When you decide to change the color of your hair , to lighten it or to simply cover some white hair, it is good to keep in mind that there are not only classic colors, but a vast assortment of products useful for the same purpose.

Traditional and alternative hair dyes

Hair dye is nothing more than a hair-care product, generally in a semi-liquid format (cream), capable of changing the color of the hair thanks to the combination of peroxide, ammonia and colored pigments. However, there are numerous alternatives on the market, such as:

  • Ammonia-free dyes , perfect for those who do not like to treat their skin with particularly chemical products, preferring more natural compositions.
  • Henne , or a powder taken from a plant that, thanks to its dyeing properties, is able to color the hair (and also the skin).
  • Hair mascara , very similar to eyebrow mascara, but formulated to perfectly cover white hair. Its use is quick and easy, optimal for a last minute color that will go away after a shampoo.
  • Colored masks or color revives , perfect for rekindling the intensity of dyes made recently (3/4 weeks) or in the case of more pigmented masks to give new reflections to the hair.
  • Semi- permanent color , very similar to a classic color but with a much shorter duration. Permanent colors usually go away after 8 or 10 shampoos (considering an average of two shampoos per week).

Together with these products, it may be necessary to use lightening creams and powders , necessary if you want to bring a dark hair to a very light shade.

How to choose the most suitable hair color for your face

The hair color in reality, should not be chosen based on the color of your face (overtones) but on that of the undertone of the skin . Here comes the color scheme, which teaches how to divide the skin undertones into chromatic seasons. The colder seasons, generically enhanced by silver and platinum-colored metals, can be particularly enhanced thanks to the use of mahogany, black, blue and ash blonde shades.

People with warmer skin, on the other hand, should prefer more enveloping colors, such as honey blonde, coppery orange, ruby ​​red and golden brown. Not surprisingly, these people are enhanced by golden and bronze-colored metals.

Obviously what is indicated is to be understood only and exclusively as generic advice, what always counts is personal taste and the color that makes us feel more like ours.

DIY Dye – Tricks to Avoid

If you decide to opt for do-it-yourself dyes, it might come in handy to get some advice, especially if you are not an expert.

First of all it is good to isolate the ears and the rest of the contour of the visa through special protective creams , which will prevent the skin from staining with splashes of color.

Another help could be to work with black latex gloves and disposable kimonos. Gloves will allow those who apply the dye not to get their hands dirty, while the kimonos, which can also be worn by those who receive the treatment, will act as a shield in case some droplets splash away from the application brush.