Benito Juarez’s phrases are almost as well known as he is. For all those who are a little lost, Juarez was one of the most important characters in the history of Mexico , being president of the United Mexican States on several occasions during the consolidation of the country as a republic.

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1. Who was Benito Juarez?
2. Phrases of Benito Juarez.

Who was Benito Juarez?
In 1834, he graduated as a lawyer from the Institute of Sciences and Arts of Oaxaca, although a year before he was appointed deputy elected from the same state. Juarez was a renowned Freemason, adopting the name of William Tell during a Masonic ceremony that took place in the same facilities as the Congress.
Appointed Benemerito de las Americas, he was forced into exile on several occasions before the advance of the conservative federal army. Despite pressure from him, he issued the Reform laws and proclaimed a new Constitution. With the support of the United States of America he defeated the conservatives and was recognized as president., although he was unable to face the armed intervention of France in 1864.
In 1867 he was elected president for the seventh time and finally applied his Reform laws, but the country was dragged into years of revolts and conflicts of various kinds . Despite Mexico’s social and economic difficulties, in 1872 he returned to assume the presidency and once again faced political dissidence. In 1872 he died after various cardiac complications.

The best phrases of Benito Juarez
Without further delay, we leave you with the most famous quotes of the Mexican lawyer and politician. Maybe some of them ring a bell.
1. Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.
2. The government has the sacred duty to address the Nation, and make the voice of its dearest rights and interests heard in it.
3. Men are nothing, principles are everything.
4. The emission of ideas by the press must be as free as the faculty of thinking is free in man.
5. We must continue the fight with what we can until we can.
6. Why is Mexico, my country, so strange that it is made up, half and half, of an inexhaustible source of tenderness and a deep well of bestiality
? 7. It does not dishonor a man to be wrong. What dishonors is perseverance in error.
8. As a son of the people, I could never forget that my only goal must always be their greatest prosperity.
9.Democracy is the destiny of humanity; freedom his indestructible arm.
10. One cannot govern based on the impulses of a capricious will, but subject to the laws.
11. Constancy and study make great men, and great men are the future of the country.
12. In politics, the straight line is the shortest.
13. The emission of ideas by the press must be as free as the faculty of thinking is free in man.
14. There are circumstances in life in which it is necessary to risk everything if he wants to continue living physically and morally.
15. Perfection is the only gift that nature has denied to the human being, but even recognizing it, we try to perfect ourselves.
16. I am convinced that the ruler’s respectability comes from the law and from a straight course of action and not from suits or military equipment unique to theater kings.
17. Under the federative system, public officials cannot dispose of income without responsibility.
18. The first ruler of a society should not have more flag than the law.
19. Civil governments should not have religion, because it is their duty to protect the freedom that the governed have to practice the religion they like to adopt.
20. Instruction is the basis of the prosperity of a people.
21. No compromises with vitiated men and with those who have become accustomed to doing their will like Moors without a lord.
22. My duty is not to attend to those who only represent the desire of a small number of people, but to the national will.
23. He who does not expect to win, is already defeated.
24. Against the Homeland we will never be right.
25. Mexicans: We have achieved the greatest good that we could wish for, seeing the independence of our country accomplished for the second time.
26. I do not recognize a purer source of power than public opinion.
27. The authority is not my patrimony, but a deposit that the nation has entrusted to me very especially to sustain its independence and its honor.
28. Everything that Mexico does not do for itself to be free, it should not expect, nor should it expect, that other individuals or other nations do for it.
29. The weapons that the nation has placed in your hands should only be wielded to uphold freedom and its rights.
30. Without joys that inspire love for the country, we will be prey to the foreigner who wants to subjugate us.

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