The saturation of the labor market has forced many to awaken their strategies and creativity in order to stand out above the rest. From extending the years of academic studies to showing original skills in job interviews, there have been some of the alternatives, but without a doubt, one of the star tools to differentiate yourself is the resume.
CVs have evolved considerably thanks to the easy access of digital editing software. Getting original resumes is easier than ever, but sometimes it seems that we need ideas to at least know how to approach said document. That is why we bring a compilation of the best resumes with 15 very original and creative ideas.

15 Unique and personal Curriculum Vitae
To make a good curriculum vitae, it must always be adapted to the person who writes it and the recipient who will receive it. It will not be the same to make a CV for a person with little work experience or with a long career . Of course, a CV for an insurance company will not be the same as for a graphic designer position.
Think about the qualities that they will look for in the position you are applying for and build your resume so that it shows that you have those qualities. Here are 15 unique and creative resumes that will give you more than one idea.

1. Bucket
A curious or perhaps too daring idea. Put all the information of the curriculum on a piece of paper that can later be cut out and assembled to adopt the structure of a cube.
One of the problems with this CV is that it must be delivered by hand (due to its fragility), although you can opt for a more consistent cardboard version . Another problem is the amount of content, since depending on the size, we may be a little short of space.

2. Diagonal with a central name
This idea is mainly based on providing a certain originality and perspective to our creative curriculum. The name appears large as the most important. The contact information on one side is well differentiated (it would be the second most important) and on the left all the information related to the candidate’s career.

3. Computer spy
A new original idea for a curriculum vitae just as original, but destined for a different field, that of computer science. With this format you can get a great brushstroke of creativity but without giving up professionalism in the format.
The information should not be very extended because reading this type of characters with a dark background can tire the person. Ideal for some positions related to programming and software. But perhaps not so suitable for other cases that are more closely related to web design and aesthetics.

4. Elegance with a gift
In this resume we find again the dark background but with a more elegant general aesthetic. The cursive and linked letters give a feeling of closeness and a certain elevated status, which the gold color also achieves.

The special thing about this format is to attach a pen with the CV . This, in addition to being a subtle and appropriate gift, can leave a reminder of your candidacy with your name for a longer time on the contracting party’s table. Likewise, images in a non-square/rectangular shape that we are used to, is also a good option.

5. Diptych
This format is as beautiful as it is practical. It allows to classify the information in a much more visual way. In addition, it will stand out above all other CVs with a simple glance. Despite this,we find a considerable reduction of space , which we must know how to handle so that the information is not too agglutinated.

6. By hand
A risky idea if you don’t have a particularly delicate line. But in case you are a lucky person with fine motor skills, this idea will probably seduce you. It consists of making the entire CV by hand, but do not be scared, you can scan it and make different copies.

7. Tetrabrick of milk
This example consists of building a tetrabrick of milk with your own CV. It can be said that it is a more elaborate idea than the first option that we have seen on this list. However, we should not think of the tetrabrick as an option, but as any geometric figure that comes to mind.
On the internet we have with some ease any volumetric figure that we are looking for, it will suffice to adapt the information to the faces of the piece. If we manage to find a figure that is related to the job we are fighting for, one thing will be assured, the coach will never forget us.

8. Elongated infographics in an envelope
Giving our resume an infographic aesthetic will first of all make us stand out in terms of originality. But not only that, infographics by definition are capable of providing a lot of information at a glance, they usually have graphics, colors, arrows, icons, etc.
This is why, if we also fold the infographic (they are usually large formats) inside an envelope, we will improve the presentation even more, giving it a practical and serious touch.

9. Spider Legs Timeline
This interesting resume retains quite well some of the presentational features of classic resumes. However, dividing each vertical half of the document with the two central axes is as aesthetic as it is useful for the reader.
Depending on the recipient, they pay more attention to the experience or education received. At the same time, the timeline of events is also important to see what events have led you where. A last very relevant detail is the cut-out part with the contact information.

10. Dialogue balloon
Putting an artistic image of your own face “saying” the information related to your resume can be an idea as daring as it is creative. In this example you can see a very good cohesion between all the elements, but it is difficult to achieve. Be careful if you try it for your survey and ask for a second opinion. In any case , it can be useful for communication professionals.

11. Sound waves
As if it were a megaphone, the information builds this kind of sound projector. A simple idea to carry out with a quite serious general format but with this very distinctive structure. Especially interesting (as in the previous case) for those who work in the field of information dissemination.

12. Retro Infographics
The retro touch is fashionable in many areas of design, of course, in resumes as well. Its organization in the form of symmetrically distributed cells gives it a more visually rich appearance but without falling into the conventional.

13. Role-playing video game

We don’t know if it’s perfect for a gamer or a hit man(who likes to play video games), but this curriculum, without straying too far from the classic format, manages to provide distinctive and original elements.

14. Multiple diagonal and wrinkled

Combining features that we have already seen such as non-horizontality , colors and changing the texture of the paper among other features, a truly unique resume is achieved. Perhaps too overloaded for some tastes, but impossible to leave your reader indifferent.

15. Graphics and Icons
A resume whose central element is a graphic with events. Really striking but can be confusing to understand. If we are able to explain what each color and symbol means efficiently, the CV can be really impressive., otherwise it can be almost unintelligible.