issues such as love and identity.”

The technical production team
The executive producers of the romantic drama are Sonia Martinez, Nacho Manubens and Tedy Villalba. It will be directed by Guillem Morales (‘The Uncertain Habitant’, ‘Julia’s Eyes’, ‘Inside No.9’), nominated for the Goya and BAFTA; Alberto Ruiz Rojo (‘Ten Minutes’, ‘Apaches’, ‘Presumed Guilty’), winner of a Goya; and Patricia Font (‘Coffee to go’, ‘Red Bracelets’, ‘Cites’, ‘People who come and People who come and bah’), winner of a Goya.
TheThe team of writers will be led by Susana Lopez Rubio (‘The time between seams’), of which Javier Holgado (‘Presumed Guilty’) will also be a part. The rest of the technical team is completed by Bernat Bosch Bausa as director of photography, Pepo Ruiz as costume director and Didac Bono as art director.
Georgia Brown, director of original series for Amazon in Europe commented that “We are excited to work with Atresmedia Studios, Maria Duenas and Guillem Morales to bring to life such a successful novel for the millions of Prime members, not only in Spain, but also around the world”.
‘Temperance’ is an adaptation of the novel by Maria Duenas | Grupo Boomerang TV

The cast of ‘Temperance
The protagonists of the series will be Leonor Watling and Rafael Novoa , playing Soledad Montalvo and Mauro Larrea, respectively. Actress Leonor Watling is participating in the new project after shooting ‘Nasdrovia’, in which she stars alongside Hugo Silva.

The cast is completed by actors of different nationalities Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Juana Acosta, Esmeralda Pimentel, Nathaniel Parker, Alejandro de la Madrid and Raul Briones.

What is the series about
? The official synopsis of ‘Temperance’ tells that Soledad and Mauro are a woman and a man who are self-made and whose destinies are about to come together in a fascinating place and time. It is a story that talks about overcoming adversity and how to find our place in the world. A story about how you can build an empire and how you can lose everything in one day, about adventures in exotic lands and about second chances.
The series will take viewers on a journey to the bustling mining communities of Mexico in the late 19th century, to the elegant salons of London’s most exclusive society, to vibrant Cuba with the slave trade, and to a prestigious Jerez where the bodegas used to be. Most important in the world.

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