Trust is basic in any relationship, but there is always a little concern that makes us think that he or she is being unfaithful. There are obvious signs that this is happening, such as loss of affection or lack of interest in sex, but there are other small signs of infidelity that show the cuckolding in a relationship.
Everyone says that: “I don’t cheat, because I’m not worth it”, but luckily we can provide data that puts that statement into question. A study carried out by the Spanish institute IPSOS, which conducted a survey of 824 people, concludes that 30% of the population is unfaithful, which makes us think that the traditional ideas of couples and romantic love are simply extinct. At the other extreme are liberal couples and the concept of polyamory, that is, loving many people so as not to harm any of them. This way you make sure you are not being unfaithful.
Before starting to point out the typical errors that reveal infidelity, we must make it clear that fantasizing about someone is not cheating . Thinking erotically about the roommate or your classmate, oh, pillin!, is not being unfaithful. In fact, six out of ten respondents (men and women) admit to having masturbated thinking about someone in their close circle.

The sign of infidelity that gives away your partner
But, what happens when the inevitable happens and one of the two commits the slip?
There are as many infidelities as infidels, but as a general rule they all present the same signs of infidelity.

The most obvious clue that he is cheating on you is that he ignores you. Suddenly, your partner acts like you’re transparent and everything you say or do starts to lose relevance. The logic is simple: if I already have another new person who gives me what I wanted, the old one is useless to me. At this point it is evident that either the love or the passion has been lost. The more time passes, the more difficult the lie will be sustained, unless you are completely naive.

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7 more signs of infidelity
Below we show you seven other signs of infidelity to take into account. Separately they may mean nothing, but a combination of several is reason enough for you to consider many things in your relationship.

1. She is more aware of her appearance
. Lately, she is grooming herself more, wearing more fragrances and even taking care of her intimate hygiene with more zeal. Friend or friend, it is not that he wants to conquer you again, it is that he has rediscovered the game of seduction and wants to see himself well in the mirror. The point is that it also increases self-esteem and, consequently, increases your concern for a good appearance.

2. He is late from work and does not answer the phone
You no longer know if he comes home tired from work or from something else. The point is that your partner is not as available as you would like and, whenever you call them, the voicemail box goes off . This is one of the most common signs of infidelity and also one of the most obvious. You can always fight back with awkward questions, and in that case he better have a good alibi.
There are a series of signs of infidelity common to all infidels. | Image from: Huffington Post Australia.

3. Makes plans with friends you’ve never talked about
One does not make friends, as a general rule, from one day to the next. There is always a time to get to know each other and if he has not been telling you about him or her it is because he is not interested in you knowing. If there is enough confidence to explain who your friends are and what relationship you have with them, you do not have to hide anything. Mind you, jealousy is never good , so don’t fly into a rage if he tells you that he’s met a hot gym teacher.

4. Put the mobile phone out of your reach
First of all, I must say that the fact of constantly looking at your partner’s mobile to check if they are messaging with another or another seems to me simply sick. Of course, if he tries to stop you or runs out of breath every time you pick up the phone, it’s because you could see something he doesn’t want you to see.

5. She is too happy
. You haven’t seen her/him so happy in a long time. Only the butterflies fluttering around her are missing. But you must know one thing, and that is that the reason for happiness may not have anything to do with you, but with a new adventure with which she feels emotion. After all, it’s like falling in love all over again , only cheating on your old partner.

6. Flirt with others innocently.
If he presents this sign, it is that he has already entered a phase in which he does not care that you are ahead. Don’t be a cousin and make things clear. On the other hand, many people naturally flirt with the opposite sex, it’s all about knowing what character your partner has to know if your jealousy is justified. Flirting with a lifelong friend is not the same as flirting with the waiter at the nightclub.

7. Renew your care for you
This sign is less common but can occur. Try to remove the feeling of guilt by taking care of yourself as if there were no tomorrow. Excessive pampering and sudden affection can be suspicious.
Bill Clinton starred in one of the most notorious infidelity cases. | Image from: ABC News.

Sincerity above all
With all this we do not intend to make an apology for infidelities. The best thing is to be sincere or sincere with that special person so as not to hurt feelings and, if you have suspicions that you may fall into temptation, make things clear to all parties involved.
No need to get paranoid either. That your partner shows any of the signs mentioned above does not mean that he is being unfaithful to you, and this is not an exact science. Infidelity is only the tip of the iceberg in a relationship and reveals a series of problems that have not been dealt with before due to lack of communication, another key word in love.