In spite of everything, it is Netflix’s latest commitment to Spanish cinema , after 7 years, Fe de Etarras and ¿Who would you take to a desert island
(which I already commented on here) and, as many critics point out, it is the least good of all. Something that does not take away so that it has interesting things, more than one and two, by the way.
Most of them are thanks to the cast. In addition to the luxury secondary (Tito Valverde, Gutierrez Caba and, above all, the incredible Juan Diego) the leading actresses poker is good and solvent. Amaia Salamanca, Macarena Garcia, Belen Cuesta and, especially, Blanca Suarez ; They shine alone more than together.
My first girlfriend loved Blanca Suarez. She insisted that she was a very good actress and very pretty, “not like other actresses who all seem the same”. The other day I saw her glancingly at El Hormiguero (Blanca Suarez) doing a promo for this Despite Everything, but I didn’t decide to press play until Friday night when, strangely, I spent it going from one trailer to another stopping at the thumbnails of romantic Netflix movies. Questions are not allowed.
So I started to see her for one of those series of coincidences that end up not knowing what they wanted to tell you. And it made sense because this film by Gabriela Tagliavini has a message that is difficult to catalog.
Despite Everything is nothing like other Spanish comedies. | Netflix.

Despite everything and the Spanish comedy
Despite everything is a film that indicates that Netflix has known how to see the edge of Spanish cinema to make global products in the style of Elite. Despite everything, it is a curious film. Unlike most Spanish comedies, which tend to draw on comic topics from our country, this one is based on a structure influenced by the English comedies of the 90s and American ones of the 2000s .
Four rich sisters who live in different parts of the world have to meet in Madrid because their mother has died . Her mother turns out to be a woman of dissolute life, who went from man to man until the end of her days. Some men who flock to the funeral causing the stupefaction of their daughters.
Her husband, an immense Juan Diego, guides him as best he can on the fine line that separates dementia from the purest of consciences, while living in the illusion that Blanca Suarez’s character will return with the boyfriend she left when she went to meet his dream to New York.
Of course , it is not at all like other Spanish comedies that draw on costumbrismo to make a cani product and always lack that something that differentiates us – badly – from other European countries when it comes to making people laugh at the movies.
The film is an ode to love in all its forms. | Netflix.

Free love and its types

History vindicates free love and all types of love. One of the sisters, the one played by Amaia Salamanca, is a lesbian; the mother of all is a forerunner of polyamory and even a priest appears as the possible father of the daughters. Because that is the crux of the matter: the one who should be the father of all is sterile, so they must look for her real parents among the entire catalog that her mother completed following her instructions. mamma mia
It is not necessary to say more to understand the tone of a film that is intended to be sold to the international market as a film for easy consumption. Despite everything, it is the perfect reflection of what Netflix is, a platform that has settled on a specific type of ideology and fiction and wants to exploit it. North Americans will hardly notice the difference with a film produced by the Canadian company shot in Los Angeles. In just an hour and a quarter, a story that is as consumable as it is forgettable is told . Like some spicy beef-flavored Chinese noodles suitable for vegans.
And it is that the most notable characteristic of In spite of everything is its brevity. In their bid to make a universal comedy, Netflix has fallen short -or of ideas, or of time or budget- and it is that the feeling that the film leaves is that of summarizing in just one hour what it would give for a comedy modern two. All the situations that are pointed out disappear in a few seconds. It is definitely a movie made of headlines, without time to think or to assume, but enjoyable . The type of cinema that can come (not only that, but that) if platforms like Netflix are the ones that lead the creation of fiction in the coming years.
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