Early pregnancies , children raised by parents little more than children ; this also happens in the life of famous people and still causes quite a stir.

We are used to knowing them through television and the media and sometimes, indeed very often, they seem so far from the existence of a normal person that it is difficult to imagine them as parents and not just VIPs .

Many women of the show , in addition to being busy with their work, are very caring and attentive mothers. It doesn’t matter if the pregnancy came too early , because their charm and elegance have not waned.

Among the VIPs of this roundup we will discover that many famous women, Italian and not , have decided to live the experience of motherhood at a very early age , some not even of age.

10) Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker , currently married to Tommaso Trussardi , had her first child just over 18. From the relationship with Eros Ramazzozzi , on December 5, 1996, Aurora was born , when Hunziker was only 19 years old . She is the daughter of Eros and Michelle, very different from her mother, and in any case very popular with the public. In fact, her Instagram profile has reached a million followers. From the love story between the showgirl, who would like a new pregnancy, and Tommaso Trussardi two other children were born : Celeste and Sole .

9) Aretha Franklin

Perhaps, did you not know that the proud Aretha Franklin , the daughter of a nationally famous Baptist preacher, became a mother little more than a child. In fact, one of the icons of gospel, soul and R&B music, “The Queen of Soul” had her eldest son at the age of 14 . The first child, Clarence was born in 1955, while the second, Edward, had it two years later. At the age of 16, Aretha Franklin was already a mother of 2 children .

8) Antonella Mosetti

Antonella Mosetti , allegedly Bettarini’s lover at the time of her marriage to Ventura, and one of the famous Italian mothers who became very young mothers. Mosetti, who participated with her daughter as a competitor in the VIP edition of Big Brother , became a mother in her early twenties . The girl from Non and Rai was married in 1995 to Alessandro Nuccetelli . From the union, which lasted a few years, Asia was born on 10 September 1996.

7) Whoopi Golberg

The nice actress is also fully part of this ranking. In fact, Whoopi Golberg became a mother at just 18 years old . After a period spent solving drug addiction, in 1973, the actress married Alvin Martin , her social worker who treated her drug addiction. From this union, in 1973, Whoopi’s only daughter was born, actress Alex Martin .

6) Ornella Muti

The Italian actress Francesca Romana Rivelli, aka Ornella Muti is one of the local VIPs who became a mother at a young age. In fact, Muti had Naike at 19 , on October 10, 1974. The eldest daughter of the actress was born from the relationship with the Spanish producer Jose Luis Bermudez de Castro . Muti is also the mother of Carolina and Andrea , born from the marriage with Federico Fachinetti .

5) Shirley Temple

The famous enfant prodige of cinema, nicknamed “golden curls”, became a very young mother. She was not even of age, at 17 , she had her first daughter , Lori Black . The woman, who was born in 1954, became a bass player, known by the nickname Lorax. Shirley Temple had two other children : Linda Susan Agar and Charles Alden Black Jr.

4) Sofia Vergara

Colombian model and actress Sofia Vergara , who became famous thanks to her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the television series Modern Family , is another example of very young mothers. At the age of 18 she married her best friend Di lei Joe Gonzalez and from her marriage, in 1992, Manolo was born .

3) Micol Olivieri

Even the young actress of I Cesaroni, Micol Olivieri, born in 1993, became a very young mother. The actress, married to footballer Christian Massella , gave birth to their first child Arya on 9 October 2014 . The couple, more in love than ever, announced that they are pregnant again and that this time it will be a boy.

2) Michela Quattrociocche

The actress Michela Quattrociocche , who became famous thanks to the role played in the film Sorry but I call you love by Moccia , has decided to immediately expand the family. Michela, married to the footballer Alberto Aquilani and became the mother of little Aurora for the first time when she was only 23 years old .

1) Elenoire Casalegno

Showgirl Elenoire Casalegno also gave birth to her daughter, had by ex-partner DJ Ringo , as a girl. At the age of 23 Elenoire became Swami’s mother, born on November 22, 1999.