For summer travel, the watchword will be only one: movement! The hottest months of the year will see us full of desire to travel and this desire should not be repressed. Not even if the destinations are those closest to us, those a stone’s throw from home that we may consider “trivial”. There is never anything trivial about the journey, because every movement serves to know and learn.

Summer could be one of the hottest of recent periods, but cold destinations, the great north, will not necessarily be in fashion. Instead, the trends for Asian locations, for Central Europe, for the Caribbean and for our Italy are returning . We will first analyze the most popular destinations outside the national borders, between Europe and Asia, and then we will go on to tell you about our local destinations that most of all will be able to capture your attention.

Some ideas for your summer travels may surprise you: we talk about them in this post by Fashionaut.

Summer, the most popular foreign destinations this year

Among the most popular foreign locations next summer, Vietnam is expected to return in style , in particular its beautiful islands (Ha Long Bay) and the capital Hanoi. The desire to get to know Cuba better is growing now that it is open to the whole world. And Greece never goes out of fashion, although this summer 2020 it will face strong competition from the coasts of Albania . Among the economic destinations, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria resists.

For those looking for coolness , i.e. milder temperatures even in July and August, the ideal trip will be in Austria – the timeless Vienna or the Hallstat-Dachstein mountains. Or Norway , with its fjords that never go out of style. Or Slovenia , with the beautiful region of Lake Bled. Not surprisingly , the rise of the Alentejo , one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Portugal. Here you can surf with waves that have nothing to envy to the Californian ones! If you are looking for the exotic, 2020 prefers Tunisia and Turkey , also because they are low cost locations.

The most popular Italian destinations for next season

The travels of summer 2020 will be an excellent opportunity to rediscover our country . That everything is beautiful, always, but every year some places attract the attention of tourists more than others. This year Puglia seems to want to grab all the holiday people: Polignano a Mare, the Tremiti islands, Ostuni and Bari will be unmissable destinations for summer holidays. Bari is also very accessible as a low cost destination.

Speaking of islands, the Egadi Islands (Levanzo in particular) are also part of the summer destinations for 2020. Surprisingly – to stay in Sicily – Mazara del Vallo appears in the list , also in the Trapani area.

A welcome return among the most popular Italian destinations of next summer and Rome , which seems to want to emerge from its dark period, offering itself to its maximum splendor.

Space for tourism in Naples , which is listed among the low cost tourist destinations of 2020. In fact, there are many economic offers related to travel and accommodation in the Neapolitan city. A practical and convenient way to discover an ancient capital, magical in every season, which in summer may seem a bit muggy … but allows you to reach, not far away, beautiful islands such as Ischia, Capri, or places like the Amalfi Coast on the other side of Vesuvius. 

Coronavirus emergency

This post was written before the coronavirus emergency that forced all of us to stay at home, unable to move anymore. And so even the summer holidays seem so far from our daily thoughts.

Despite this, after some hesitation, we decided to publish this post anyway, with the hope that as soon as possible we can return to normal, thus planning your trip. Whether in Italy, in Europe or in some other location around the world, traveling is always beautiful and educational.