Ischia is the favorite destination for summer holidays for those coming from Europe and all over the world. In the summer the island becomes multiethnic and multicolored. But how do you dress to be at the top during a holiday in Ischia? Suitable clothing is certainly light: from May to October the days will be hot, with temperature peaks in the central months.

For the Mediterranean climate of the island we advise you to choose soft, pastel or bright colors: it is better to avoid too dark colors and winter colors. Pack light sundresses, colorful swimsuits, short sleeves and tank tops, dresses in light or floral colors.

As for the evening, however, remember that the temperatures on the island will tend to drop a little: better to bring some autumn jacket or a duster coat to cover your shoulders, especially if you decide to dine outdoors in one of the many restaurants in seashore. For an outing as a couple or with friends, whatever you wear in the city in the evening will be fine: a dress and a not too high heel or a little black dress, so as not to make a mistake.

Don’t forget your beach equipment: at least two beach towels, to be replaced when you wash one after returning from the beach, swimwear, sunglasses and sunscreen. A great method is to make a list of the various combinations that you can make, count one a day and add a couple more. This way you won’t be overburdened but still have a lot of choice.

Attractions and By Night Ischitano

At the end of a day spent relaxing among the beautiful beaches of the island or in one of the thermal parks, or on an adventure between excursions and guided tours, the time has come to organize the Ischian evening. Whether you prefer to throw yourself into the wildest nightlife or a dinner with a walk by the sea, here there is something for all tastes. The municipality of Ischia is the one that offers the greatest possibilities for nightlife, followed by that of Forio. The town of Ischia is full of restaurants, pubs, pizzerias and night clubs.

In summer, the best known and most popular place is certainly the right bank, on this side of the port of Ischia. On this small strip of coast there are a series of nightclubs, pizzerias and renowned restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent fish-based dinner. before moving a little further for a trendy cocktail. The most famous meeting point is Piazza degli Eroi, from which it is possible to reach Corso Vittoria Colonna, the center of shopping, but also of nightlife, with the most famous discos of the island: Valentino, Ecstasy and Tiffany. Those who prefer a more suggestive and peaceful walk will instead go to the village of Ischia Ponte at the foot of the Aragonese Castle, where it is possible to taste an excellent ice cream but also specialties of the Ischian seafood cuisine.

Second only in order of size, the nightlife of the municipality of Forio is equally rich and lively, from the numerous clubs located right in front of the sea, on the promenade, to the refined and quiet bars in the center. In Lacco Ameno, on the other hand, the exclusive walk along Corso Angelo Rizzoli and an aperitif on the marina offer the possibility of a refined pre-evening. Even the village of Sant’Angelo is known for hosting some of the most exclusive restaurants on the island, right in front of the sea.

Tired of the nightlife?

Ischia offers endless possibilities. A swim in the warm waters of Sorgeto is ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets in the summer, enjoying a view and an exceptional swim. There are still numerous beaches frequented in the evening for the classic Augustan bonfire. From the very long beach of the Maronti (Barano) to that of Citara (Forio), it is possible to spend an evening in company armed only with some food and a pinch of imagination.