Very often it is thought that among the actors there is always good blood, also thanks to the harmony they show in the films. Yet this is not always the case. Over the years , numerous stories of quarrels or grudges between actors have emerged , which sometimes even resulted in fights or insults .

There are stories of disagreements born before being collaborating on a film , which exploded in decidedly unsuitable moments. Some have even risked compromising the success of a film. Fortunately, however, the Hollywood world seems to be prepared for this inconvenience and in most cases the feuds between actors have been resolved without serious consequences for anyone.

Some of these tales have become almost legendary so much has been said about them. An example is that of Kim Cattrall and Sara Jessica Parker, very close-knit on the set of Sex and the city , but who just can’t seem to stand each other with the cameras off.

Let’s find out together 10 quarrels between actors on the set!

Sylvester Stallone e Richard Gere

Speaking of quarrels between actors, one cannot fail to mention the very famous one between Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere . They found themselves collaborating on the set of Happy Days – The Band of Peach Blossoms , released in 1974. It seems that during the filming Gere dropped oil on Stallone’s pants, who in anger responded with an elbow that dropped the connect from the car. At that point the director was faced with a choice and decided to fire Richard Gere , continuing to shoot the film with Stallone. It seems that since that day the two have never endured or seen each other again.


2) Shirley MacLaine e Debra Winger

Shirlet MacLaine and Debra Winger worked together as a mother and daughter on Longing for Tenderness . While filming, Winger was also going through a period of detoxification, which probably made her more intractable than usual. All this resulted in a fight, which was immediately quelled by the crew . For that film, MacLaine earned an Academy Award for Best Actress and on stage she dedicated half of her award to her colleague Di lei. In short, although there were frictions between them, this quarrel between actresses was resolved in the best way.


3) Walter Matthau and Barbra Streisand

This quarrel between actors has a background of machismo and stems from Walter Matthau’s idea of ​​being better as an actor than Streisand. We are on the set of Hello, Dolly! , a fierce argument breaks out between the two , which ends with the phrase ” I have more talent in my single fart, than you in the whole body “, pronounced by Matthau. However, the feud does not seem to have ended at that juncture, but a few months later he defined it in an interview: ” a kind of freak , like a trained boa snake “.


4) Joan Crawford e Bette Davis

The fight between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis is certainly one of the most famous in all of Hollywood . The two divas never seem to have gotten along, but Robert Aldrich still decided to cast them together for the movie What Happened to Baby Jane? . Right before filming began, they began to express their disappointment with their colleague. Davis wanted a Coke dispenser in her dressing room , as Crawford was married to the manager of Pepsi. Also Davis, in one of her scenes, hit her colleague so hard that she needed points . Crawford also refused to join the film’s promotional tour, to avoid appearing with Davis.


5) Robert De
Niro and Mickey Rourke

Among the quarrels between actors we cannot fail to mention the one between Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke . The two actors met on the set of Angel Heart – Elevator to Hell and Rourke said he was very happy to have the opportunity to work with De Niro . However, it seems that the latter did not even want to speak to him with the excuse that their characters should not have fraternized. From that moment on, Rourke’s hatred towards De Niro seems to have started, and he never completely died out.


6) Bill Murray e Lucy Liu

The fight between Bill Murray and Lucy Liu is, unfortunately, another story of machismo and alleged superiority . The creator and Bill Murray, on the set of the film Charlie’s Angels , who during a break first turned to Cameron Diaz saying that he understood ” why you are here, you are talented “, then to Drew Barrymore addressing a similar comment. I then turn to Liu and ask her: “ What the hell are you doing here? You can’t act! “. She lashes out at the actor, forcing the crew to intervene to settle the quarrel . The director did not go well, and Murray was replaced with Bernie Mack for the sequel to the film.


7) Sara Jessica Parker e Kim Cattrall

Looking at Sex and the city , we would never think that there is absolutely no good blood between two of the protagonists . It must also be said that this rivalry has always been firmly denied by some members of the cast and crew. Some rumors report that the two preferred not to speak in any way on the set , other than to exchange or rehearse the lines they should have recited. Speaking of her colleague, Parker once said that sometimes ” feelings get hurt .” In short, not much is known about this quarrel between actresses, but the two have never been seen together .


8) Ryan Gosling e Rachel McAdams

Would anyone have thought that one of Hollywood’s golden couples has had a stormy past? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams met on the set of Pages of Our Lives , which also granted him an Oscar for Best Kiss. From 2004 to 2007 they were also engaged, but things started in a completely different way. During the filming it even seems that Gosling went to the director, Nick Cassavetes, to ask to dismiss the actress . Fortunately it did not happen, and the feud was resolved in the best way!


9) Tom Hardy e Shia LaBeouf

Among the many quarrels between actors on the set, one cannot fail to mention Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf . Over the years this feud has never stopped, although many believe that it is just a legend fueled by the two actors. Be that as it may, if something did not work out between the two, the lawsuit is the Lawless movie . To get into character, LaBeouf used to have a couple of drinks before filming, only once she must have gone too far, even throwing her hands up on Hardy .


10) Julia Roberts e Nick Nolte

A quarrel between very famous actors broke out between Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte, on the set of Very Special Envoys . In the film, the two get along well and love each other, but it seems that they hated each other to the point of shooting some scenes separately so as not to meet. Roberts then tells the New York Times that while Nolte looked charming and cute, ” and a disgusting person, he seems to go out of his way to repel people .” To this he replied by pointing out that, ” Julia Roberts is not a good person .