Winter is now only a vague memory (hopefully), the warm season has arrived and many of you will have already made the wardrobe change; even if it must be said, in the evening it is still a bit cool every now and then. Surely you have happened to find yourself putting away the stuff, or during the winter, with problems related to shoes or clothes. Pulled threads , ruined suede shoes, sweaters that make the classic dots , tights and pantyhose pants that unraveland more. But you may not know that there are several ways to recover from this kind of complications, mostly using products that you already have at home and easy to use. With these simple tricks, you will have solved all your winter problems. You can overcome and recover clothes, shoes and socks in ways you never imagined. So winter will really be a vague memory, even for your clothes and next season when you go to reopen the boxes, you will feel like you have a new wardrobe. 

10) Save the tights

How many times have you happened to be late in the morning and in a hurry to put on your pantyhose, have you pulled it out ?! Once the problem has been solved, just take a can of lacquer and spray it at a distance of 20 cm on the final part of the foot; the fibers will be completely blocked and your pantyhose will be safe for a long time.

9) Do not let the clothes fall off the hangers

How many times have it happened to you to put a shirt or a dress on a hanger, especially if it is made of a soft fabric such as jersey and that it inevitably falls to the bottom of the wardrobe. To overcome this problem, a very simple thing will suffice. Take a hot glue gun  and put a thread on both ends, let it dry and that’s it. Your clothes will no longer slip.

8) Freeze the tights

Here is another useful remedy for the deterioration of the fibers of your nylon stockings. When the tights are new, before putting them on, rinse them under cold water, squeeze them well, put them in an ice bag and put them in the freezer to freeze overnight, then let them defrost and wear them once they are dry.

The fibers will be preserved much longer.

7) Pumice stone

Did you know that pumice stone is very useful for removing annoying dots from wool sweaters.

Moreover, it is very cheap and you can find it in any supermarket. Just rub it gently on the sweater and you will see that slowly all of them will come off.

6) Make-up sponge

Your sponge, the one you use to spread the foundation, obviously make sure it is clean, it will be very useful to easily remove lint from the shirts.

Just moisten it and wipe it gently on the fabric to effectively remove wool and hair lint.

5) Store the sweater

Brilliant trick to ensure that your wool or cashmere sweater does not let go.

Before using it, put it in the freezer overnight , in an ice bag. In the morning, let it come to room temperature and put it on.

4) A safety pin

Has it ever happened to you that a dress creates static electricity in contact with the tights, making it always stick to the legs, without remaining soft?

Just stick a safety pin into the bottom of your dress to cut the electricity and make your dress fall off the right way.

3) Giving new life to suede

Suede, an object of love and hate . Each woman has in her shoe cabinet a pair of shoes made of this fabric, but she knows very well that it is also one of the most delicate.

A little rain, a line hitting a step etc … anything can affect the coat of the suede. To keep it always in shape, simply brush it gently with a toothbrush .

2) Remove the stains from the suede

This is brilliant. Still on the subject of suede, to remove stains from the fabric, simply rub a piece of bread from the day before, still not too hard.

The crumb will take away the stain perfectly.

1) Clean the skin

In winter we know throwing salt on the streets, to prevent the water from freezing, it can happen every now and then to find white halos, especially on leather shoes.

To clean them in the evening, just wipe them with a cotton swab soaked in warm water and vinegar .