The mythical game of “truth or dare” is one of the most enduring games that we can play in the company of others. With truth or dare questions we ensure a while of confessions, laughter and who knows what else. You already know, whoever does not respond has the obligation to face the challenge that is posed by his cowardice. Who starts

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55 truth or dare questions for the most daring people
These types are endless, but we have selected some of the most daring, not suitable for puritans. 1. What has been the best day of your life?
We start softly with this truth or dare question that helps us to get an idea of ​​what is the best time of that person’s life. Why have you chosen that memory and not another ? 2. What has been the worst day of your life
? Is it as easy to talk about the best day of our life as it is to talk about the most difficult?
A truth or dare question that not everyone world will be able to answer. 3. Would you kiss the person to your left/right
A good way to test the person you ask this question to. What will you do: hunker down or move forward ? 4. Which famous person would you sleep with?
Questions related to sex are a good wildcard for truth or pledge questions. Let’s see, does nobody really have fantasies about famous people ? 5. Have you had or would you have a threesome? Let’s keep raising the temperature and discover the spicy side of those who accompany us. 6. Who would you stay with: your partner or your dog
It must be funny to ask this question to someone whose partner is also playing truth or dare.7. There is a button: if you press it, someone randomly dies in the world, you don’t know who. In exchange, they give you a briefcase full of money. Do you press it?
You are just as likely to be someone on the other side of the globe or someone close to you8. What is the nastiest thing you have ever done with food? Food
is not always given the purpose it It has, doesn’t it? 9. Have you used an everyday object as a sex toy? Excellent truth or dare question that will probably make you never see that object with the same eyes again. Remember the apple pie from American Pie… 10. Have you tried anal sex Not everyone admits to taking the Bastillethrough the back door for his moments of passion, who recognizes it without problems ? 11. Have you had an accident practicing anal sex
? most eschatological. 12. How was your worst drunk Let’s continue raising the colors to the participants with questions about their most committed moments after an excessive party. 13. What was the last day you had sex
Grab some popcorn and wait for the answers. 14. Have you felt attracted to someone of your same sex? It depends on how open-minded you are , who knows what they can answer you. 15 Would you sleep with X friend
A truth or dare question that cannot be missed to ensure a few laughs. Maybe someone doesn’t end up alone that night… 16. They give you the opportunity to sleep with whoever you most want, behind your partner’s back and they assure you that they will never find out. Do you accept or not? You
will never be presented with the opportunity again

. A good way to test the ethics of the participants in the game is with this most compromising truth or dare question. 17. What is it that scares you the most? There are those who are very reluctant to talk about their most basic fears , are you one of those people? 18. You become the master of the world, but for this you have to kill half of the population or else, you die. What are you going to do
? Interesting dilemma.19. Would you undress here, in front of everyone? Let’s
see if you are able to stay with as few layers of clothing as possible. 20. Have you practiced nudism
We understand that if you have agreed to be naked with the previous truth or dare question, you are probably not against this practice. 21. You discover a naked person who sexually attracts you, but she is not aware that she is looking at her. Do you look away or do you keep looking
? Where are your ethics if you know that they will not discover you? 22. Have you ever masturbated thinking of someone here? Admitting that one masturbates is no longer a taboo subject , but thinking of some of those present are already big words. 23. How was your worst date
Dare to talk about bad drinks is sometimes therapeutic. 24. Who did you cry for the last time Compromising questions like the one above help us discover who we really care about. 25. What do you not like about your body?
It is not always easy to openly admit our complexes. 26. What has been the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
It could be for love, being drunk or just plain crazy. I once … 27. Have you been about to die? The world is a hostile place, you may meet someone who one day almost doesn’t tell. 28. Does death scare you
The fear of death is very common, but it does not have to incapacitate us to continue living.29. Is there something that people think about you and, nevertheless, it is a lie
? You can use these questions to see the true face of people . 30. What was the last lie you told? You
are in a problem if you told someone of those present. Think fast. 31. If you find out that you are going to have a baby, what do you do: abort or have it ? for someone for a day, who would it be with
? It can be of the same sex or opposite. Choose. 33. Why would you want to be envied
Is there something in you that you think should arouse the envy of others
? 34. What opinion do you have that is not politically correct ? It’s almost like putting a noose around your neck. 35. Do you consider yourself a prejudiced person?
Excellent truth or dare question, ideal for hunting down hypocrites: Curiously, those who jump first to answer “NO” and throw their hands to their heads at the question, are the first to answer. give himself away 36. Have you ever been unfaithful?
A liar is caught sooner than a lame person, they say. 37. Is there someone you don’t like that you actually think you likeSome people are very skillful when it comes to showing a double face to certain subjects. 38. Have you committed any misdemeanor
? Remember: it’s a game and no one should call the police. At first. 39. What is the strangest thing you have done alone? We all have hobbies , let’s say “peculiar” when we think that nobody sees us. Nobody should be scared by some answers 40. Have you ever felt betrayed
? What happened?

Or vice versa, let’s see who is able to recognize it. 41. You can end hunger in the world or eradicate cancer, but not both. Which one do you choose?
Posing dilemmas is a good way to play questions. 42. Would you change something in your lifeLife dissatisfaction is one of the causes of many ills that afflict society today. If this possibility existed, what would you choose ? 43. The love of your life or being rich?
Money does not bring happiness, but what about love ? 44. What sets you in tune? You have to
answer this question or accept the challenge, You’ll see… 45 Would you try to change your sex for one day and all that it entails ? It’s only for one day, think about it. 46. ​​What was your worst experience as a child
? Any traumatic memories you want to share with the group? 47. You can ensure the survival of the human species from a coming cataclysm, but you will lose both arms. What do you do
More than one would prefer to die with both arms. 48. You can bring someone deceased back to life, whoever you want, but your life will be shortened by half. Do you choose…
Let’s keep in mind that we don’t know how long we’re going to live. If we accept this wish, we may be left with only a few years to live, but in return we bring someone dear to life. Is it worth making up time with that person ? 49. What would you take to a desert island Typical and topical , but it can never be missing in a game like this. 50. If you had to lose a sense, which would it be: sight or hearing
One of these two senses and you have to choose now. 51. A briefcase full of money in exchange for 3 years of sexual abstinence
Surely more than one will say: “3 years only
fans!”. 52. You are granted the superpower you want for only 24 hours, what do you use it for
? Do you use it wisely or do you dedicate yourself to using it for your benefit to correct the injustices in your life 53. You can travel to the past, but you can only modify a single thing that will affect the future, what do you stay with Knowing the course that History has taken , there are several things that need a drastic change. The point is to keep only one. 54. You can have a prodigious physique, without diseases, or a privileged brain, but your health suffers.
Truth or dare questions also serve to analyze the priorities of each one. In this case, it would be funny to compare the answers obtained after asking this question in a gym or in a library. 55. Red pill to know all the secrets of the world or a blue pill to start your life from 0, knowing what you already know to be able to correct your mistakes
In the movie Matrix (1999), Neo ran to take the red one . You too

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