Between Hollywood stars and homegrown stars, who sometimes end up in a couple together , we don’t necessarily have to expect a VIP wedding. Whether it was a matter of choice or unlucky timing , these 8 couples said “no” to orange blossom.

Some relationships did not last, while for others there are secrets that the stars do not struggle to reveal to keep the union strong even without opting for marriage!

Then there are those who choose to get married and among the most famous actors there are also those who beat all records for longest-lived VIP wedding. In short, nothing is safe even under the star-studded sky of the entertainment world.

Perhaps the reason why many of these couples have not yet said the fateful “Yes” lies precisely in the possible uncertainty or on the contrary, in the security of a solid and lasting relationship .

1) George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

One of the most talked about couples , especially in Italy, where George Clooney has also bought a house. Two years of relationship, until 2011 when the separation arrived. For a while, however , the red carpets were all for them and many were waiting for the VIP wedding of the most famous bachelor ever . Of course now things have changed: the actor has married the lawyer Amal and they have a pair of one-year-old twins.

2) Cristina Chiabotto and Fabio Fulco

Cristina Chiabotto and Fabio Fulco were a beautiful and talented couple. Career in TV and cinema for him, on TV and in events related to Juve for her. Everyone was waiting for the wedding date, but after almost 12 years of relationship , the two decided to quit. Perhaps her young age and the relationship that immediately became serious and lasted a long time led to a change of direction for both of them.

3) Eva Mendes e Ryan Gosling

They are seen little at first, even less on social media that everyone abuses today . Yet in the few occasions in which Gosilng spoke of the relationship with Eva Mendes he always only said that theirs is a stable relationship and that he has chosen the right person for him. She left the scenes for a while to be a mother , since 2011 they have had two children and they don’t mention leaving … but not even having a classic VIP wedding. Good for them!

4) Enrique Iglesias Anna Kurnikova

When the son of the most famous Iglesias arrived on the musical scene it seemed to witness the rise of a new sex symbol and womanizer. In reality, it was enough for Enrique Iglesias to meet Anna Kurnikova in 2011 to never leave her. The two have two children and their relationship has lasted since 2001 and no orange blossom in sight!

5) Diane Kruger e Joshua Jackson

After 10 years, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger said goodbye in 2016. A bolt from the blue or both for the Hollywood community and for the many fans of the couple, one of the most long-lived . In a 2014 interview, Jackson confirmed that they both had no religious reasons to marry and that their being a couple was not at all dependent on that step.

6) Kurt Russell e Goldie Hawn

What is Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn ‘s secret ? Together for 34 years and in love more than ever . One child together, Wyatt, and two from Goldie’s previous relationship with Bill Hudson. A beautiful extended family even without the classic vip wedding! When asked about her reasons, Goldie always replied that she likes to be a girlfriend and that the secret is to find your partner sexy.

7) Gerard Pique e Shakira

Their story was born in South Africa , when the singer Shakira made the soundtrack of the 2010 World Cup. Galeotto was the game of ball and since then the two have never moved away . In 2013 they had their first child and in 2015 the second. Today we speculate on the crisis of the relationship … maybe just because they didn’t choose marriage ?

8) Oprah Winfrey e Stedman

A successful couple that, according to Winfrey, continues to last also because they avoided marriage . The host and producer has often repeated that marriage is not for her and that she would not be able to feel completely wife . The partner, a traditionalist according to Winfrey, realized that their relationship is out of the ordinary and that if they had married earlier the relationship probably wouldn’t have lasted that long.