DC and Marvel are two of the biggest comic book publishers with the most rivalry. Both began their journey in the 1930s (1934 and 1939, respectively) and have become known for being the factories that have given birth to several famous comic characters (and now, also movies) who are most loved by him. public. From Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, by DC; to Spider-man, X-Men or The Fantastic 4, to cite some of the most representative of Marvel.
Now, some of the superheroes that we know the most, although they are great, are not by far the most powerful. Both DC and Marvel have created mythologies full of characters with superpowers that render Bruce Wayne’s technology useless or Spider-man’s spider sense and superhuman agility useless.

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The 15 strongest DC and Marvel superheroes
Thanks to the overflowing imagination of the creators of Marvel and DC, beings with immense powers have been devised, some capable of disturbing the Universe itself , molding it at will and being capable of destroying life in others planets.
This list will take into account both what is published in comics, and what we have seen in the film version of them, since in general, they are fairly faithful representations of the original source. Although we have tried to be the most exhaustive and equitable between both industries, someone is probably missing one, so we invite you to suggest which one it is and we ask you not to take it into account.
That said, what are the most powerful characters in DC and Marvel
What are they capable of
and how were they created?
Here are the strongest demigods, gods, titans, aliens or failed experiments that both publishers have given. 15. Wonder Woman
One of DC’s most iconic superheroines is Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Queen Hippolyta. The most famous female character in DC takes as a reference to the Amazon warriors of Greek mythology.
Wonder Woman is a skilled fighter capable of facing any enemy, thanks to the hard training received since she was a child and to the powers acquired from the gods of the past. Among her most accurate weapons, she has the Lasso of Truth(a knot that makes anyone who is imprisoned confess what they want to know), its powerful indestructible bracelets (capable of deflecting the trajectory of a bullet) and, according to some volumes, an invisible jet.
This indomitable superheroine will come to Earth to help mortals against forces from another world, such as the god Ares or the sorceress Circe, and she will be a very important member of the Justice League. 14. Hulk
The mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma-ray radiation that nearly killed him. Far from it, his DNA was altered forever: he would turn into the Hulk every time he got angry, a gigantic green monster that destroys everything in its path and that no weapon in this world can kill.
In addition, the gamma radiation that one day almost killed the good doctor, gives the Hulk more power as his fury increases, becoming unstoppable. 13. Thor
The god of thunder from Marvel, owes his superpowers to both parents: the god Odin and the goddess Mother Earth (Gaia herself).
Thanks to his magical hammer, Mjolnir, which only the pure of heart are worthy to wield and which can alter the weather and summon lightning; a magical belt capable of doubling his strength and his ability to go into a frenzy of massive destruction, Thor becomes a demi-god who leaves no puppet with a head on the battlefield. 12. Darkseid
We hit squarely with one of DC’s baddest baddies. We present to you Darkseid,the ruler of a hellish underworld known as “Apokolips” and hell-bent on ruling the Universe. Darkseid has the ideal weapons to achieve his ambitious plans: immortality, enormous strength, Omega Rays that shoot through his eyes and that have great devastating potential or free will control of all existing beings.
With all this arsenal, Darkseid has been one of Superman’s usual nemesis.
A supervillain with enormous power that will give serious problems to the most beloved superheroes. | Image from: DC Comics. 11. Thanos
This alien titan of cruel intentions is not satisfied with his powers, but seeks to multiply them thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet.This artifact contains the 5 Infinity Stones and would allow Thanos to evaporate life throughout the Universe if he wanted to.
He is one of the most dangerous villains in Marvel. With his power, multiplied by that of the Gems, his great intelligence and ability to take matter and manipulate it at will, Thanos is practically indestructible.
Will the Avengers be able to stop him in the upcoming movie given that he is one of the most powerful superheroes of them all?

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10. Doomsday
Doomsday is one of those creations, the fruit of the twisted mind of a mad scientist, that end up getting out of hand. This giant creature of the DC world from Krypton is a genetically perfect killing machine, wild and full of hate, who can revive at will and adapt to any adverse circumstance. So dangerous is Doomsday that he was able to pretty much wipe out the entire Justice League single-handedly. What’s more: in a series of comics, he killed Kal-El himself (Superman).
If there is anyone who deserves a place on this list of the most powerful, it is Doomsday. 9. Specter
Specter is part of the collection of most important antiheroes in DC comics, since he has participated in the most relevant stories of the company, among which many related to The Justice League are included.
His origins go back to the murder of Jim Corrigan, whose soul is possessed by a non-corporeal entity called “The Voice”, after being unable to enter El Paraiso. Although at the beginning, this being used Corrigan’s body to avenge his death, shortly after he began to dispense justice on the planet to end Evil.
This mystical entity has been evolving, along with his almost divine super powers, according to the writers in charge of the vignettes have been succeeding. However, if we had to highlight some skills, these would be: traveling back or forward in time to analyze events, judge them and decide the appropriate punishment and who will be punished; virtually unlimited magical powers and invulnerability. 8. Dark Phoenix Jean Gray was one of the original X-Men mutants . Although she was an excellent telepath and thanks to her telekinesis we had a sample of her great talent, it would not be until the appearance of the Phoenix Force that the young woman would reach her full potential. When Jean Gray became Dark Phoenix, she controlled all matter with her mind , as well as cosmic and electromagnetic energies, establishing herself as one of the most destructive Marvel characters.
Dark Phoenix’s power has long been underrated, but she is colossal. | Image from: DailyDot. 7. ApocalypseThe first mutant of all , whose origins date back to the Egyptian era, is willing to end life on the planet and build a new one on its ashes, helped by his 4 Horsemen.
There is no superpower that Apocalypse (also known as En Sabah Nur) does not have: superhuman strength, invulnerability and immortality.
We have been able to see it in the third part of the new X-Men film trilogy. 6. Doctor Manhattan
Although he is a DC character, Doctor Manhattan is not part of the shared universe with other characters on this list; Well, Watchmen, the comic in which he appears, is independent of the rest.
As usual,a serious nuclear accident ended up disintegrating the physicist Jon Osterman . However, his atoms regrouped again and resulted in the blue-skinned being everyone knows as Doctor Manhattan, who can duplicate himself at will, is extremely strong, possesses telekinesis and has the gift of clairvoyance.
Little by little, he was leaving his human half aside to embrace his divine part of him, reaching the point of abandoning Planet Earth to go create life elsewhere. 5. Galactus Ancient as the most , Galactus is a divine entity endowed with cosmic powers that is dedicated to devouring entire planets (not in vain, he is known as “The Devourer of Worlds”).
Galactus can transport a galaxy from one end of the Universe to another and destroy life on any planet with little effort, making him one of Marvel’s worst calamities. 4. Mr. Mxyzptlk
Although not well known to those unfamiliar with comics, Mr. Mxyzptlk is one of the antagonists that has given Superman the most headaches.
Although his intentions are not strictly perverse, this inhabitant of the Fifth Dimension and great sorcerer with a high command of technology, enjoys hindering the saving plans of the Man of Steel, being a great torment for the superhero.
Mr. Mxyzptlk is a peculiar little-known character with great power that he does not manage to express 100%. | Image from: VilliansWikia.3. Superman
We award the bronze to one of DC’s flagships and probably one of the purest and most powerful superheroes. The Man of Steel, the last survivor of the ill-fated planet Krypton, flies, has super strength, is extremely fast, invulnerable to practically everything (except kryptonite) and has X-ray vision; powers that he has always used to do good.
We have seen him embodied by different actors throughout various film and television versions, in which he displayed not only his formidable abilities, but also his charisma and charm. 2. The Almighty
Again, we are before a god of great celestial power from Marvel, one of the last Beyonders, an ancient race of cosmic entities. The Almighty planned to plot the Secret Wars, which would take place after the kidnapping of several superheroes and villains from the Marvel factory, to make them fight each other.
Due to his almost ethereal condition, the Almighty took various forms to study the behavior of humans on Earth, while he was elaborating his dark purposes, which have made him more and more evil and twisted.
The limits of the Almighty are literally infinite. | Image from: Hobbyconsoles. 1. Living Tribunal
Finally, we find the most omnipresent cosmic entity in different Marvel multiverses, in which it acts by dispensing its divine justice.With infinite powers to be able to carry out his role as referee (among which are the control of all energies), all the universes are part of his jurisdiction, so that nothing escapes his eye.
For this alone he already deserves first place.
However, it was the titan Thanos, wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, who was able to defeat him, albeit with great effort and after a bloody battle for the Universe.
Living court (in yellow) controlling all the superheroes of the universe. | Image: Courtesy.
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