“There is no action that does not have a response in the future” , this is how the law of karma could be synthesized. However, we have compiled a list of phrases about karma, to help better understand that all our actions have their echo.

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50 phrases about karma to awaken your spirituality
Get rid of bad vibrations with this list of quotes about karma and its consequences. 1. Do not believe in karma
Sooner or later you will be surprised

A warning that is better to consider before acting. 2. If you’re really a bad person, you’re going to come back like a fly and eat shit Kurt Cobain always encouraged us to be good people and warned us of a life devoid of positive actions. 3. Who sows winds, gathers storms
One of the most well-known and repeated phrases about karma. 4. Always tell the truth, so you don’t have to remember what you said. Lying is the path to bad karma .5. Do not worry so much about what you are going to receive, but about what you are going to give
You should not worry if you only give and it seems that the reward does not come to you. 6. Karma said: “You will love someone who does not love you for not having loved someone who loves you”
The phrases about negative karma talk about how this energy influences love between human beings. 7. Men are not punished for their sins, but for themselves
A harsh sentence by the philosopher Elbert Hubbard. 8. Before starting the journey of revenge, dig two graves Revenge always takes more than one victim . 9. To those who act with evil, you have to wish them luck. Sooner or later you will need
it. For every action, there is a reaction.10. We don’t always get what we want, but in the end life gives us what we deserve
Those who believe in karma are convinced that eventually this force ends up bringing order. 11. We awaken in others the same mental attitude that we have with them
The message contained in the phrases about karma is that others act according to the reflection of our projection on them. 12. When you love and serve others, life loves and serves you
Altruism is always rewarded by karma. 13. History repeats itself until we learn the necessary lessons to change our path
A popular saying says that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.14. Life is an echo: what you send, comes back
And, generally, it comes back multiplied by 10 . 15. Karma sometimes takes too long. I better take care of teaching you
This is one of those funny phrases about karma for the most impatient. But don’t worry, everything comes! 16. Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant
Apparently, the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson considered that the days took on meaning with the good deeds we carry out. 17. The first punishment of the guilty is that his conscience judges him and never absolves him
Karma begins to manifest itself with the bad conscience that remains after a misdeed. 18. Who makes it laughing, pays cryingEverything is based on balance . 19. Karma is experience, experience creates memory, memory creates imagination and desire, and desire creates karma again
Deepak Chopra is a great sage who has awakened the spiritual side of his faithful followers in the West. 20. Like gravity, karma is so basic that we are often unaware of
it. However, its laws work the same way. 21. With every crime and with every act of kindness we give birth to our future
According to the characteristics of our actions, our destiny will run along one path or another . 22. Both good and bad come back, so it’s better to choose the good
Better safe than sorry, they say.23. The way people treat you is their karma; how you treat them, is yours
Regardless of whether we receive bad treatment from others, if we want a positive karma we have to act in good manners. 24. If your actions returned like a boomerang towards you instantly, would you continue to act in the same way?
One of the phrases about karma that seeks to make us reflect on the direction our lives are taking . 25. Love means placing one’s own happiness in the happiness of others
. Self-gratification is obtained from the happiness of others.

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26. What you do not want for yourself, do not want for others
Possibly, one of the lessons from parents to children that we have all been told at some point. 27. There is a wonderful mythical law of nature by which the three things we most yearn for in life -happiness, freedom and peace- are always achieved by giving them to someone else . Who can boast of having these three things at the same time? 28. No one escapes from himself
For better or for worse, this statement is absolutely right. 29. Irony: lying to a person so as not to lose them and losing them for having lied
. And to tell the truth we have never lost anyone?30. What a great truth it is that violence turns against the violent and that the schemer ends up falling into the grave he digs for someone else!
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also included in his repertoire of famous quotes some very apt quotes on karma. 31. Things in life are doomed by our previous lives. That even in the smallest events there is no coincidence
For Buddhists, each of our reincarnations will be influenced by our actions in past lives . 32. Karma is a cruel lover
Cruelty is almost always linked with justice. 33. Everything comes back multiplied
Karma comes back to us like the ripples that spread in the water when we throw a stone.34. There is a restaurant called “karma”. They don’t have a menu, they only give you what you deserve
So be careful what you wish for and what you do . 35. If you give something good to the world, eventually the karma will be good, and you will receive something good
. Does this always happen or is it just a consolation for a few? 36. You can’t ruin everything and expect nothing to happen
As we said above, even in the most insignificant acts. 37. I hope karma slaps your face before I do.
There are funny quotes about karma that are quite a statement of intent at all . 38. Be careful who you step on when going up because you might find him when going down
. Everything that goes up sooner or later comes down.39. Get revenge
? So that
Karma would take care
of it?
Many people have a clear conscience because they know that karma will end up manifesting itself . 40. Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuous, the seed we plant will result in our happiness. If we act in a non-virtuous way, we will suffer the consequences.
This reflection on karma makes a very illustrative similarity with gardening. 41. I don’t bother. I take it with karma
Others, as is the case, resort to puns. 42. A person who performs good karma is always held in high esteem
. Everything around us, living and inanimate, feels the goodness of our actions.43. Sin makes its own hell and goodness its own heaven According to the proportion of good and bad deeds that we carry out, the final destination will vary. 44. Each action of our lives touches some string that will vibrate in eternity
It is, then, about playing the right notes, according to Edwin Hubbel Chapin. 45. What you refuse to accept will continue to happen to you
And so, it is impossible to change our karma. 46. ​​Remember that we all have superpowers: we can all change our karma
They may sound somewhat ominous, but the phrases about karma can also be hopeful . 47. You can not control the results, but your actions
Allan Lokos also recommends that we act in good faith. 48. Those who are free of resentment will find peace
The most famous phrases about karma are by Buddha, the main promoter of this philosophy of life. 49. Karma is when in Mario Bros you die hit by the same shell that you threw We all know that feeling of euphoria turned into regret , when the shell bounces off the pipe and eliminates us. 50. Do not blame karma for what happens to you asshole Clear and concise reflection. No more, no less .

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