The valleys of the Sanremo Festival have always been remembered for their fascinating presence on the stage of the Ariston Theater and over the years well-known and lesser-known faces to the Italian television audience have performed.

The first ever edition of the “Sanremo Italian Song Festival” was held in 1951 but, to witness the appearance of the first valley-presenter of Sanremo, we have to wait for the fifth edition of 1955 .

In the last 20 years there have been 36 valleys among actresses, comedians, models and singers, Italian and foreign , who have had the honor and the burden of accompanying the presenters of the Festival. Some more or less continued his television career but many will not remember their presence at the Ariston.

To remember the most fascinating names and women who went up and conducted the most famous singing show in Italy, we started back in 1985 and among them some of them will have escaped you for sure.

Let’s discover together the valleys of the Sanremo Festival that we did not remember:

1) Patty Brard

Surely this little valley of Sanremo will have ended up in oblivion for many. In fact, it was back in 1985 when Patty Brard, Dutch showgirl and journalist, was commissioned by the host Pippo Baudo . Being practically unknown to the Italian public , a thousand rumors spread about the then thirty-year-old Dutchman of Indonesian origins : daughter of a prince, relative of Agnelli, a registered letter . The only semi-real thing was the second since she at the time she was married to Carlo Nasi, nephew or something similar of the lawyer. At the moment Patty has set aside the show to deal with gossip.

2) Brigitte Nielsen, Milly Carlucci and Alba Parietti

The trio of valleys chosen by Pippo Baudo in 1992 was formed by: Milly Carlucci with super blonde and fluffy hair, contrasted with the disheveled one of the then wild Alba Parietti and the platinum one of Brigitte Nielsen, who at the time was above all famous for being Sylvester Stallone’s ex-wife. Today, the latter, on TV and above all a guest of shows and reality shows. When she was 54 she became a mother for the fifth time.

3) Cannelle and Anna Oxa

Anna Oxa and Cannelle, who was then very famous for the sport of a well-known brand of licorice gummy candies, joined Pippo Baudo in 1994. Today, Helena Viranin, this is the real name of Cannelle , grows olives in Liguria and has a business that it has little to do with his past. In fact, she is a producer of an organic oil called Cannelle oil. On her Facebook page, and on that of her small business, it is possible to see her immersed in nature. The almost splendid 60-year-old in her life has faced many changes: and she was a model, host of the Sanremo Festival and singer, but only after many experiences and managed to find her passion for her. The singer Anna Oxa is instead often hosted in various television broadcasts.

4) Claudia Koll

Muse of Tinto Brass, before radically changing her lifestyle, Claudia Koll was chosen in 1995 by Pippo Baudo for the role of valet at the Sanremo Festival. On the stage of the Ariston, Claudia showed the most reassuring side of her personality, the one furthest away from the sex bomb the audience was used to. This allows her to participate in many successful television series. The conversion that prompted her to change her life occurred in 2002, when Koll was 37 years old. She became a fervent Catholic and, in 2005, she definitively left the entertainment world to devote herself to her commitment as a religious.

5) Valeria Mazza

The Argentine super model, Valeria Mazza arrived in Sanremo in 1996 thanks to Pippo Baudo who first met her on the cover of Sports Illustrated . It was her well-known conductor who wanted her to Ariston in the role of valet alongside Sabrina Ferilli. She remained one of the protagonists of Italian TV until about 2001, when she gradually decided to abandon the scenes and the catwalks . Happily married to her longtime boyfriend Alejandro Gravier, she has decided to devote herself to her role as wife and mother rather than pursue her career.

6) Valeria Marini

Also Valeria Marini at the peak of her career, in 1997, was a valley of Saremo . Marini remembers with particular affection her experience in conducting the 47th Festival of the Italian Song of Sanremo. Accompanied by Piero Chiambretti and Mike Bongiorno , she led the Italian musical event par excellence with charm and a pinch of irony and many “embarrassing” dresses. The edition was followed by almost 14 million spectators, with an average share exceeding 58%.

7) Eva Herzigova and Veronica Pivetti

It was 1998 and this edition was full of laughter thanks to the subtle irony of the conductor Raimondo Vianello . Beside him a blonde and a brunette were chosen. Veronica Pivetti, in the mood of the “novel Sandra Mondaini”, constantly contrasted with the enchanting of Eva Herzigova . Almost 25 years have passed since Eva, from testimonial, became planetary star and protagonist of many dreams after having camped on giant posters squeezed into a push-up bra that became famous thanks to her.

8) Ines Tailor

Beautiful, cultured, with an irresistible smile, the Spanish model and actress began her career by chance and in 1987, director Carlos Saura noticed her. In 2000 all the eyes of the Italians were on Ines Sastre . But she, she from that moment on she didn’t have a lot of luck in the show. His last notable role of her was in the film The dinner to make them known , by Pupi Avati : film of 2007.

9) Megan Gale

In 2001, Megan Gale, the Junoesque and beautiful Australian also arrived on the famous stage of the Ariston , alongside Raffaella Carra. After the sensational success due to a series of commercials, her career as an actress, in Italy, does not take off and the model leaves Italy to find luck in other shores.

10) Vittoria Belvedere

In 2002 the most admired women in Italy were Manuela Arcuri and Vittoria Belvedere . The first of her has continued her career on television, while Vittoria Belvedere, in recent years, has devoted herself above all to the theater. Since 12 June 1999, Vittoria has been married to Vasco Valerio, an event organizer. The couple has three children: Lorenzo, born on 08 May 2000, Emma, ​​born on 06 December 2004 and Niccolo, born on 08 April 2010.

11) Federica Felini

Lombard model, Federica Felini was chosen in 2005 to participate in the Sanremo Festival , in the edition conducted by Paolo Bonolis. She was chosen by Sonia Bruganelli, the conductor’s wife, who want her on stage. She is still unknown, she enters the main door of the TV but she did not acquire a very strong popularity thanks to the famous singing festival. However, during the same year, Federica attempted a musical career. In fact, she has recorded two singles, one in 2005 and the other in 2006.

12) Andrea Osvart

The 2008 edition of the Sanremo Festival saw Bianca Guaccero and Andrea Osvart as protagonists . The two young people chosen for this edition should have represented the most classic of cliches: the brunette and the blonde. If we have never lost track of Bianca about her, the same cannot be said of her colleague. In fact, the Hungarian model is well known abroad but in Italy she has no longer been entrusted with important roles.

13) Alessia Piovan

In addition to Gabriella Pession and Eleonora Abbagnato, Sanremo in 2009 had a third valley: Alessia Piovan . Born in 1985, daughter of a Belgian mother and an Italian father, after being one of the protagonists of that singing edition, she continued to work as an actress even if her interpretations were not unforgettable.

14) Ivana Mrazova

Together with the couple formed by Elisabetta Canalis and Belen Rodriguez , who returned to the Ariston stage for the second year, they were joined by the equally beautiful Czech model Ivana Mrazov a. It was 2012 . Ivana, in 2017, decided to participate in the reality show Grande Fratello Vip , definitively becoming a well-known face of the Italian show business.

15) Madalina Ghenea

In 2016, with what was also the presenter of last year, Virginia Raffaele, there was also Madalina Ghenea . The Romanian actress and model continues her career, also in cinema and in the world of advertising. Since 2017, the beautiful actress has become the mother of a little girl, Charlotte, with her manager Matei Stratan, her partner.