Since the world and the world swimming pools have been considered an icon of luxury , but in recent times this sector has been the protagonist of advances that have significantly raised the average level of the pools, both aesthetically and technically.

There is no doubt that today infinity pools are the absolute protagonists: these models in fact have a very high quality aesthetic and, at the same time, also ensure technical advantages.

But what is it, then? Let’s go find out.

What sets the infinity pools apart

The infinity pools are so called because the pool is completely filled , to the point that the water level touches that of the ground.

In traditional pools, on the other hand, the water level is always lower than the perimeter edge of the pool: this is necessary to ensure that the pool works efficiently from a technical point of view.

But does this mean that infinity pools are less functional? Not at all, on the contrary, as mentioned above, they are much more technically advanced tanks.

The technical functioning of infinity pools

While in classic pools the solution called skimmer is used , in which special nozzles direct the water towards the filtering system where the purification takes place, in infinity pools the filtering takes place in a completely different way.

The water, being slightly higher than the real volume of the tank, constantly overflows from the latter, being collected in the so-called compensation tanks , from which the water is directed towards the filtering system.

This solution allows you to filter much higher quantities of water than the skimmer, also in consideration of the fact that those who use the pool move the water and this further favors its overflow.

The efficiency of these pools, therefore, is certainly higher, and there is no disadvantage with regard to cleaning interventions of different types: using a common pool cleaning kit such as those that can be seen in the AcquaViva Store e-commerce it will be possible to clean in the backdrops and side walls are also effective and easy.

The extraordinary aesthetics of these pools

Beyond the technical aspects, the infinity pools are increasingly popular for their splendid glance ; aesthetics always represent something questionable, of course, but an infinity pool has undeniably a higher elegance than the traditional pool.

In light of this, therefore, it is not surprising that the infinity pool is now considered the luxury pool par excellence , without neglecting that this type of structure lends itself to the creation of truly spectacular pools, such as the so-called panoramic pools .

In social networks, or in any case on the net, you can see many beautiful infinity pools that overlook wonderful landscapes just as if they were balconies, terraces, and that gives life to truly breathtaking creations.

The fact that the pool is “infinity” allows the blue of the pool water to merge with that of the sky, or perhaps the sea which is a short distance away, and this contributes to making the context even more sensational.

There is no doubt, therefore: if you want to give yourself a swimming pool, the infinity models are one of the most prestigious solutions.