The best Spanish rappers are those capable of making their rhymes last over time, those imperishable poets who have raised Spanish rap to its highest expression . Below we present those who are, in our opinion, the best rhymers in the history of Spain.

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The 14 best Spanish rappers of all time
Although the trap is leaving the old glories in the background, they will always occupy the throne. 14. Much boy
7 notes 7 colors is one of the groups that paved the way for the rest of Spanish rappers . It was the year 1993, the band published the album Hecho, es simple, and Mucho Muchacho offered a direct and playful rap that was more similar to the American concept of hip hop. Still, it captured the attention of an entire generation. For those of you wondering what happened to him, he works as a DJ in Ibiza and participates in various projects related to rap. 13. Arkano
Arkano is the maximum exponent of the new generation of rappers. Emerged from the freestyle scene (he is the winner of the Battle of Roosters in 2009 and 2015) his recording career is still very green, but he shows ways. In 2016, he broke the Guinness World Record by improvising for 24 hours 24 minutes and 27 seconds, with a 3-second break for snacks. An unprecedented feat. 12. Lirico
The first of the three Violadores del Verso MCs you’ll see on this list (yes, they’re all there). Lirico, also nicknamed El Capo or Capricorn, masters the art of rhyming words like no other, often using cultisms and metrics available to few . In addition, he is living history of Spanish rap being part of the Gangsta Squad formation. 11. False alarm
We know that this group is made up of two MCs, but it is impossible to choose between El Santo or Tito when they both deserve to be in the hall of fame of Spanish rappers. One does not exist without the other, and their long career (accompanied by Dj Neas and Dycache Santiago) makes them an example to follow for any band that wants to start in this. 10. Xhelazz
What will Zaragoza have, which has been the cradle of several titans of Spanish rap
In Cloaka Company, Xhelazz opted for harder and more hardcore lyrics, but once alone he gave free rein to his romantic and passionate vein . It is worth highlighting his work as a producer, creating rapper bases of the stature of Erik B, Sharif or El Langui. 9. RapsuskleiReggae is one of the genres with the greatest presence in the history of rap in Spain. That particular miscegenation and the influence of American groups like Ice Cube or Cypress Hill gave rise to the style of Rapsusklei, a man from Zaragoza (yet another) from the Magdalena neighborhood who has published several demos and the occasional LP with the producer Hazhe. 8. Sho Hai
How could we forget Sho Hai, Hate or Gran Mago Beodo?
This member of Violadores del Verso is one of the great rappers in Spain due to his peculiar style, the theme of his lyrics and the cadence of his flow. Sho Hai is among the pioneers of the Zaragoza movement and, like his bandmates, has released a solo album that critics have welcomed with open arms.7. El Chojin
El Chojin is not on this list only for his discography, but for his excellent work in promoting good rap in Spain, participating in several radio and television programs. Since 2009, he has become the fastest rapper in the world by achieving a Guinness Record, pronouncing 921 syllables in 60 seconds. 6. Nach
It was the year 2000 and a new batch of Spanish rappers was shaking the foundations of the industry. Among them, an Albacete who called himself Nach (Nach Scratch in its beginnings) and who, without great fanfare, made his way into the scene, professionalizing the style and demonstrating that rap in Spain could cover many more topics.. His great album Poesia diffusa is one of those gems that you should listen to once in your life. 5. Toteking
Another benchmark of the genre that has made the leap to the hit lists based on work and perseverance. The Sevillian MC began his solo career in 2001, showing an enormous flow and an innate ability to make the staff nervous with acid and sharp criticism. Although his current sound has been dismissed as commercial, his talent and ingenuity remain where they always were. 4. Zatu
Saturnino Rey Garcia, better known as Zatu, was born with rap in his blood. In 2003 he released one of the biggest rap albums in Spanish(we’re talking about the brilliant 2001 Odyssey in the Mud) and since then he’s had a career full of ups and downs. If we cannot blame him for something, it is that he, together with Accion Sanchez, has given us several of the best Spanish rap songs. 3. Rayden
In 2006, an almost unknown Spanish rapper destroyed his rivals in the Red Bull Battle of Gallos. His mental quickness and his ability to put words together took him to the top and gave him the opportunity to promote his first group: A3Bandas. The band signed with Boa Records and released a first LP entitled Galeria de Heroes.
On his own, the rapper from Madrid has shown that he is one of the best MCs in Spain, and proof of this is his signing with Warner Music. He has also published two poetry books and has collaborated with Spanish pop rock artists like Sidecars or Leiva. 2. Rafael Lechowski
When we heard him for the first time in Flowklorikos, we didn’t think that years later he would release an anthology album like Donde duele inspira. In that album Lechowski finds his true vocation: that of a poet . This MC from Zaragoza opens up in every rhyme he writes, letting us see the most human and fragile side of him. Those looking for something other than competitive hardcore rap would do well to give it a listen. 1. Kase.O
Immortal Poseidon, Javato Jones, the palm tree that bends but withstands the hurricane… No matter what name the beast takes, Kase.O will always be the best. He started in ’95 with his demos and since his appearance on the first LP of Violadores del Verso his rise was meteoric. He stands out for his hardcore style and his ingenious rhymes, but the most notable thing about the man from Zaragoza is that he makes the simple easy .
Despite the fact that he has always been at the top of Spanish rap, Javier Ibarra has not wanted to stay in his comfort zone and has moved his rhymes to higher levels together with Jazz Magnetism.

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