Being a star certainly has many advantages but it also brings some difficulties. Losing your privacy is not easy and not everyone is always available and kind to the rest of the world. In fact, a lot of VIPs have been very rude to a lot of people, on several occasions.

Some famous people can’t handle being constantly in the spotlight very well and don’t seem very grateful to their fans . Others, on the other hand, pose as true divas and even get to treat their staff badly .

In short, the world of Hollywood will have created real stars but someone has definitely lost sight of good manners and forgot to be, however , an ordinary mortal .

Screams, criticisms, dismissals and even some who, due to their bad temper, have even been arrested . The world of VIPs always reserves some gossip news not to be missed!

Let’s find out who are the 15 most rude celebrities in Hollywood:

1) Justin Bieber

It seems that Justin Bieber is really very rude. In fact, he appears to be vandalizing private property, completely ignoring fans of him, and being obnoxious and rude to other VIPs. It is also said that a fan of her once approached him while she was in a bathing suit and that he called her a ” beached whale” . Plus, he once canceled a $ 2,000 meeting with his fans without refunding! Finally, he would also call his fanszoo animals “.

2) Russell Crowe

The actor made famous by the character he played in The Gladiator , Russel Crowe , does not have the reputation of being a very polite VIP. In fact, in addition to being known for his brutal ways and easy hands, he was once even arrested for hitting an employee in a hotel . His brute ways of him will do well in movies, much less in everyday life.

3) Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is also known in the Hollywood world for her overly rude attitudes. In fact, the actress made famous by the role of Lizzie McGuire , in the homonymous TV series, has declared that she does not have much time to devote to her fans Di lei. In fact, it is known how this star denies her autographs to her audience, which is mainly composed of young girls.

4) Tom Cruise

In the world of entertainment, it has been rumored for some time that working with the famous Tom Cruise is not exactly easy. In fact, more than once, he has had inappropriate attitudes and made very heavy statements towards his colleagues. One of all, when, during an interview with Matt Lauer , he criticized Brooke Shields for taking medicine to cure postpartum depression.

5) Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is also on this list of rude stars . Rumors of insiders revealed that the singer keeps her entire staff waiting for her while she rests and sleeps . Also, it would seem that she refuses to go into a restaurant if there isn’t one of her songs of hers playing in the background!

6) Ryan Gosling

The handsome actor Ryan Gosling is also among the rude VIPs . It seems that once, when asked by a New York reporter for an interview, he rolled his eyes . Really an unpolite sign that has shown his disappointment and the desire not to be bothered.

7) Julia Roberts

It seems that even the beautiful Julia Roberts is among the most unbearable and rude stars in Hollywood. There are rumors of a change of clothes , which has alerted all of her collaborators . On that occasion, the actress would have treated them very badly . A behavior that does not do much credit to a celebrity like her.

8) Rihanna

After a Rihanna fan shared a photo of her singer-inspired dress, she reposted the fan’s photo by comparing it to herself and addressing her unkind words. In fact, she would have compared it to a bat . A very unkind response to such a kind gesture.

9) Michael Jordan

It seems that the very famous former basketball player, Michael Jordan , just doesn’t like building a relationship with his fans. The well-informed report that the star does not like to do autographs at all, much less take souvenir photos and selfies with those who consider him an idol … What a bad temper!

10) Sandra Bullock

During a red carpet, actress Sandra Bullock filmed reporters because they asked her what kind of dress she wore for that event and which designer she belonged to. Also, also on that occasion, Bullock, she would shout at a fan in a wheelchair that she would simply ask her for an autograph .

11) Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen ‘s drug and alcohol past certainly doesn’t help his reputation. The actor was kicked off the set of Two and a Half Men after accusing the creator, Chuck Lorre , calling him ” stupid” and referring to his Jewish origins of him. This behavior of him was the cause why Sheen was considered anti-Semitic .

12) Jennifer Lopez

As a true diva, the singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, entrepreneur and record producer, Jennifer Lopez , doesn’t like contact with others. It appears that on the plane you have an assistant in charge of getting your requests for you to the flight crew . In addition, she has had a waitress fired from a hotel in Germany and, as she is a true workaholic, she would expect her staff to be always available : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

13) Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera blocked an entire store on Sunset Boulevard so she could shop without being disturbed. Too bad she didn’t allow the other customers who were there to go out while she was shopping comfortably.

14) Jason Biggs

From Jason Biggs , famous for playing Jim Levenshtein in American Pie , one would expect a little more sympathy. Instead, he appears to have taunted people with intellectual disabilities and his colleague Tara Reid .

15) Leonardo Di Caprio

Among the rude actors is also Leonardo di Caprio . A rumor has revealed that the star would have asked for money in exchange for autographs .