In this article we are going to discover which are the most difficult sports in the world. Many will defend that the most difficult sport is the one they practice, but the truth is that research shows that there are significant differences between some sports and others .
Of course, this is a ranking of the most difficult sports and not the best, funniest or most important. Variables of difficult sports
The data with which we are going to work are those provided by a study carried out by ESPN (for its acronym in English, Entertainment and Sports Programming Network). This company is one of the US-based media groups that owns various books, magazines, radio stations and television channels. It is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company. In the study, 60 different sports were analyzed around the following variables that were identified thanks to a team of researchers and scientists for each sport, taking into account the following variables: Endurance
Endurance is the ability of a person to perform an activity physical (or mental) for a certain time. The sport that has scored the most is distance cycling. Without a doubt, one of the basic variables that make any sport one of the most difficult in the world. Strength
The ability to lift a heavy object, either once or repeatedly. Weightlifting has been the one that has scored the most in this variable , which makes it a fairly difficult sport. Power
Although it sounds like the same thing as strength, power emphasizes having to do a certain amount of force in a short period of time. Again, weightlifting is the winner . Speed ​​Speed ​​athletics (sprints) is the sport that most requires this quality. This variable has not scored very high in most of the world’s most difficult sports. Agility
In this variable, the two sports that have scored the most have been, in decreasing order: soccer and basketball . Sports that are within our ranking of the most difficult sports in the world. Flexibility
The ability to stretch our muscles and joints is very important; where else: in the gym . Nerve
The tension and pressure felt during the performance of the sport is especially noticeable in car racing and bull rodeos . In other words, by “nervous” we mean the person’s ability to overcome fear and maintain control.Duration
The sports that have scored the most in duration have been boxing and soccer (tie). Eye-hand coordination
With a grade of 9.25 out of 10, the most difficult sport in this sense has been baseball/softball ; just ahead of the ping-pong table. Analytical Aptitude
The ability to analyze the situation and act on the data has been especially difficult in Ice Hockey, which has been tied with soccer and car racing . The 10 most difficult sports
Now yes, let’s discover the list of the most difficult sports in the world. To prepare, as we have said, 60 different sports have been taken into account, their scores in the variables already described and the average has been calculated. 10. Soccer
Inaugurating the list of most difficult sports, we have one of the most practiced sports in the world. Standing out for its great demand for agility and strategic analysis . 9. Baseball/Softball
Despite being a sport that requires little stamina and agility, it is one of the most complex sports in terms of hand-eye coordination. It also requires a great power capacity for sudden sprints and hitting . 8. Gymnastics
Being by far the most difficult sport in terms of flexibility (scoring a 10, compared to 8.5 in second place for the swimming jump) it is also one of the most difficult sports in the world . 7. Tennis
With notable scores in most variables, tennis is a difficult, complete and complex sport. The only low score was received in “nervous”. 6. Martial Arts
Coming to the middle of the list of the most difficult sports we have a conglomerate of sports such as martial arts. Disciplines such as Taekwondo, Judo or Karate are grouped here , presenting themselves as one of the most balanced sports in terms of variables analyzed. 5. Wrestling
With aRemarkable use of force and power , wrestling is one of the most difficult sports. 4. Basketball
At the gates of the podium we have the much acclaimed basketball. A sport that scores low on nerve and flexibility, but scores very high on agility, duration, and hand-eye coordination . 3. American football
We entered the top 3 with American football. Strength, agility, duration, analysis… A large number of factors make it the third most difficult sport in the world. 2. Ice hockey
At the gates of being number one, with a total score of 71.75 we have ice hockey as the second most difficult sport in the worldstanding out in duration, coordination, analysis capacity and resistance . 1. Boxing
We finally arrived at the most difficult sport in the world; number one. With a score of 72.375, boxing wins the gold medal as the most complex sport with very high scores in endurance, strength, power, agility, nerve, duration and coordination.
It just lowers your score a bit for flexibility and analysis. Special mention: chess-boxing
Known in English as chessboxing, this hybrid sport arises as we can imagine from the combination of chess and boxing.
Being a little-known sport, the aforementioned study did not take it into account, but for its good performance, you have to master the boxing technique (like any boxer) at the same time that you have the necessary skills to play (and win) a game. of chess, with the addition of being tired and sore.
Its practice began thanks to Iepe Rubingh who launched it for the first time in 2005 , although the idea came from a comic artist (Enki Bilal) in 1992.
In a competition , participants can win by knockout, checkmate or by decision of the judges after the 12 minutes of chess have elapsed (which are distributed in several moments that are interspersed with boxing rounds).
Should chess-boxing be the hardest sport in the world then?