Living a life as a star  means living full of fun, exclusive parties, luxury. The stars show that they live in a dream world where every wish can be fulfilled without any problem.

But among these desires there are some that no one could imagine. There are, in fact, things that celebrities do not reveal to their public. The reason? These are habits, vices and  crazy requests that would leave fans speechless by revealing another image of their favorites.

The question, therefore, that arises spontaneously is: who is responsible for satisfying the stars in their requests, even in the most absurd and unusual ones? This task is delegated to personal assistants . They are the ones who know the stars better, becoming their shadow and carrying out tasks for them that mere mortals would not even dare to imagine.

Some international stars, in fact, would have decided to hire collaborators to delegate  specific tasks  that sometimes appear eccentric and other times really crazy !

Let’s find out together the 12 absurd tasks stars hired assistants for.

12) Lady Gaga and co-sleeping with the assistant

Lady Gaga has risen to the headlines for the denunciation of her personal assistant , Jennifer O’Neill. Among the reasons that led the woman to sue the singer, there is a very particular one: co-sleeping . It seems that one of her assistant’s duties was to sleep next to the singer every night. Lady Gaga, therefore, would not be able to sleep alone and practicing co-sleeping, or sleeping next to someone, would help her to fall asleep. Her assistant but her, apparently, did not like this practice very much since it forced her to be by the singer’s side for 24 hours a day , without having the opportunity to enjoy her private life.

11) Ludacris and the obsession with dead batteries

Ludacris is a lover of technological devices, which he would never part with during his travels. The rapper, it seems, would like his smartphones, tablets and video game consoles to always be charged. To prevent the opposite from happening, Ludacris would have decided to use an assistant  with this single task: to always make the rapper’s devices charged so that he, upon returning from an interview or a performance, can use them without any problem.

10) Rod Stewart and the darker of the rooms

The British singer-songwriter would have assumed a very particular but fundamental figure for his life, or rather for his sleep . Rod Stewart, in fact, cannot fall asleep unless he is inside a completely dark room . For this reason, the singer would have decided to use the help of a collaborator who, during his stays at the hotel, would have the specific task of darkening his room. The assistant , in fact, would precede him on his arrival at the hotel room to make the room completely dark and ready to ensure that Rod Stewart can immediately rest.

9) Pink is the personal nipple assistant

That Pink is an eccentric star is no mystery, but her assistant’s job is truly outlandish. The categorical imperative of the moment for world-famous stars, in fact, is to show up on stage with their nipples in full view. The singer did not want to be outdone and, to achieve her goal, she would have decided to hire a personal assistant to take care of just that: swelling her nipples before entering the scene! Pink, in fact, would have preferred a natural effect to the classic fake nipples worn by the stars and her assistant is much envied by fans.

8) Cee Lo and the absurd tasks of his assistants

Cee Lo would make use of numerous assistants to whom he would entrust very original tasks. It seems that the rapper, in fact, has a collaborator who takes care of wiping the singer’s face when he appears very sweaty . While another assistant, on the other hand, would have a much simpler as well as unusual task. The latter should provide him with chewing gum at any time the singer requests it, stuffing it directly into the rapper’s mouth.

7) Russel Crowe and the 2 chefs

The actor of Il Gladiatore is famous for being a great lover of cuisine and quality food. Precisely for this reason, Russel Crowe would have decided to hire a personal chef who would follow him wherever he goes, preparing him some tasty dishes. But he doesn’t stop there. The actor wanted his son to enjoy this privilege too and, therefore, he would have decided to hire a second chef with the task of cooking only for his child. A habit that only a great star can afford.

6) Puff Daddy with his umbrella holder

It is not uncommon to see people flanked by people holding an umbrella over their head to shelter them from the sun or rain. What’s strange is that these are not casual figures, at least not in the case of rapper Puff Daddy . The singer, in fact, had hired an assistant who had the task of holding his umbrella in case of bad weather or too much sun. Today, however, his umbrella-holding assistant, Fonzworth Bentley , has become a musician. One wonders if, now, they have both hired a new umbrella-holding assistant.

5) Oprah Winfrey and the bra specialist

The American presenter considered the queen of the media would not have escaped the vices and habits of the big stars. Oprah Winfrey , famous host of the Oprah Winfrey show and declared by Forbes as one of the most powerful women in the world, would have hired a personal assistant for a very particular and delicate task. In fact, her collaborator would take care of her bras . In particular, he must go in search of the perfect one , which once worn gives the right emphasis to Oprah Winfrey’s forms. In short, a not so easy task.

4) Bruno Mars and the assistant blowing his nose

The Locked Out of Heaven  singer allegedly hired a personal assistant to delegate him a truly absurd task. Before Bruno Mars enters the stage, the collaborator should always make the singer blow his nose , or rather he should take care of it himself!

3) Mark Wahlberg and the human alarm clock

Shooter ‘s protagonist would be obsessed with punctuality. Mark Wahlberg would hate being late for appointments so much that he, to make sure he got out of bed at the right time every morning, would decide not to rely on simple alarm clocks. The actor would have at his disposal a personal assistant  with the sole task of waking him at the agreed time, every morning throughout the year.

2) Mariah Carey and the water assistant

It seems that Mariah Carey is very careful about her health and, for this reason, she drinks a lot of water during her days. The singer, to avoid the danger of being without her, she would have decided to hire an assistant for this task. Her co-worker should always be at her side to provide her with water, strictly in a glass with a straw, and hold that glass while she Mariah is busy.

1) Justin Bieber and the pizza man

Justin Bieber , one of the most beloved teen idols, is known for his absurd requests and his follies especially when he is on tour or attends some television event. His entourage of him is so large that there are people who play very unusual roles . Like the one occupied by Justin Bieber’s assistant during the singer’s appearance on Saturday Night Live . According to rumors, the task carried out by his collaborator would have been really simple but certainly not exciting. In fact, it would have held the pizza and the cola in its handof the singer until the end of his appearance on the show. At the end, in fact, Justin Bieber would have received his much coveted pizza intact, kept by the assistant as a real treasure.