Physical attraction is very important in a relationship, that’s obvious, but there are psychological traits that attract men and that not everyone knows. We bring you a list with the 15 most important and the reason why they captivate the male sex , whether you are a woman or a homosexual man. Take good note and you will be surprised with the effects, although the most important thing is that you continue to be yourself.

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The 15 psychological traits that attract any man
You do not have to meet all the requirements, and there is no perfect woman or perfect man. However, they are details that you must take into account if you want to capture the attention of that special someone. 1. Without complexes
One of the most important features of this list, since to love someone you must first love yourself. Your flaws can be virtues for him and you may even fall in love with your clumsiness. Who knows?
Don’t let yourself be influenced by modern beauty canons because you don’t have to be a model to conquer us. 2. Direct
If you want to attract a man, you better be a direct woman, and that iswe’re really bad at taking hints . If you show your intentions clearly you will make it much easier. Another tip: if there is something that bothers you about the relationship, say it openly and we will appreciate the sincerity. 3. Tone of voice
It may not be so much of a psychological trait, but it has a lot of influence if you want to capture the attention of a boy. If you have a shrill voice, we have bad news , because it is one of those things that we deeply detest. You don’t have to put on an ogre voice either, but the low tones are more sensual. 4. Intelligent
It is clear that not everyone can meet this requirement, but it is still a plus point. A cultured woman has a special appeal, something that makes it different from the rest. We also don’t want someone who is constantly correcting us, so avoid pedanticism. 5. Empathetic
A trait that attracts both men and women, and that is that we all like to feel understood (at least apparently). Knowing how to listen is one of the greatest virtues of people and makes us not feel alone in the face of adversity. 6. Natural
There is nothing that attracts a man more than a woman who does not try to be what he is not. We know that it is difficult in the era of social networks, but do not try to pretend and show yourself as you are . At the end of the day, in a relationship the truth ends up coming to the surface, so it is better that he is also aware of your defects.7. Avoid criticism
Nobody wants a person who is grumbling all day and highlighting the defects of others. Although it’s okay to point out what you don’t like about other people with your partner (gossip creates a kind of complicity), don’t go overboard or you’ll end up absorbing their energy. 8. Feminine (in some cases)
This psychological trait is not decisive for everyone, but it is an important factor in most cases. The highest expression of women (or of a man who feels like a woman) is femininity. You don’t have to be embarrassed to show it. 9. Expressive
We don’t feel like spending all day trying to figure out what’s going on in your head., so be expressive with him. If there is something that bothers you, it is better that you put the issue on the table to solve it as soon as possible. 10. With a sense of humor Laughter is one of the things we love the most , so show it off to the world. You don’t have to laugh at us every time we tell a joke (and you don’t have to if the joke is bad), but it is important that you have a sense of humor and that you don’t spend all day with long faces. 11. Carinosa
An important psychological trait if you don’t want the relationship to fall into a routine and it works the same for both men and women. On the other hand, just as they don’t want a lapa-man who is on top of them all day, men also need our space from time to time.12. Passionate And we are not only talking about sex , which is still one of the essential parts, but about those women who feel true passion for their work or hobbies. It is usually a sign of strength and of an independent woman. 13. Loca
This point deserves an explanation. Most men are attracted to a different woman with personality, with that extroverted touch that makes her unique . However, there are certain lines that should not be crossed, and if we see that things get too twisted, it is best to run away. 14. Hygiene
It seems obvious, but the smells largely determine the attractionbetween two persons. It is of the utmost importance that you maintain good hygiene habits so that the spark arises. This trait is essential in both sexes. 15. Stylish
Being a fashionable woman isn’t too important to some. The thing is that you have your own style and that you know how to wear the clothes of your size with elegance. After all, love at first sight also exists. Or not

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